Why aficionados like anal (and why you might too)

20 August 2023

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Anal sex has always had something of a negative press - often by those who haven’t yet had the pleasure. While liking sex has now been accepted for all genders, liking (or even preferring) anal always seemed to cast a shadow upon your character. Which means there’s a host of people out there who may love it - but probably already think they won’t.

How do we feel about anal sex at Hot Octopuss? You do you, but…you never know if you like something till you try it. It’s a sentiment that worked back in the day when the question was vegetables, and it works for your sex life too. Of course, you don’t have to “try the broccoli”™ - but one bite, and you may find it’s suddenly the tastiest thing on the menu.

There are so many reasons - physical and emotional - to explore anal play. Here are just a few of our favourites.


There’s no doubt anal feels good when you’re giving because it’s tight. And done the right way, anal feels amazing to receive. So let’s talk orgasms.

There are myriad parts of the body that can orgasm, and anal is no exception, whether you have a prostate or not. But do all orgasms feel the same? Again, you just won’t know till you try. But the good news is, everybody can have an anal orgasm, and here’s why:

The P spot

Prostate orgasms are stronger and harder, and can even produce the dreamed-of full body orgasm. All those with prostates can get there; the prostate is easily accessible via the anus - just insert a finger (slowly and with lube!) and make a “come here” motion. Or, you can use a toy, like PleX with Flex, our remote controlled vibrating butt plug that won’t so much stimulate your prostate as send it wild.

The A spot

For those with vaginas, anal sex applies pressure to the anterior wall of the vagina, right beneath the bladder, and close to the cervix, known as the anterior fornix. There are shared nerves from the anterior wall that connect to the rectum and the vagina. And it’s this A spot (Or “Ahhh!” spot, if only we’d been there when they named it) that can produce orgasmic waves, especially with slow pushing rather than quick thrusting on the area.

Also, the clitoris cheekily extends all the way back into the anus, so for those lucky enough to have one, that could go off too.

Female tattooed bottom wearing red knickers


It’s not all about intercourse with anal - there’s a lot of ways you can give and receive pleasure in that area. What we’re saying is, bottoming doesn’t have to mean anything goes in at all if you don’t want it to (and if you do, bravo - your body your choice.

Your sphincter, the tight muscular ring at the base of your colon, is tight by nature - but training it (slowly, and with lube) to relax using toys like butt plugs or a finger, can feel unbelievably good - it can even result in orgasm.

When it comes to insertion (we honestly tried to find a sexier word) it’s a question of trial and (not too much, stop if it hurts) error. Inserting fingers, toys, and more is where the ‘play’ comes in - experiment with what feels good, either solo or with a trusted partner. Licking, stroking and teasing your anus can bring you a whole new world of pleasure, even if you don’t want to take the next step.

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The physical benefits of orgasms are well documented. They also produce oxytocin, which is a natural painkiller and mood booster (which increases emotional connection), as well as increase the body’s white blood cell count, which in turn boosts the immune system. Not to mention boosted heart health (lowered risk of hypertension) and mental focus.

Regular orgasms have also been shown to increase circulation, and slow the onset of menopause. They increase blood flow, encouraging more lubrication in older women, which in turn boosts vaginal health, and slows down atrophy. Penis owners are recommended to ejaculate regularly, to clear out old semen that could become carcinogenic. And for prostate owners, it’s official - anal could save your life. A study shows that regular prostate massage can reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Not such a bum deal, when you think about it.

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Since we’re talking about taboos, let’s talk about the ultimate taboo - sometimes, it feels good to be bad. And since there is no “bad” when it comes to consensual safe sex, the next best thing is pretending. To feel like you’re breaking a taboo - while proudly knowing you’re not.

Power play, shame fantasies, pain and pleasure games and gender role reversal are all fantastic ways to enjoy anal, as long as everyone’s on the same page. There’s nothing wrong, and everything right, with wanting to explore your entire body, to learn all the ways in which it - or your partner’s - responds. Some people with vaginas crave feeling completely full, which makes anal toys a must-have. Some straight men crave prostate stimulation. Anal has something for everyone.


If you suffer from premature ejaculation, anal play can be a good trick up your sleeve to slow things down. Not only can you pleasure your partner while slowing down, you can explore your P spot to take the pressure off your penis and give it a rest.

Thinking of exploring anal play? Try PleX with Flex - its powerful vibrations will make your head spin.

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