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A tattooed woman wearing glasses pushed down her nose with a stern expression as she gives tips for mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness: What Not To Say On A Date With A Depressed Person

#1: Don’t announce ‘I’ve never f—ed a depressed girl before’ over the first drink.

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Masturbation Month: 3 Unusual Mutual Masturbation Tips

Because masturbating together is one of the funnest ways to celebrate our fave month of the year

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Hot Octopuss royal wedding coupon containing text: Not getting hitched but still want to feel like royalty? Get 40% off Queen Bee with ROYAL40

Getting Married On Royal Wedding Weekend?

Feeling overshadowed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Get a free Queen Bee so you can feel like royalty too (plus discounts for the rest of you!)

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A couple in love, one has a shaved head and cheek piercings and stares at the camera, the other has his arms round her and his face pressed to her forehead

Guest Post: When Sex Is An Extreme Sport

If you’re going to play these kinky games, reconcile this contradiction: total trust is needed and sooner or later one of you will slip.

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Beautiful girl with a tattoo on her hand, hiding her face and peeking out from behind her hand

Guest Post: All the Different Ways I Tried To Come on SSRIs

After losing her orgasm to antidepressants, comedian Andrea Hubert was willing to go to any lengths to get it back…

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