Six Best Valentine’s Sex Positions & Toys That Lead to More Orgasms

3 February 2022

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I love a good pairing experience. Whiskey and cheese? Tea and chocolate? Beer and cookies? Sign me up! I want to taste it all. But pairings don’t have to be about food and drinks. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m here to suggest some sex position and toy pairings for a deliciously good time.

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Face Off + Pulse Duo Lux

Do you love looking into your partner’s eyes while you make love? Then consider this pairing. The penis-having partner sits on the edge of the bed or the couch. The vulva-having partner straddles them. The Pulse Duo Lux will rest between your two bodies, providing enjoyable vibrations for both partners. Your hands will largely be free for whatever you want – nipple play, burying your fingers in each other’s hair, or the partner on top can brace on the other partner’s shoulders for some more vigorous and enthusiastic riding.

The Pulse Duo Lux allows for pleasure without penetration. This makes it ideal for couples dealing with erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain. In couples experiencing delayed ejaculation, it can also be a great method of stimulating the penis without tiring out your partner’s arms or jaw! Make it the main course of your sexual experience, or a fun, intimate way to transition from foreplay to penetration.

Spooning + DiGiT

Is one of you pregnant or dealing with back or hip pain? Spooning is a gentle, low-pressure position that can even be modified with pillows, bolsters, and blankets to provide support. During pregnancy, it provides support for your belly while also not allowing it to get between you! It can also be great after a long hike, bike ride, or “leg day” when neither one of you really feels like engaging your quads for Missionary or Cowgirl.

Spooning is one of my favorite sex positions because I am cursed with hip flexors that love an excuse to cramp. But I also love spooning because it allows me or my partner to stimulate my clitoris while I’m being penetrated from behind!

A small vibrator like DiGiT allows you or your partner to easily provide targeted sensation to your clitoris, paired with either vaginal or anal penetration. Whichever one of you isn’t providing clitoral stimulation can instead focus on nipple stimulation or other sensual touch. This is another benefit of the spooning position – it really allows the receptive partner to be the focus (which can be an especially nice Valentine’s Day treat for an exhausted pregnant person).

Split V + ATOM

On the opposite end of things, we have the Split V position. This one requires strong and flexible hips, as the receptive partner has to hold their legs in a wide V split. The penetrating partner can help, by supporting their partner’s legs at the thigh, calf, or ankle, or even grab the legs for leverage, if you like it a little rough.

The benefit of this sex position, besides showing off envy-inducing flexibility, is that it allows for deep vaginal or anal penetration. But if the penetration feels a little too deep, consider putting the ATOM into the mix. This vibrating cockring will stop your partner from going too deep, while providing a pleasant rumble for both of you.

If both partners have penises, consider an Atom for each of you, or the receptive partner could wear a JETT or Pulse for extra stimulation while being penetrated.

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Lounging in a Tub + KURVE or ATOM PLUS

Not everyone has someone for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a long-distance relationship, there’s no reason why you can’t also have a sensual holiday. Show yourself some love with a luxurious bath and some “me” time with your favorite toy.

It is, of course, imperative that you make sure you’re using a waterproof toy in the tub! As someone with a vulva, I can personally recommend the KURVE G-spot vibrator for mind-blowing orgasms, in or out of the water. For penis-havers, the ATOM PLUS looks pretty fun and waterproof. Just don’t drop the remote in the tub!

Set the mood for a great time. You can light candles, use a fancy bath bomb, or scatter rose petals across the water. Put on your favorite music, or set up your tablet with some porn. You can even pour yourself a glass of bubbly, or some rose-scented tea, or another sensuous libation.

Give yourself all the time you need to lay back, soak up the warmth, and indulge in pleasure. Especially in the gloomy days of February, it can be especially pleasant to be cocooned in hot water and surrounded by fragrant steam. Make sure you have a cozy robe hanging up nearby to wrap up in when you’re done, so you can keep those pleasurable vibes going for as long as possible.

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Swoon + PleX with flex

There’s something extra erotic about doing it while standing up. It says “I want you so badly I can’t even wait to get to the bedroom.” The Swoon position adds a little aesthetic “oomph” to standing sex, by having one partner wrap their leg around the other, who may provide assistance by gripping the leg in one hand.

If you enjoy filming yourself, the Swoon is a great option. The bend of the leg and the engagement of the holding arm will show off your muscles nicely if you’ve both been working out. There’s ample room for throwing your head back in wild abandon. This position really calls to mind romance novel covers and movie love scenes. Lean into visual eroticism!

That’s already pretty hot, but what if you added a PleX with flex butt plug for one or both of you? The vibrations from Plex are designed to stimulate the prostate in penis-havers, and the “a-spot” in vulva-havers. This can create really pleasurable blended orgasm sensations for people with any anatomical configuration.

The added benefit of Plex is that it’s flexible, which makes it easy for you to switch positions. Go from up against the wall or front door to bent over the kitchen counter to 69ing on the couch, and Plex will easily go with you. It’s even waterproof, if you want to Swoon in the shower.

Mutual Masturbation + Pulse Solo Interactive

Is there anything hotter than watching your lover cum? If you and your partner both love to watch, consider a mutual masturbation session with your favorite toys. For couples in possession of two penises, might I suggest the Pulse Solo Interactive? You can control your own experience, or swap phones and enjoy a bit of control over each other’s experiences.

Mutual masturbation is great for so many situations. Long-distance? Load up the video chat platform and watch each other get off. New-ish relationship? Show each other how you like to be touched. Learning to talk dirty? Narrating what you’re doing and seeing is great practice.

The other benefit of mutual masturbation is that it allows each partner to assume the position which is most comfortable for them. This can be great when dealing with injuries, physical disabilities, or chronic pain. It also allows for a fun and intimate experience when one or both partners has trauma around touch and feels safer touching themselves.

Plus, as I said at the start, it’s just plain hot. It’s so much fun to see how your partner experiences pleasure. You each get to focus on yourself. There’s not too much worry about coming too soon, because even if you’re “finished”, you still get to watch your partner having fun.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit

Of course, these six pairings are just the beginning! There are so many more ways to pair sex positions and toys. I encourage you to experiment this Valentine’s Day. What’s your favorite position? Your favorite toy? Are they even better together? There’s only one way to find out.

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