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The First Time You Use A New Sex Toy…

21 July 2021

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When your brand new sex toy arrives on your doorstep, what’s the first thing you do? Run inside and show your partner? Rip off the packaging eagerly and get started? Book out an hour or two in your diary to really get to grips with it?

These questions and more occurred when we came across YouTuber Princess Joules ‘losing her vibrator virginity’ on camera. Watch the video – it’s amazing. And, if you’re a vibrator or sex toy afficionado, there’s a real nostalgia involved in seeing someone use a sex toy for the first time and suddenly realise – wow, this is pretty spectacular.

It’s pretty unusual for someone to film their first time sex toy use (although if you’re over 18 and you fancy doing it with the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, we’re big fans of video sex toy reviews!). But it got us thinking: when you use a sex toy for the first time, do you have a routine or a ritual? We reckon there are four styles…

Sex toy style: The Eager Beaver

You’ve got a lube dispenser ready to go beside your bed, and you’ve been listening out for the doorbell from the minute you pressed the ‘buy it now’ button. The second you receive the package, you’ve ripped open the box. Your new sex toy is pressed eagerly against your genitals before you can say ‘oh wait I think it needs charging first.’

What do you do when you get a new sex toy? Forget to thank the delivery driver, in your haste to get to the bedroom.

Sex toy style: The Sharer

The first time you use your sex toy, you want to be with a partner or friend – getting them to use it on you is the main reason you bought it, after all. Whether it’s a toy you can use alone, like the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, or one specifically designed for couples, like the PULSE DUO, you want to make sure that you share that special moment with a loved one. Or two. Or six.

What do you do when you get a new sex toy? Send a text with a picture of it and the most enthusiastic smile emoji you can find.

Sex toy style: The Connoisseur

Using a sex toy for the first time is not a task you take lightly. You want to set the mood, play with all the different functions, and learn exactly how your new sex toy will work best on you.

The Connoisseur is the sort of person who’d try it in a range of different positions, with different speed and vibrate settings, and meticulously note down the pros and cons like they were writing for Which Vibrator? magazine.

What do you do when you get a new sex toy? Block two hours out of your diary and start downloading some porn to set the scene.

Sex toy style: The Exhibitionist

If a sex toy gets used in the forest, and no one’s around to hear it, does it still get Instagram likes? Nah. One of the key joys of sex toys, for you, is knowing that you’re sharing the fun with others. Whether it’s on your Twitter feed or on your own YouPorn channel, where you regularly upload your favourite solo sessions for the delectation of your online audience.

No Facebook, though, they’re prudes about that kind of thing.

What do you do when you get a new sex toy? Tweet a picture of you using it while giving the thumbs up.

So: what’s your sex toy style? To whet your appetite, check out the latest PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL unboxing

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