PULSE: The Verdict – It’s Sensational!

7 September 2021

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PULSE: The Verdict – One of the most stressful times for any sex toy company is shortly after a product has come out, when you’re waiting for the first reviews. And we were no different when we launched PULSE – the new, improved version of our award-winning guybrator. Would people like the upgraded version?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: we’ve been completely blown away by the feedback!

PULSE is a next generation guybrator. It uses the same innovative oscillating technology as PULSE I and II, but has a few added extras – because no matter how explosively orgasmic something is, we can’t help but be perfectionists.

Men’s Journal has a great article on PULSE, which gives an overview of the tech behind penis vibrations, and why earlier versions of the sex toy proved so damn popular. The new PULSE SOLO comes with magnetic charging (which means it’s 100% waterproof), a ‘turbo’ function (which means ‘turn it up to 11′) and more. The DUO version of the toy, designed for couples’ play, has an even more powerful external motor. But rather than go on about it ourselves, we’ll let some of these incredible sex toy reviewers give you the lowdown.

“The ‘Rolls Royce’ of penis toys”

We loved the way that Wetlandia’s review focused on the many uses of PULSE – especially for those who might have erectile dysfunction. The fact that you can use PULSE whether hard or flaccid is definitely one of our favourite things about it.

“It’s the Rolls Royce of penis toys. Even its Solo version brings so much joy and new sensations to the bedroom. It’s an absolute necessity for any man struggling with ED, anorgasmia, or any mobility issue, caused by aging, accidents or trauma. It’s also the ultimate masturbation tool that doesn’t assume the sexual orientation of the user, that doesn’t resemble any genitalia, orifice, or a sexual act performed with partner. It’s an entire new world of pleasure than any penis owner deserves to experience.”

“Literally sensational in terms of pleasure”

Cara Sutra runs one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs, and she’s known for thorough, honest sex toy reviews. We know that she and her partner loved earlier versions of PULSE, but how would they get on with the next generation model?

“The Pulse Duo isn’t just an inclusive sex toy for those who might not be able to use standard wank sleeves or have PiV sex, it should also be considered as a way to spice up your sex life whoever you are and whatever your relationship orientation or status. … We’ve had some very intimate experiences with the Pulse III Duo which are literally sensational in terms of pleasure.”

“She’s a big fan”

Guys Gab After Dark (GGAD?) also gave PULSE DUO a big thumbs-up, focusing on the ease of use as a couples’ sex toy, and the success of the more powerful external motor.

“I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go, as the toy seemed a little bulky and looked like it might get in the way. But it fit snugly between us and really took our foreplay session up a notch. My girl climaxed more than once from the direct stimulation, so needless to say she’s a big fan of the DUO.”

“I’ve never been this hard in my life”

Taking a more erotic approach to sex toy reviewing – and you certainly don’t hear us complaining about that! – Kayla Lords and John Brownstone give an explicit overview of PULSE in action:

“The sound of the toy became background music. With his mouth pressed against me, his moans, as the vibrations pulsed through his cock, rumbled against my body. Every once in a while, he’d pull away to change the intensity with the remote or hit a button on the vibrator to change the pulse.”

“Leaves a grin on both of our faces”

Sex toy blogger Emmeline Peaches rated PULSE DUO highly too – and her love of it is music to our ears. Emmeline and her partner found that the first version of PULSE didn’t work well for them, but the upgraded model has given them both something to smile about…

“This toy redefined the boundaries of penis-centric sex toys and invites those with a vulva along for the ride. What it has to offer has only got stronger and more refined over its different iterations and the end result is something that excites Mr Peaches and I and leaves a grin on both our faces.”

Also, it would be downright irresponsible of us not to recommend having a go at Emmeline’s next suggestion: “to peg Mr Peaches with a strapless strap-on while he uses the Pulse Duo on his shaft.” We’ve been told by a few users that PULSE is a great toy to combine with pegging, so if you want to give it a go as well, check out our guide on hands-free sex toys and pegging!

“Milk him until he can’t take it any more”

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of sexy ideas, The Big Gay Review has a suggestion that we’re pretty sure will appeal to anyone with a tease and denial or forced orgasm kink:

“I can clamp it on to my other half, switch it on and then blindfold him. As the PULSE does it’s thing, I can move around and tease him in all manner of ways – even more so if I have restrained him beforehand and he can’t move. It’s great to just leave the PULSE on and have it milk him until he can’t take it any more.”

“Damn good”

She Said tested the couples’ function too, although sadly (or happily!) the toy was so effective they… umm… finished before they got to try it out in the shower…

“I orgasmed in less than 5 minutes”

We loved A Husband’s Passion’s take on the turbo function – we’re pretty proud of the addition, because it means that those of you who like vibrations at the more intense end of the spectrum can get there quickly if you want to, without having to cycle through the more gentle settings to start with.

“If you start to use the Pulse III, and want to max it out right away, just hold onto the (+) button and it will take your vibrations straight to warp speed! The first time I used this I orgasmed in less than 5 minutes.”

“Beyond self-pleasuring”

A kind guest reviewer over at Violet Fenn’s blog took the plunge on her behalf, testing out PULSE DUO’s possibilities for enhanced masturbation.

“Because the unit wraps around and sits close to the skin, its vibrations transfer well. The level of control available makes it easy to stimulate yourself quickly or slowly. Vibrations reach the head of the penis easily and are very pleasurable. It’s easy to grip the entire thing and masturbate with it, enjoying the vibrations at the same time. This is a brilliant device, whose applications reach beyond just self-pleasuring.”


Oh, we could go on for hours about these wonderful reviewers – not only did many of them give us the feedback on earlier versions that inspired some of the improvements, but they’re also doing sterling work championing unique sex toys, and encouraging people to try new things. So we’re not just happy because they like the toy, we know that they are putting in important work to help spread the message that sex toys like PULSE are a valuable addition to many people’s sex lives.

Buy PULSE SOLO or DUO directly from us, and see what it can do for you.

Now upgraded and replaced with PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, PULSE SOLO LUX and PULSE DUO.

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