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6 Best Christmas Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Festive Season

8 December 2021

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So it’s that wonderful time of the year! A time when the world is adorned with Christmas lights, intimate settings, gifts, and all kinds of love and good cheer.

And speaking of gifts, we all know that the best things in life are free… so why not shower yourself (and your lover) with a handful of orgasms? You know, to boost levels of happiness with all of the happy hormones that they bring?

Which is why we’re going to be focusing on Christmas sex! How does it differ from sex any other time of the year? Well, there are actually a few cheeky Christmas sex positions that are dedicated to this magical time of the year!

Not just that, but for some, the holidays can bring about feelings of stress or pressure. So, to alleviate some of that end-of-year burnout and to put a pep in your step, let’s journey through some of the best Christmas sex positions to make this a festive season you’ll never forget.

But first...

How Does Holiday Pressure Affect Your Sex Drive?

Because Christmas is at the very end of the year, it’s common for some to feel somewhat stressed and slightly burned out. It’s a moment where people are worried about their work performance, perhaps they’ve been putting in a lot of hours at the office throughout the year, and then there’s the added pressure of having to buy gifts for people, and plan a Christmas day event with friends and/or family.

All of these things can negatively affect your libido, for sure, as the stress hormone, cortisol, has the power to suppress your sex hormones, basically lowering your sex drive.

Then, of course there’s the fact that Christmas is a time for celebration! All that socialising, eggnog, and other alcoholic beverages can make you feel depleted of energy as well as dehydrated—a culprit when it comes to producing natural lubrication, getting an erection, and reaching orgasm. Our advice? Celebrate everything in moderation so that you can have tons of delicious Christmas sex!

And what about Christmas meals! We all know the feeling of having to undo a button or two because the spread of food and desserts is just too decadent not to indulge in! But eating too much can directly affect how you feel about your body! If you’re not feeling very sexy or confident in your body, and/or feel too full to perform…

Well, let’s just say that not all hope is lost! By having a peek at our six Christmas sex positions, we’re sure that you’ll be more than excited to hop-to, ensuring that you’re on the naughty list!

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Here are the 6 Christmas Sex Positions to Put You on the Naughty List

Position Number 1: Santa’s Little Helper

This sneaky little position isn’t about penetration! In fact, it’s a way in which to tease your partner. Like a bit of foreplay to get those engines revving for the main event later on. To do this Christmas sex position, simply have one partner sit with their legs spread, while the other sits on their lap with their face away from theirs. In this way, you can enjoy some over-the-pants rubbing and grinding, and perhaps even let out a few wishes you have for Santa this Christmas!

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Position Number 2: The Sleigh Ride

Ride that sleigh with your lover to enjoy an erotic and quiet sex position this Christmas. To do it, simply place some pillows on the floor, and allow one partner to kneel on all fours, resting their upper body on the pillows. The giver of penetration will then grab their partner’s legs so that they’re resting comfortably on either side of their hips. This is a fabulous Christmas sex position as it’s perfect for a quicky, allowing for deep penetration and intense orgasms.

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Position Number 3: Rudolph Leads the Way

Allow the receiver of penetration (aka Rudolph) to take the lead by having them sit on all fours with their legs together. The giver will then put their feet outside of the receiver’s legs (around the area of their bent knees), resting their hands on their waist or shoulders. It’s kind of like doggy style, but with the added twist that it allows sexy Rudolph to take you on all kinds of fun joyrides.

Position Number 4: Jingle Balls

You guessed it! This Christmas sex position involves balls! You can enjoy it by starting in the cowgirl position and then grabbing a bit of lube to reach back for your partner’s balls whilst straddling them. Or, if you fancy, you could use one of your favourite vibrators, like a magic wand, to create even more of a festive buzz.

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Position Number 5: The Ultimate Unwrapping of a Blissful Christmas Gift

Take advantage of all of the Christmas-themed sexy outfits and lingerie, and allow your partner to unwrap you sensually, just like the best Christmas gift ever. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could grab a few bows and ribbons to cover your naughty bits, and truly give your partner a gift they’ll feel entirely aroused to unwrap. Remember to go slow, and enjoy this act of foreplay before being so turned on that you simply must have each other then and there.

Position Number 6: The Stocking Stuffer

Yes, it is as naughty as it sounds. And when you practice it, let’s just say that a certain someone’s G-spot will be stimulated intensely as it involves deep and incredible penetration. To do the stocking stuffer, go for the missionary position, then have one partner put their legs up over their lover’s shoulders. (If this is difficult, try using some pillows as a prop). By doing this, the giver of penetration is at a perfect angle to hit this sweet spot with absolute ease, resulting in euphoric G-spot orgasms!

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Sex Toys to Enhance Your Christmas Sex Sessions

And now that you’ve got six erotic Christmas sex positions to try, you could add a few extra trimmings to make it an even sexier affair. A sex toy or two, perhaps? Hot Octopuss's sale is on.

What toy would you like out of Santa's big sack?

For couples playing this Christmas

Pulse Duo Lux is brimming with sexual energy, and is a pleasure product worn by him and enjoyed by both. It comes with two wearable remotes, which means that everyone can get in on controlling the action, and has a dedicated Turbo button to really create stimulation that’s otherworldly. It’s also waterproof, so you can have all the festive fun you crave in the bath or shower!

The Christmas sale is now on.

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For Penis Owners

If you’re playing solo this Christmas, we have a handful of masturbation toys to make your toes curl!

Pulse Solo Interactive is an award-winning Guybrator from Hot Octopuss that gives you the power to bask in delicious orgasms, 100% hands-free! Say goodbye to stroking, and hello to incredible pulsations, vibrations, and oscillations for a whirlwind of sexual adventure.

You may also adore JETT, another hands-free orgasm inducer for him that uses patented Treble and Bass Technology. JETT comes with a remote control, so you could use it for solo play or partnered fun, and allows you to customise your favourite settings for even racier play.

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For Vulva Owners

We’re sure that KURVE will be your new best pleasure product. This G-spot vibrator has two motors for even more ecstasy, and uses Treble and Bass Technology which provides you with seemingly endless customisations. KURVE also has a soft gel tip with a broad surface area to really hit your sweet spot effortlessly.

Quote - Kurve - wife called it explosive

Or how about taking a little peek at DiGiT, a finger vibrator that’s perfect for on-the-go solo pleasure, and versatile enough to enjoy in a multitude of different ways. Enjoy it alone or with a partner during foreplay, and take full advantage of its large rumbly motor that has five powerful vibration levels.

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And for those who seek subtle yet orgasmic stimulation, the AMO Bullet Vibrator is petite yet powerful, giving off rumbly and deep vibrations. It’s also been designed sensually to compliment your body’s curves, proving that dynamite does indeed come in small packages.

So, are you ready to melt all the worries and stressors away from the past year with some seriously saucy, sassy, and seductive Christmas sex positions and pleasure products? Go on, you deserve it!

Christmas sale is now on.

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