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Joan Price Q & A

Your questions answered

It doesn't hurt to ask

Joan is Hot Octopuss’s resident senior sexpert. Read below to get advice on some common sexual problems for seniors.

If you’re over 50 and have questions about better sex, this is the place to ask.


Questions & Answers

Senior woman holding hand to her face looking ashamed
Husband Gets Off by Himself, Doesn’t Want Me

I am 66 and my husband is 67. We married four years ago after being together just six months, but I felt I knew him, and he was a kind, genuine person. Sex was good for the first year, but s...

Granddaughter hugging grandmother with eyes closed
Interfering Family Won’t Give Me Privacy

I’m a widow, alone for the past five years. I moved in with my daughter’s family at the beginning of the pandemic so I could help teach and supervise my grandchildren while the parents worke...

Sombre senior couple holding each other close in b&w
I Lose My Erection Without Manual Stimulation During Sex

I am a 73-year-old male with erection problems. I can enjoy sex with erections using Cialis and good lubrication, but I lose my erection quickly when either I or my wife stop the manual stim...

Senior man sitting in bed looking unhappy, with wife blurred behind him
Sex Only Two Or Three Times In Ten Years!

My husband stopped having sex with me the day we got married. I am a 49-year-old woman who married an affectionate, caring man ten years ago, after living together for a year and a half. At ...

Senior couple sitting on sofa and watching TV
Let’s Watch Sexy Movies Again!

When we were younger, we’d watch sexy movies together. Now we’re in our 70s and I’d like to go back to watching porn together. We still enjoy sex, although I have ED. We love to touch (and s...

Solemn senior man looking down, wearing shirt, tie and hat in b&w
No Sex All Year – What Should We Do?

I am 50 and she is 59. We’ve been married for two years. At first, we had sex all the time. But in 2020, we didn’t have sex all year. She tells me I have to tell her when I want sex, but whe...

Senior bearded man smiling and sitting on skateboard in waistcoat and white shirt
We Can’t Talk About Sex!

I’ve never been able to tell a woman what I like and not be embarrassed about it. The way I was raised, even the natural pleasure of touching myself was looked down upon. Now at 54, it’s not...

Senior couple stood outside looking unhappy
Tight Vagina No Intercourse

I’m 72. I have not been able to have intercourse with my husband for the last five years. It seems like my vaginal canal is very small. I’m not sure I want to use dilators....

Sad senior man with head in hands
Cloudy Smelly Urine

It has been six years since I had sex. I’ve started having an odor when I urinate. It’s been three weeks and the odor is still occurring. Also, my urine is a little cloudy....

Senior bearded man at the sea holding yellow surfboard
Sex Requirement for Marriage

I am a 60-year-old single male. I still very much desire sex, but I believe that sex is reserved for a close, loving marriage. I want to find a partner for a sex-filled, intimate, affectiona...

Depressed senior Asian man sitting on edge of the bed
Toys for Flaccid Penis?

I’m 68, impotent from prostate cancer for 12 years, and a widower for two. My only regular release is via masturbation. I’ve been frustrated by the lack of sex toys for men with my condition...

Senior man sitting on sofa and watching his tablet
Hurt by Husband’s Porn Use

My husband is 74 and I am 52 – a 23-year difference in age. He watches porn and masturbates to it every day. It’s always interracial porn. He thinks I don’t know but I do. It hurts me. What ...

Senior black couple Worried - Senior Sex
Sexless Marriage

We have been married 27 years, together for 30. We had a healthy sex life until a year and a half ago, when my husband stopped. No kissing, no touching. I tried to discuss this with him, and...

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