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Bisexual pride flag being flown - a horizontal pink stripe at the top, narrow purple stripe in the center, and blue stripe at the bottom of the flag

Intro To Bi Visibility Week

Why bi visibility day is so important in tackling biphobia, and how you can get involved…

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woman with tattoos standing in front of a caravan, with her head turned to look at the camera

Sexual Health Week: Let’s Talk Porn

Three reasons why it’s good to talk about porn.

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Two people getting it on in a lift - he has very detailed tattoos on his back, she is being pressed against the side of the lift, with her legs wrapped round his waist

The Ultimate Guide To Outercourse

Outercourse is basically a smorgasbord of sexy fun. Here are some of our top outercourse tips…

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Tune In To These Top Sex Podcasts

From the funny to the educational and everything in between…

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Collage of three photos: 1) Sign saying 'Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Blogger Lounge Sponsored by Doxy, Hot Octopuss, Sheets of San Francisco'; 2) Kirsten Schultz taking selfie in a mirror with phone visible with an excited expression, wearing a dark T-shirt that says 'Disability is a human experience'; 3) Hot Octopuss Queen Bee on a table with a pink plastic toy that looks like a clitoris (internal and external) sitting next to it

Guest Post: Chronic Sex at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

Kirsten Schultz reports back for us

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two people cuddling and smiling in bed

5 Things That Made Sex Better

If you had to pick a few things that have improved people’s sex lives, what would you choose and why?

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