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How To Use Anal Toys

16 September 2021

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It’s Anal August and if you don’t know what that means, well we’re here to tell you! Anal August is a month dedicated to exploring the universal orifice that is the anus! Whether you’re a newbie to this precious little cavity or you’ve been putting god-knows-what up your butt since day one, we have some hot tips on how to use anal toys from our guest writer Queen P!

Did you know vulva-owners can actually stimulate areas of the vagina canal and parts of the larger clitoral structure, when playing with their ass? The G-spot is hiding right behind that anal cavity wall and you can find it with a finger, butt plug, dildo or home-grown cock.

Some like the G-spot stimulated this way because it’s not as intense as having a direct stimulation.

Penis owners can stimulate the prostate (aka P-spotting) through anal penetration as well. Using butt plugs that specifically stimulate the prostate can send your orgasms through the roof!

Find out more about Prostate Stimulation here, but for now check out these tips on using anal toys for beginners through to experts.

Beginner Tips

So you’ve never explored the wonderful world of anal play? Actually you’re not alone. 12% of people we surveyed said they had never tried anal play.

It’s called anal play for a reason – it should be fun! Every beginner should expect some slight discomfort when starting out but it should NOT be painful. Lots of deep breaths are crucial for ass relaxation, so just remember: in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Push past the discomfort but stop or take a break if it becomes at all painful. There’s no need to rush along your new, ass-tastic anal journey.

Lube – Silicone is best as it’s long-lasting and extra slippery. Überlube is a great option (US & Canada shipping only). However, if using a silicone toy, opt for a thick water-based lube, like one from Sliquid. No numbing lubes or creams! Pain is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and be gentle, so you want to be able to feel those sensations when playing with your arse.

PlugsButt plugs are the most popular anal toy for beginners. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and sizes. Some have the option to vibrate!

Beginner tip for vibrating plugs: don’t turn the vibration on until after the plug is fully in your ass. This gives your bootyhole time to warm up to and relax around the toy and then -BOOM- add some vibration to turn it up a notch.

Any and all objects put in your bum must have a flared base. Your anus can suck things up in an instant and you don’t want to be one of those people in the emergency room, now do you? These flared bases are there for a reason.

Sets – Anal training sets are great for beginners as well, especially if you’re trying to gear up for the big leagues. When getting familiar with bigger butt plugs, try to “tip” your plug in aka rub the tip in circular motions, all around the outer sphincter muscle.

As opposed to pushing the plug perpendicular to your body, into your butt, angle the tip upward towards the belly button and use a single finger to push the tip inwards.

Hygiene – Clean that shit out (lol) with an enema bag or partially-filled douche bulb. Using an enema or douche beforehand will ensure that you’ll be dealing with as little shit as possible. Having dark sheets or towels are ideal as well, as it won’t be an obvious mess that might take you out of the zone.

Intermediate Tips

For all those that answered “Sometimes”: you are in good company. 38% of men like a little play and 43% of women like a semi-regular back door tickle. So you’ve put a couple things up your butt – don’t let your eyes get bigger than your butthole!

You’ve used the anal training set and you’re ready to move onto something a little bigger, a little bolder. Cue the dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, oh my!

Suction cup dildos – these things are perfect for anal masturbation. If you’re wanting some special alone time with that beautiful booty of yours, suction that thing to the wall and back that ass UP! Go as slow or as hard as you please.

Anal beads – these are series of spheres or balls connected to each other, to be inserted into the booty hole and pulled out how you see fit. Anal beads are the more active version of a butt plug and pulling them out at the point of orgasm adds major intensity.

Expert Tips

And for those of you who can’t get enough of the backdoor play: Ding Dong – welcome to the club. Whilst we may be the minority, if you roll everyone into the same pot, we tend to know how to have more fun in the bedroom, or sex dungeon.

We know that you’ve got the basics down on some awesome anal sex so here are a couple more tips from Healthline to keep you cummin’ back for more:

Strap-ons – strap-on sex is trending hard and for good reason. For all you vulva owners out there that are about to be penetrating some ass, find a harness that you’re comfortable in. Get one in a fun color to match some lingerie, or in leather so you can really harness your power.

Next, get a couple different sized dildos to play around with and keep the sizes at the ready for an easy switch-out, mid-session.

DP – Have you tried the delicious dark art that is double penetration? It’s one for the playbooks and definitely one to keep on your radar if you’re into being full full full. If you’re penetrating a vulva-owner, warm up the vulva first before moving onto the butt. Keep the vulva engaged as you move onto the ass, as a happier vulva will lead to a more relaxed ass.

Regardless of who you’re playing with, don’t switch penises or toys between two different orifices without washing or cleaning them first. As hot as it may be to go from ass to mouth, there is bacteria present in your anus that may be harmful to your other holes.

Bonus Tip

One word: aftercare. Aftercare after any type of sex session is advised but most definitely recommended when trying anything new. Letting someone stick something in your butt puts one in a vulnerable place, so aftercare is a must. Snuggles, hydration, and/or alone time are all fully in the realm of aftercare.

Take your pick and let your partner know what you’d prefer after the scene is all said and done.

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