Games To Play With Couples Sex Toys

21 July 2021

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Games To Play With Couples Sex Toys – It’s easy to fall into the trap of discussing sex toys in the kind of flowery language you’d use in a romance novel. Particularly when you’re talking about couples’ sex toys – they’re ‘sensual’ things, that you use to ‘seduce’ your partner.

Thing is, sex isn’t always an elaborate dance of seduction – it’s often just plain old fashioned good fun. In that spirit, here are some cool games you can play with your couples sex toys.

Couples sex toy torture (the fun kind!)

This game is inspired by some pretty ingenious cam girls, and its original name was ‘Doxy Torture’, after the Doxy wand sex toy. Here’s how it worked:

If you’re not familiar with camming, it involves a person sitting in front of their webcam, and performing in exchange for tips. Users can log on to their favourite cam performer’s stream and tip them for certain shows – nearly always the sexy kind. Cam performers are often privy to some of the cool and unusual kinks people have, and many of them will do a custom show for you if your kink isn’t already catered to.

Cam girls who were equipped with the Doxy wand (a Hitachi-style sex toy designed to give intense clitoral vibrations) came up with the idea of a ‘torture’ game – where they sit on the Doxy and people can tip to tell them how to use it. Each tip allows one button press – they can turn the toy ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘off’ or ‘on’. It’s an ingenious way of incorporating tease and denial into a cam session, and you can copy the idea for a sex game of your own.

If you already have couples sex toys – such as the PULSE DUO – then all you need in order to play is a coin. Put the sex toy on your partner – wrap the silicone wings around their penis or push the external vibrating section against their clitoris. Get them warmed up, and aching for an orgasm. Then, grab the remote control and the coin, and let them decide heads or tails. If they win the coin toss, give them what they want – a notch more vibration, perhaps? Or ten seconds of stimulation? If they lose, then you get to decide which way the play goes next…

Hide and seek

Turn it on, blindfold your partner, then see if they can find where you’ve hid it in the house.

OK, maybe not. We just wanted to throw this one in so we can point out that remote control toys like the PULSE DUO have the pretty nifty benefit that if you’ve lost them somewhere in the folds of your duvet, you can press the ‘vibrate’ button to locate them when you’re done. Like the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, but way more X-rated.

Cock Hero (or clit hero – which is equally fun!)

We’ve mentioned this game before when we gave you some amazing orgasm tips for masturbation – but it’s just as fun and playful if you do it with a partner. Cock Hero is a bit like guitar hero, in that you have to ‘strum’ in time to music. The only difference is that the music is usually playing over a porn video, and the thing you’re strumming isn’t a guitar.

It’s usually a solo game, but sex blogger Girl on the Net (who writes for us at Hot Octopuss) is a fan of playing it with a partner. That way you get the double challenge – he’s trying to hold off while she’s trying to stick to the rhythm and bring him to an explosive orgasm.

Most people play this game (alone or with a partner) using nothing but bare hands and a bit of lube, so playing it with a couples sex toy like PULSE DUO is a serious challenge. As the beat gets faster, so the sensation gets more intense, and with PULSE DUO the intense oscillating vibrations mean you’ll probably be ‘out’ far quicker than you would with just your hand.

You’ll definitely want lube for this one. But how long will you hold out for?


There are plenty of ways you can play this game, but all of them require no more than a couples’ sex toy and a spare five minutes. PULSE DUO stimulates both of you at once – one person with the oscillating PulsePlate pressed against the sensitive head of the penis, and the other using the external vibrations as you like (see our guide on PULSE DUO positions for a bit of inspiration).

Like the torture game, this works fantastically in a BDSM context – incorporating tease and denial with couples’ sex toys as well as ample opportunity for competitiveness.

The aim of the game is to get off the fastest. Or – if one of you struggles with premature ejaculation and you’d like to incorporate games into ‘training’ – the challenge might be to see who can hold off for longest when the vibrations are threatening to sweep you off your feet.

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