Top Video Games For Couples And Unexpected Ways To Improve Your Relationship

14 September 2021

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The world is increasingly immersed in new technologies. The best dating sites reviews help you find your love. Delivery services supply you with any goods anywhere in the world. And the world of computer graphics is becoming more realistic and colorful. It would seem that technology can alienate people, but it has many benefits that can help you get closer and solve relationship problems.

In this article, we’ll share some wonderful benefits of the best video games for couples who are struggling in relationships. Find out how you can save your love by gaming together.

The Benefits of Video Games for Relationships

Video games help us relieve stress, relax after a tough day, and find common ground with our partners. It is not always worth clearing up any misunderstandings with the help of a verbal dispute. Sometimes it is enough to immerse yourself in the amazing game world to solve a question that concerns you and learn more about each other. You may be surprised, but playing together can reveal hidden personality traits, and you will learn a lot about yourself and your partner.

Did you know you can turn a video game night into a hot date? There may be no limits to your imagination. You can play naked or not get out of bed at all. Or play all weekend, pausing for delicious snacks and pleasant caresses. You can even come up with your own kinky rewards for achievement and victory, such as spanking a defeated partner or rewarding oral sex to a winner.

This seemingly simple game can open the door to new sexual pleasure for you. Always dreamed of trying BDSM tricks but didn’t know how to start? Try adding a little domination to your play date by inviting your partner to [play nude and try a collar, butt plug, or nipple clamps.

Plus, it’s a great idea for a home date during quarantine. Do you spend all your time together under the same roof and don’t know what to do anymore? Try to have fun by competing against each other or working as one in one of our list of the best video games for two.

The Best Video Games for Couples

Portal 2

This is the perfect game for two as it is fun, sarcastic, and full of various mysteries. You can start an acquaintance of your soulmate with the world of the best video games for couples. Firstly, the joint passage of the story company brings closer, as you solve riddles together and enjoy GLaDOS’s witty jokes, and secondly, it has a co-op, so you can literally solve riddles together. Game Portal 2 for two players is a real team building in relationships.

Mortal Kombat

Someone might ask, “What, Mortal Kombat is a game for lovers?” Yes, it is one of the best two-player games for Playstation 4. It’s all just Mortal Kombat – it’s a classic. Sometimes there is nothing better than making love together but a little violence. The game has a great overabundance of brutality, blood, and finishing moves, and all this is a bit caricatured and exaggerated. Some people don’t even know how much they enjoy this until they play.

The joint play in the last parts of the MK can be summed up as “time well spent.” Yes, the game is not suitable for all couples, but you will not regret playing it with your partner. And if you also learn to play correctly, and not by pressing all the buttons in a row, then your level of relations, apparently, is very high.

Just Dance

Let’s imagine this! Jumping in front of the TV to wacky music is incredibly fun! It’s twice as fun to jump to stupid music in good company – at least in Just Dance, the latest release of the popular dance simulator. It has a large selection of songs, traditionally amazing choreography, gorgeous picture, making it one of the best video games for couples. And now no additional controllers are needed for a home disco: just install a special application on your phone, and it will monitor the quality of your dance and award points.


Explore the world of this indie sandbox game with elements of a survival simulator and an open world. The player finds himself in a world that is similar to Lego cities. He is immersed in a three-dimensional procedurally generated space consisting of cubic blocks. Freely rearranging them, you can create complex structures. Judging by the reviews, it is one of the best PC games for two and free online games for two players on different computers.

There are no unambiguous goals here, no clear instructions for action, but it is easy to find something for a couple in this space. You can explore the game world of game Minecraft for two players, create structures and objects following only your fantasy.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

For the first time, playing Lara Croft from an absolutely intimate, personal experience has turned into one of strategy best games for two (of those that can be played with gamepads in hand). Although the name of the game itself does not have the name Tomb Raider, the project Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light turned out to be more interesting and richer than individual games in this series.

Most importantly, the amount of happiness hormones that are released when playing the new game Lara Croft for two players is much higher than many of the more expensive and expected games of the season. This is one of the best free two-player games for PC that can become a favorite pastime with your partner.

Super Seducer parts 1 and 2

Despite its pretentious name, this game is not at all what it seems to be. You and your soulmate can simply punch and laugh heartily from the absurdity, pretense, and sarcastic pathos that occurs in both parts of the Super Seducer. It stands on the verge of movie and game. All you have to do is choose the answer options and enjoy what is happening. It is one of the best video games for couples. Let’s be honest. Sometimes there is nothing better than just laughing with your loved one at something silly, absurd, and messy.


Of course, this is not a complete list of games for couples, but we tried to find for you a list of games that will satisfy every taste. Try them with your partner, add a little passion, and you will notice how the understanding between you has improved significantly. We wish you love and victories!

Does your partner love video games? Have you already tried video games for two in а relationship? What are your favorite couples’ games? We want to hear all about it! Get at us on Instagram @hotoctopuss or Twitter @HotOctopuss .

Author’s bio:

Robert A. Faulkner is a family psychologist. He has been working with a big number of couples from all over the UK. In his articles, he wants to tell everyone about the key to happy relationships. Robert likes such hobbies as reading new books and traveling around the world. He has visited more than 20 countries for the last 10 years. But one of Robert’s biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest with his friends and take a photo.

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