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Hands-Free Couples Masturbator: Best Sex Positions

17 September 2021

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Hands-Free Couples Masturbator – So you’ve picked up an amazing PULSE DUO: suddenly all those weird and wonderful Cosmo sex positions are looking more interesting, with the added benefit of vibration for both of you.

To get you started, here are some of our top sex positions to make the most of your awesome new toy.

How to use your hands-free couples masturbator

Before we start, let’s cover the basics on how to use a hands-free couples masturbator: if you’ve got a PULSE DUO, then put the toy on. The silicone wings will wrap around the penis, and you need to position it so that the oscillating PulsePlate™ sits just touching the frenulum (the super-sensitive part below the head of the penis). You might want to use a bit of lube with it, but that’s optional – work out what’s best for you.

The outside of PULSE DUO has a powerful external vibrator, designed to stimulate your partner when they position themselves against it. You can adjust the intensity of the vibrations using the hand-held remote control (especially useful when you’re in the middle of things!).

When you’ve had a play and found the angles that feel best for you, it’s time to experiment with these positions…

The Eagle

One of the most popular kama sutra positions, this one’s perfect for getting acquainted with your hands-free couples masturbator.

With one partner lying on their back, legs raised and spread wide, the other kneels between their legs, supporting their legs by the ankles. A slightly more adventurous version of missionary, the key benefit of this position when you’re using a hands-free couples masturbator is that it allows you to neatly control the pressure. Some people enjoy intense vibrations, with PULSE DUO squeezed tight between the two of you. Others prefer a gentler sensation – and with The Eagle you can grind against the vibrations as hard, or as soft, as you like.

The Cowgirl

Also sometimes called ‘Woman On Top’ or ‘the one where the person beneath gets a really really really good view,’ this position is also great for power play and experimentation. Like The Eagle, Cowgirl allows great control over how intense the vibrations are – the person on top can grind as tightly against PULSE as they like.

If you’re keen on domination, then naturally being the one on top here is great for you. However, we’ll let you in on a secret – the remote control which determines the speed and strength of PULSE DUO’s external vibrations means that either one of you can take the reins.

The Front-Facing Spoon

One of our favourite positions because you can press closely against each other, and it’s also an easier position to manoeuvre into if you have trouble with positions like doggy and missionary that require more balance. Begin by putting PULSE on his penis – have him lie on his back or his side, then slide the toy onto him until the PulsePlate sits against his frenulum, sending vibrations through the head and shaft.

Then, he can roll onto his side and you can press against the toy – sandwiching it between you. The great thing about this position is that you have two ways to control the strength of the vibrations – you can use the remote on the PULSE DUO to increase or decrease the vibrations on the external motor, and you can use the pressure between your bodies to press the vibrations onto yourselves more intensely. For added closeness and control, wrap one of your legs around his waist to pull him closer into you.


It’s an old classic, missionary sex, but it’s also much maligned. When you mention ‘missionary’ in a sex tips article you’re often met with eye rolls, but in fact missionary is one of the most popular sex positions in the UK. Recent research conducted by OnePoll shows that in the league table of position preferences in the UK, missionary position comes near the top. The favourite? Doggie, of course.

There’s a reason for missionary’s popularity, though. Not only do you get that delicious closeness – face to face has that charm where doggie doesn’t – you also get more full-body contact. If you’re using a hands-free couples masturbator, this means that you can get the full benefit of the powerful vibrations. Through your penis if you’re wearing PULSE DUO, and through your clitoris (or even your perineum) if it’s pressing against you from above.

The Lotus

This position begins with him sitting cross-legged, with PULSE DUO on his penis. His partner sits between his legs, with their legs wrapped around him. Both partners then have their legs wrapped tightly around each others’ waists, and can use rocking motions to get the stimulation they need.

This position has a lot of the benefits of missionary – face-to-face contact if you’re an old romantic like that, as well as lots of full-body contact. The extra benefit is that both partners have their hands free for caressing and playing, or for using the remote control to change the vibration settings on PULSE to mix things up a bit.

The Padlock

OK, let’s be honest here: every sex position has so many different names that it’s impossible to get consistency. This position could just as easily be called the ‘having sex on a table,’ and it’d be much more descriptive.

Well worth including, though, because not only does it feel great, it adds extra variety, given that you’ll need to move out of the bedroom.

For this position, one partner perches on the edge of some fairly high furniture – think dining-room table or kitchen worktop. The other (the one wearing PULSE) stands between their legs and thrusts into them. In penetrative sex this can be used for very vigorous sex – especially good if you’ve got energy to burn. It works the same with PULSE, allowing for lots of free movement as well as that all-important control over the pressure. The person standing can grab the other’s bum and pull them towards the PULSE – each stroke will push the oscillating PulsePlate™ against the head of the penis (making the vibrations more intense), and do the same for the external vibrator against their partner’s clitoris too. It’s a win-win for both of you.

The Worship

This position requires a chair – it can be a comfy sofa or a dining chair for a more upright position. He kneels on the floor (or on a cushion!) in front, and you sit in the chair – lying back or reclining. With the PULSE DUO on his penis, PulsePlate snugly pressed against his frenulum, he leans in and the toy is ‘sandwiched’ between you. In this position you can use a rocking motion that will stimulate both of you at the same time.

Like the front-facing spoon, this position is great because you can either control the vibration intensity with the buttons or remote, or you can use the pressure between your bodies to squeeze together, making the sensations more intense. You can also adjust the position by choosing different heights of chair, or by either leaning forward so you’re pressed closely together, or having the sitting person recline to allow their partner to deliver the pleasure!

Extra tips: positioning for comfort

Most of us aren’t yoga gurus, and some of the positions above may be tricky for you – particularly if one or both of you has issues with mobility or conditions such as arthritis that can cause pain in the joints. There are products on the market that are specifically designed to help with sexual positioning – Liberator, for instance, is a company that makes cushioned wedges in different sizes and angles so you can lie comfortably with your hips in an easier position than on the bed.

However, if you don’t have this equipment at home, well-placed cushions and furniture can do the same job. If you’re using PULSE during sex, the ‘Lotus’ and ‘Worship’ positions above can be adapted by bringing one partner lower down. Instead of perching on a table or chair, use firm cushions (sofa cushions work well for this!) to create a low plinth, so he can kneel comfortably between your legs and you can either lie back or lean forward to press against him. Other positions, such as missionary, can be moved to the sofa where you have the arm to prop up your shoulders and head, and your partner can use the back of the sofa for support.

Got any extra tips? A position that you reckon works perfectly with PULSE? We’d love to hear it – leave a comment below and we’ll spread the word!


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