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A wheelchair users hand, gripping the handrim.

‘You guys get paralysed men!’ – an ex-soldier tries PULSE

Jon, a former US soldier and paraplegic gay guy, tells us about his first experience with PULSE III (and it’s very NSFW!)

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Masturbation: Scenes We’d Like To See

Masturbation on TV is too often used as a shorthand to show us that a character is bad or wrong. But there are other options…

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two people cuddling and smiling in bed

Guest Post: Erotica Challenge – Jilly Boyd

For Stress Awareness Week, our guest writer tackles how an orgasm is the best stress reliever – even hands-free.

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Portrait of a young hipster man with tattoos and eyeglasses opening his white shirt. Close up

Sexy Tricks And Treats For Halloween

We challenged ourselves to come up with some sexy tricks and treats for you and your partner this Halloween…

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Beautiful girl with a tattoo on her hand, hiding her face and peeking out from behind her hand

Creatively Sexy Applications Of Virtual Reality

Check out some of the ways creative people are combining VR and sex!

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Hot Octopuss Head of Sales April Lampert with award from EAN for innovation

Dispatches From Erofame and Venus Berlin

Pictures and gossip from behind the scenes at Erofame – plus a glimpse of Wonder Woman at Venus Berlin!

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