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5 Reasons to Buy a Guybrator

21 September 2021

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1. The guybrator is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before

It’s not ‘stronger’ or ‘tighter’ or ‘more intense’ than other toys: it’s a completely new sensation. Standard vibrators – that you might hold to the base or underneath the head of your penis – will vibrate, and give you a tingling buzzing sensation. PULSE, on the other hand, uses patented PulsePlate technology to deliver high-amplitude oscillations – unlike any other toy. The deep, rumbling feeling throbs through the head of your penis all the way to the shaft and beyond.

“I had never heard such wild claims as I did with PULSE, but now that I have one I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that was this awesome, for a penis toy. I like my other toys and strokers, but they can’t hold a candle to this beast.”

2. You can use it flaccid

Yep, you read that right. Most masturbators need you to start with an erection, but the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL guybrator can be used flaccid. That makes it perfect for people who have erectile dysfunction, or those who just enjoy the feeling of getting hard while you’re in the toy – swelling gradually as the oscillating vibrations rumble through your dick.

“Most male sex toys are designed so that the man has to have an erection first… but at our age men are not always going to have easy erections and sometimes not at all – but that doesn’t mean that they are no longer capable of pleasure… Men can even have orgasm without erection and without ejaculation… Here’s what PULSE is good for… I gave it to three different men and all three came back to me and said, ‘I love this thing, please tell me I don’t have to give it back.’” – Joan Price, speaking at a Senior Planet event in 2015

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3. You can have hands-free orgasms

Pretty neat trick, right? Be able to surf the web with both your hands while PULSE works its magic down below. But more importantly, because the JETT and the PULSE can be used for hands-free orgasms, it’s a great sex toy for people with limited mobility.

The patented technology behind PULSE was originally designed to help induce orgasm in men with spinal injuries. It looks way cooler than a bit of medical kit, but it still does the same job: inducing deep, unique orgasms at the push of a button. The silicone ‘wings’ wrap around your penis, holding the oscillating PulsePlate tight against your frenulum (the super-sensitive spot just under the head of the penis). The buttons on the side control the strength and pattern of vibrations, so you can turn it on and let it pulse an orgasm through you.

“Although my carer and I are good friends, I had for all intents and purpose stopped masturbating as I found the whole process too much to bear. That is until now. A friend of mine introduced me to PULSE, which has nothing short of changed my life. The fact that all I need to do is turn it on, hold it in place and let the device do the work is just amazing. I no longer need assistance and finally have my dignity back. Thank you!” – Sven Johansson, 48, Sweden

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4. You can use the guybrator with or without lube

Without lube, the silicon wings will wrap tightly around your penis – keeping the PulsePlate in exactly the right place to stimulate you. For a different sensation – or a more active masturbation session – add a small amount of lube and it can be worked back and forth like a traditional masturbator. Or do what lots of our customers do, and switch it up depending on your mood.

“Finally – a sex toy that loves all the cocks in the world. Soft, hard, able bodied, disabled, transitioning – The PULSE by Hot Octopuss delivers pleasure to all with its carefully crafted design to hug around vs. sliding in. Such a simple concept that can change the way pleasure can be experienced.” – Megan Andelloux, Good Vibes

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5. The guybrator is rechargeable, waterproof and easy to clean

You can charge your PULSE using a standard USB port – no messing around with batteries. And when it comes to cleaning, it’s miles ahead of other masturbators. You know the ones – masturbators which you have to cover in weird powder, and dry thoroughly before use in case they get damp and mouldy. Shudder. The PULSE is so much easier – just wash it under the tap, or even in the shower…

“I cum like a f**king freight train hurtling down the track trying to make it to the home station … I love it a lot, and I’m pretty stoked I can take it in the freaking shower because the PULSE toys I’ve ever used that GUARANTEE I will get an orgasm… and I have hell getting off in the shower by hand, or with a Fleshlight or other toys.” – Mr Will’s House Of Thrills

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