How To Choose The Best Male Sex Toy

20 September 2021

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The right sex toy is a decent investment. If you pick something awesome then chances are it’ll be by your side, in a drawer or proudly displayed on your bedside table, for a good long time. So what questions do you need to ask to make sure you choose the best male sex toy for you?

Naturally we’re biased about which one you should go for: we make the toy voted best male sex toy. But we’re also nice, so want to be sure that you get something you really want. If you’re shopping around, this guide should give you a few tips on how to choose the best male sex toy for you.

On your own or with your partner?

First thing’s first: consider what you’ll mainly be using it for. If you’re planning on using something with a partner, this is a great excuse to have that chat about what they want out of a sex toy. Do they want to watch you use something that gives you a whole heap of pleasure so they can sit back and watch? Or do they want something that will stimulate both of you?

Which are the best male sex toy features for you?

The first thing to look at here is what kind of stimulation you want. The best male sex toy, in our opinion, is something that can do far more than you or your partner can do alone. They’re an enhancement to your sex life, so ideally you want something that stimulates in just the right way.

PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL and PULSE DUO both have a patented PulsePlate that sends oscillations through your penis. Very different (and more intense) than the low-amplitude vibrations you’d get with other male sex toys on the market. With lubricant, this makes PULSE an amazing next-generation masturbator. Soft silicone ‘wings’ curve around your penis as the PulsePlate delivers amazing sensations. Without lube, the PULSE can be used as a static toy – the powerful vibrations providing stimulation direct to the frenulum.

One of the key considerations when picking the right sex toy for you is something rarely mentioned for men: whether you can use it when you’re flaccid. Because so much sexual focus is often on the erection, most male sex toys are closed, and require an erection before you can start using them. This isn’t just an issue for men who have erectile dysfunction, it’s also a bit of a let-down for anyone who enjoys those moments of build-up. We think the best male sex toys don’t just get you off – they get you going, so PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL and PULSE DUO can both be used to bring you from flaccid to erect.

Charging, cleaning and other questions

If you’ve read any reviews of the best male sex toys you’ll probably have seen a lot of mention of materials – for good reason. If you want to use lube then you need to check that the material is compatible and make sure you pair the toy with the correct lube. As a general rule, silicone toys should be used with water-based lube. Any good male sex toy will tell you on the packaging which lube is right to use with it, as a mismatched lube could end up degrading the toy. PULSE is made from soft matt silicone, which means it’s compatible with water-based lubes. It’s also waterproof, so really easy to clean when you’re done.

If this were ten years ago, we’d be talking here about batteries: what type the toy takes and how many. But it’s the 21st century and the best male sex toys will usually be rechargeable (good for the planet as well as your wallet). So what you need to look for here is ease of charging, and how long the battery life is. Do you need special adaptors, or does the toy come with a USB charger? Naturally PULSE comes with a USB charger, so you can plug in and get off wherever you are.

Reviews of the best male sex toys

There are plenty of fantastic sex toy reviewers out there who have tried and tested all of the best male sex toys on the market. If you’ve still not quite made up your mind, their reviews could help you decide.

And there are plenty more out there too! We wish you good luck in your hunt for the best male sex toy for you: something that stimulates in just the right way, and which you can proudly keep on your bedside table for years to come.

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