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Two women in shorts and tshirts walking away from the camera, each is touching the other one's bum

5 Things From Netflix’s Sex Education We Wish They’d Taught Us At School

Netflix’s Sex Education has sent us into binge-watch mode, but it’s also made us question the dodgy sex ed from own school days…

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Sex Blog Highlights From 2018 (And 2019 Gossip!)

Sex blog highlights from the Hot Octopuss blog – including popular guest blogs, top reviews, and sneak previews of new toys for 2019!

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A wheelchair users hand, gripping the handrim.

Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: PULSE and Paraplegia

Our latest top review comes from Davis on Trustpilot, who talks about PULSE and paraplegia

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A tattooed woman wearing glasses pushed down her nose with a stern expression as she gives tips for mental health awareness

Guest Post: Leandra Vane – Be Proud of your Phone Porn

The line between ‘porn’ and other media is much blurrier than you think.

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Best Christmas Presents To Open In Private

Sex toys, positioning equipment, and other NSFW treats: these are Christmas presents you WON’T want to open in front of your family…

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