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What anal toy is best for me

14 August 2023

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Picking the perfect anal toy

Imagine the disappointment; you recently discovered you enjoy anal sex, and now you’re starting to excitedly explore the world of anal sex toys. Then, through no fault of your own, you pick a toy so far beyond your sphincter’s current capability that it puts you off anal for life.

We’d consider that a tragedy - because while advanced anal play does require a certain amount of preparation and training, it’s simultaneously also an entry level (pardon the pun) game and there’s no reason why newcomers can’t have just as much fun as seasoned pros. Everyone’s anal passage is filled with nerves and pleasure points that love pressure and movement. As long as - and we can’t stress this enough - you pick the toy that’s right for you.

Which begs the question, how do you know what that toy is? Well, if the idea of asking for help in a sex shop intimidates you, that’s fine. Have a look at our simple guide to picking the right anal toy for you - no ifs, ands or butts (we’ll stop now).

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The shape of things

Butt plugs and vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing knowing what to choose. Bear in mind that the anal passage has very delicate skin, which is easily broken - so you don’t want to choose the weirdest looking shape if you (and your anal passage) are new to the dance.

As a rule, thinner is best for first timers and newbies - and even if it looks ridiculously thin to you, and you think you can handle the next size up, err on the side of caution and go small at first - nothing wider than a finger. You can always size up later as your muscles relax and dilate.

Shapewise, a flared base is great for comfort, as it stops the plug going all the way in. This means you won’t be worrying about things getting lost (and retrieved!) when you’re trying to have fun. A tapered tip is also a great shout for exploring slowly, as it slides in much easier than a bulb shaped tip.

Material matters

You always need your sex toys to be “body safe” which means made from materials that are safe to put inside your body, according to the FDA - this means latex free, and hypoallergenic. It’s important since novelty sex toys can often be a popular gift, but there’s nothing sexy about cheap dye staining your genitals (or worse.) So avoid whatever comes free in a party bag!

If you’re at the start of your anal toy journey, we recommend a steel or glass plug to start. With steel you can explore temperature play (heat up in hot water, cool down in the fridge). Both glass and steel are also extremely smooth on the skin when inserted which is a plus if you’re not a pro, as they won’t drag or pull. And with glass, always check it’s been reinforced so it won’t break at the neck (no cheaping out!)

For both beginners and experts, body safe silicone is always a great bet as it’s flexible and easily sanitised. But remember - silicone breaks down silicone, so use a quality water-based lube on silicone, and a high grade silicone lube on glass and metal for the best experience.

Bells and whistles

Anal toys fall into the following categories: beads, vibes, plugs, and dildos.

Pick beads if: you’re really new, and everything else looks like it may hurt. Beads are a great way to train yourself; they’re small, and you can control them easily, so injury risk is low. Find a brand which places the beads right up next to each other, as this feels the best. And go slow going in and also, coming out!

Pick a plug if: you want to practise solo anal play before trying it with a partner - or as part of couples foreplay. You can use increasing sizes to train your sphincter at your own pace, and as for with a partner, we’ll leave that up to you…

Pick a vibe if: you want to increase the intensity of your orgasms. An anal vibe sends waves directly to the G or P spot, and there’s no need for an in/out motion - plus, you can increase the vibrations slowly. One for lazy butt players!

Pick a dildo if: you’re looking for something that’s just like the real thing! Probably not an entry level anal toy, and as ever, lube is key. Use a lot, and reapply often.

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