Unique Sex Toys For The 21st Century

17 September 2021

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More of us are bringing sex toys into our bedrooms than ever before, and according to research done by Channel 4 in the UK, sex toys are the country’s most popular ‘fetish’. But as we all start embracing the joy of sex toys, more of us are on the look out for genuinely unique sex toys – things we haven’t necessarily seen before in the pages of a magazine or in the course of our browsing.

So we thought we’d give you a few highlights: some interesting, unique sex toys that you may not have tried yet.

Fox tail butt plug

If you’re looking for unique sex toys that most people wouldn’t expect in a bedside drawer, then how about an animal tail butt plug? This fox tail butt plug is available at Lovehoney. You (or your partner) can play as your favourite furry – especially if you’re into foxes.

Penis plugs

It might be a tricky (and nervewracking) thing to master, but urethral play is growing in popularity. And some of the unique sex toys designed for your penis come in the form of penis plugs. Sex toy shops like CloneZone offer a range of different stainless steel plugs, designed to fit snugly inside the urethra during play.

Strap-on harnesses that look like pants

You’d be forgiven for thinking that most strap-ons involve a fair few straps and a little bit of dexterity, but that’s not true: harnesses like the Tomboii boxer brief, available at Good Vibrations, can be slipped on as easily as… well, getting dressed in the morning. Whether you’ve got limited manual dexterity or you just want a particular look, there are plenty of unique strap-on harnesses to choose from.

PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL – the ‘guybrator’

Yeah, this one’s ours. And if you haven’t already tried it then what’s stopping you? The PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL is a vibrator like no other: it has silicone ‘wings’ that wrap around the penis, and an oscillating PulsePlate™ which sends deep, rumbling vibrations through your head and shaft. Not only does it look super-cool, it can do things no other sex toys can: like give you a hands-free orgasm.

What’s more, if you’re after unique sex toys for couples, the PULSE DUO can sort you out. Alongside the PulsePlate™ on the inside of the toy (to stimulate the penis), there’s a powerful external vibrator for your partner to grind against. There’s no single way of using it, you can use the PULSE DUO in almost any sex position – the hardest bit is deciding on your favourite.

Vibrators for your fingers

Let’s face it: your hands are pretty awesome. Alongside your brain, your mouth and your genitals, your hands and fingers are one of the best sexual tools in your arsenal. Sex toys which free up your hands (like the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL) are one way to make the most of them. Another is to use toys which mod your hands to make them more effective. Things like the Hello Touch fingerpads, from the Centre for Sexual Pleasure and Health, which mean you can have vibrating ‘pods’ attached to your fingertips, combining vibration with dexterity. Pretty cool, no?

Vibrators that thrust while they buzz

‘Pulsators’ look like your basic ‘rabbit’-type vibes, but they have a little extra something – they thrust as well as buzz your bits off. The new Stronic range from Fun Factory, available at Jo Divine, comes in shapes designed for anal and vaginal play – or both – and uses internal magnets to create a strong thrusting movement inside you.

A sex robot that chats you up

OK, the tech might not be quite at ‘Jude Law in AI’ stage yet, but the company responsible for the highly-detailed and lifelike RealDoll is working on a sex robot that can speak to you, and perform more complex interactions than simply lying there while you make out with her. Check out our post on the future of male sex toys to see what unique sex toys you may have in your bedroom in ten years’ time.

Area 51 Love Doll

We couldn’t resist putting this on the list, because as far as unique sex toys go, it’s out of this world.

The Area 51 sex doll occasionally available at Amazon, is a wonderful gift for sex post alien abduction, but it is hard to get hold of these days. Was it just that not many people wanted to have sex with an inflatable triple-breasted alien, or has some shadowy government agency been at work to cover up 'The Truth'?

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