Solving The Mystery Of The G-spot

14 September 2021

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Oh the controversy!

Scientists are still getting their panties in knots over whether the G-spot is part of the urethral sponge, the clitoral network, or whether it’s as imaginary as unicorn kitties. In the meantime, vulva owners the world over are slipping and sliding with irrefutable evidence of its existence.

What is the G-spot?

It’s safe to bet that if you were born with a vulva, you have a G-spot.

Scientists named this erogenous zone after the German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg whose work in the 1950s led to the G-spot’s common consideration as part of the urethral sponge.

“An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra. Even when there was a good response in the entire vagina, this particular area was more easily stimulated by the finger than the other areas of the vagina.” You can read the original Gräfenberg article here.

Gräfenberg stated that in his studies, the anterior wall of the vagina consistently pressed downward during orgasm as if trying to achieve as much contact as possible with the source of stimulation (in this case, a finger.)

“It could be found in all women, far more frequently than the spastic contractions of the levator muscles of the pelvic floor which are described as objective symptoms of the female orgasm by Levine.”

Fun fact: vaginas contain erectile tissue

Gräfenberg made another very important discovery: the presence of erectile tissue in women. He found it along the anterior wall, covering the area that we now call the G-spot. Gräfenberg stated that erectile tissue found in the vagina was equivalent to the tissue surrounding the urethra in males.

Let’s stop treating the G-spot as an elusive zone of fantasy and fetish that can only be discovered by dominatrices and centaurs. Instead, we shall endeavour to explore it with patience and curiosity, listening to the body’s cues that it is – or isn’t – enjoying the process.

Where to begin

For starters, the vulva owner must let go of any expectation to squirt or have a G-spot orgasm. If there’s a partner in the picture, they need to be on board with this as well. Nothing can shut a set of genitals down faster than pressure to perform.

Next on the docket, we have water-soluble lubricant and high-quality silicone toys. Inspect prospective G-spot toys carefully. Do you see a curve? This contour is a necessity as it enables the toy to target the anterior wall of the vagina. You’ll want a toy with a broad surface area, so look for one with a wide tip. Top shelf toys will be made of dual-density silicone, thus providing a squishy tip supported by a firmer core.

Want our #1 toy recommendation?

For a G-spot vibrator that offers sensations unlike any other, check out KURVE by Hot Octopuss. KURVE is the only G-spot toy that has dual-motor Treble and Bass technology™. You read that right: KURVE HAS TWO MOTORS. This means you can dial your levels of deep, rumbly bass, and high-frequency treble to pelvic-rattling perfection.

Get a solid warm-up

We can locate the G-spot much more easily once it’s engorged. Set yourself up for success by beginning with ye olde favourite sexual activities. Plop your partner’s mouth onto your nipples. Play with a butt plug. Give your lover a sloppy blowjob.

Basically, do whatever it is that turns you on! Take your time to ensure that your erogenous zones get a thorough warm-up.

Diving In

While it varies from person to person, you can generally find the G-spot about 5cm (2 inches) inside the vagina. This complex of nerves rests within the anterior vaginal wall and can be stimulated through the tissue. Depending on how engorged it is, the spongy erectile tissue may be more or less obvious to the touch. Forget about whether your fingers can feel the walnut/orange peel/roof of the mouth texture. Instead, focus on the vulva owner’s pleasure.

I opt for a lazier – er, I mean ergonomic – alternative to the popular “come hither” gesture. Want to give it a whirl?

First, place two or three fingers inside the vagina, applying pressure toward the front wall. Second, power the movement with your entire arm (trust me, your tiny hand muscles will thank you!) Finally, slide in and out by extending and flexing from the elbow.

Toy Technique

Toys are an incredible aide, as they can reach angles that seem impossible when we’re playing solo. They also provide relief for tender hands and wrists. Stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina with small strokes pressing toward the front of the body. Vulva owners may desire anywhere from a feather-light touch to a voracious, digging-for-gold type pressure. Check in with your partner to see if they want more, less, or something entirely different.

Want an advanced technique? If so, consider applying opposing pressure by pushing down with your other hand on the pubic mound. This presses the G-spot into deeper contact with the inserted hand/toy. Do not be alarmed if your partner feels like they need to pee! This is a normal response and if they’re open to riding it out, copious amounts of pleasure can follow.

Throw in some bells and whistles

Don’t expect G-spot stimulation to lead to orgasm on its own. Pair it with other favourite forms of pleasure. Butt plugs, nipple clamps, or a clitoral vibrator can provide that little something extra needed to bring G-spot arousal to its fullest expression.

What about squirting?

While we shouldn’t pressure or expect it, orgasms and even squirting often accompany G-spot stimulation. This is unique not only to each woman but to each sexual encounter. If the vulva owner is feeling inhibited, invite them to try a blindfold or close their eyes. Reassure them that it’s okay to fantasize about anything they want.

They may want you to talk dirty to them, pinch their nipples, or spit in their mouth. Inhibitions have no place here! The vulva owner should feel perfectly welcome to buck, grind, scream, or growl. Release is the keystone of female ejaculation. Want to learn more about squirting? Check out our article WAP: The Eighth Wonder Of The World.

About those unicorn kitties

Whether old fogies in lab coats agree what it’s made of, millions of satisfied vulva owners will tell you: the G-spot most definitely exists. Remember its namesake, Dr Gräfenberg? He found the spongy pad of erectile tissue in every single woman he studied!

Let’s not treat our bodies or our partners like they’re an exotic mystery. They’re unique and wonderous beings with intelligence, agency, and most importantly, the ability to communicate.

Tell us your naughty stories!##

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