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How To Stimulate The P-Spot For Awesome Prostate Orgasms

By M.Christian | 25 October 2021

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M.Christian has been a writer, editor, publisher, and teacher for all things sex and kink-related for over 25 years: having written six novels, 12 collections, edited 25 anthologies, is a columnist for numerous publications and sites, and has lectured at various events all across the country.
M.Christian’s stories appear in anthologies such as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many others.

M.Christian co-hosts two popular sex-education podcasts: Love’s Outer Limits with Dr. Amy Marsh and Licking Non-Vanilla, also with Ralph Greco, Jr. Website: Twitter: @mchristianzobop Instagram: mchristianzobop FaceBook:

For the penis equipped, the P-Spot is a nearly table-tennis ball-sized gland located slightly below the bladder.

Though it’s evolved to produce seminal fluid, giving ejaculations their less-rather-than-than-more stickiness and aid in getting all those eager sperm where their wriggling tails will do the most good, the prostate has another exciting trick up its metaphorical sleeve.

As in when stimulated, this otherwise unassuming little gland is well known for delivering a unique and decidedly whopping-great orgasm: in conjunction with or separate from the kind most penis owners are probably already well-aware of.

Q: What Is A Prostate Orgasm?

A: Though the duration and intensity, as well as how dependably produced they can be, those familiar with prostate orgasms have pretty much universally described them as a deep, fully-body-rush pleasurable sensation.

Meanwhile, others report after P-spot massage getting determinedly erect, ejaculating, and then an additional penile-based orgasm: granting those fortunate so-and-sos something akin to a penis owner’s version of multiple orgasms.

Even without a prostate orgasm, fooling around with the prostate during anal penetrative play can have its own arousing reward. It’s no wonder many penis owners are so fond of butt play during other sexual activities: ‘cause it feels pretty gosh-darned good!

If you’re curious about anal play but retain some uncomfortableness around the subject, we recommend this GQ article on the topic, which has all sorts of ways to help move beyond these trepidations.

Another icing on P-spot play’s cake (now there’s an image) is regularly doing it reduces the risk for prostate-related illnesses and infections, not least of which is cancer.

Q: How Do I Locate And Stimulate The Prostate?

A: There’s a good reason why tickling this gland has been called the male G-spot, since stimulating the prostate usually involves the same kind of insert-and-gently-push forward approach.

The comparisons stop there, as the anus is nothing like a vagina. The most significant difference is, biologically speaking, butts push stuff out, absorbing water and nutrients in the process, while vaginas are all about welcoming sperm in.

For the record, you can get a taste for prostate pleasuring by applying pressure on the outside of a penis owner’s body. All it takes is caressing or pushing slightly upwards on the taint: that stretch of skin between the anus and the base of the testicles.

Look no further than our blog for more on this method, where Queen P gets all up in there with this and other prostate stimulation techniques.

Something worth mentioning is caressing the prostate will more often than not results in anything from a full-blown ejaculation to a few drops of semen.

For the uninitiated, a few eyebrows might rise when this happens but rest easy as it’s simply the prostate doing what it’s good at, producing seminal fluid. This is also why repeatedly massaging the gland is called prostate milking—which we’ll touch on in greater depth shortly.

Back to the butt, here’s never-ever forget things about anal play. The top being when it comes to sex, of any kind or variety, education is your friend. So never, ever assume you’re an expert on anything as there’s always more to learn. Such as informing yourself about the risks as well as the pleasures of anal stimulation.

Followed right behind continually learning is the importance of communication and consent. Even when playing all by your lonesome, they’re there in paying close attention to what your body might be telling you at any given moment and not force anything if you experience pain or obvious discomfort.

And when others are involved, communication and consent mean everyone should trust and respect everyone involved. That no one will let their egos or possibly hurt feelings get in the way if things do not work out—and the person on the receiving end should always say when to slow down, temporarily halt, or completely end whatever’s happening.

Another anal sex thing to remember is to keep the right kind of lube flowing. With the right kind, either oil-based or designed explicitly for butt play. The reasoning behind oil over water-based lube is the anus loves nothing more than soaking up water like a sponge, so vaginal lubricants will have to work overtime to keep things nice and slippery.

And most of all, moist, as a dry-ish anus, is more likely to become irritated sores or even potentially (ouch!) tear. But get and keep the best oil-based lube you can find at the ready, along a couple of bottles as back-ups, and keep it liberally flowing, and you should be a happy little butt-play camper.

Next up is a two-parter, the first to take things slow. Anal sex is not a race, and rushing to what you or your playmate thinks is the orgasmic finish line will get you nothing but a humiliating trip to the emergency room. One more time: don’t rush!

Safe anal play can be fun, easy, and wildly ecstatic if you stay in constant contact with one another, slow down or stop if anything feels weird or ouchie, and use lube, lube, and more lube.

Q: What toys can I use for prostate play?

A: Where we get to another crucial tip about anal play: that it’s all about the right toys for the right job.

For instance, we’re proud to announce our very own—and our first—anal sex toy, the PleX with Flex! Built with the joys of P-spot play in mind, with the fine engineering and quality materials we’re proudly known for; the PleX with Flex is practically perfect in every way for delving deep down into the orgasmic delights of your or any other penis owner’s prostate.

But what, we heard you say, should I use if I can’t get my eager mitts on an anal sex toy like the PleX with Flex for?

Bluntly, nothing except for you or your partner’s gloved hand as going bareback may result in an unpleasant infection, for the inserter’s fingers or the insertee’s ass, in addition to a not-well-trimmed nail possibly abrading or tearing fragile butt tissues.

What you don’t, as in never ever, should use are sex toys not designed for anal play, including vibrators and the like. Because another well-known fact about anuses is they’’ often pull in as much as they push out, resulting in … shall we say, misplaced objects and emergency room doctors having another amusing story to tell at parties.

Q: What are some tips for a prostate orgasm?

A: Now you’ve got your major points down, have copious amounts of lube on hand, gloves, and anal sex toys galore; how do you get to tapping on that sexy little gland?

After all the musts and must-nots we’ve laid on you, it’ll probably be a relief to hear us say, in our most humble of opinions, the surest way to begin your journey of prostate discovery is to get in there and see what works for you.

Some, for instance, like applying steady pressure to their prostate while stimulating their penis. Then there are people info deep, thudding sensations like the ones our Plex w/Flex provides. Others find repeated penetrations are to their liking, so often are massive pegging fans. If feeling anally-full gets your full attention, you’ve got plenty of fisting or enema fans in your corner.

There’s also prostate massage, which can be arousing and medicinal in how it eases swelling and reducing discomfort when that special gland—and the person it belongs to—isn’t feeling all that great.

To get going with it, simply insert a gloved finger and stroke or repeatedly press down on the prostate. After a relatively short time, the person may become erect, and a small amount of seminal fluid will emerge from the penis.

This is another reason why doctors may occasionally perform a prostate massage, along with relieving the unpleasant pressure we already mentioned and checking on how well the gland is performing, as this fluid can be collected and tested for illness or inflection—and why another name for it is, as we promised we’d get to, prostate milking.

Honestly, the list of possibilities for anal antics is endless. Not only that, but it’s terrific as you have these and other new and exciting methods at your disposal to help you know and love your prostate.

So communicate, get and receive clear consent, exercise your imagination, pay attention to your body, feel free to experiment, learn everything you can, be prepared should anything unpleasant or unfortunate happen, take all the time you need, and have a great time down under!

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