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Pleasure Rebels

24 November 2021

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Give bad sex the finger

We are proud to introduce the Pleasure Rebels a podcast sponsored by Hot Octopuss.

Pleasure Rebels is the sex positive podcast for the rebels of the world! Talking all things sex, disability, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, fat pride, senior sex and SHAME-SMASHING sex! Pleasure Rebels is here to ensure you are having your best sex! Talking best sex, worst sex and everything in between!

Join host Kelly Gordon and the ‘Rebels’ for advice, interviews, laughs and information that will revolutionise your approach to pleasure.

New shows released every Wednesday.

Speed Dating & Singles Clubs with Sarah Payne

Are you curious about speed dating? Sarah Payne of SpeedDater, the #1 Site in the UK for Speed Dating and Singles Events, shines a light into the Speed Dating & Singles events that are happening all around the UK. Sarah discusses how SpeedDater works in general and why she thinks speed dating is the BEST way to meet someone.

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Submission & Disability with Storme Toolis

Storme Toolis is back with the Rebels to discuss what she absolutely loves about submission! Kelly & Storme talk all about safety, play preferences, affirmations, bratty behavior and what's so fun about pushing the line between pleasure and pain.


From Teacher to Porn Star to Sex Educator with Dee Siren

Have you ever had a near death experience? How has that shaped your outlook on life - and sex? CEO of Siren XXX Studios & Certified Sex Educator Dee Siren joins Kelly & the Rebels to discuss how a near death experience & rehabilitation from multiple surgeries affected her porn career and how that pushed her to transition from adult entertainment to sex education.


Personal Health Budget and Sexual Expression with Jennie Williams

What is a Personal Health Budget and what can be purchased with it? In congruence with Hot Octopuss' Personal Budget Campaign, Founder & CEO of Enhance the UK Jennie Williams speaks with Kelly and the Pleasure Rebels of the importance of sexual expression within the disability space! Kelly expands on Hot Octopuss' campaign to bring pleasure to every BODY and how you can use your Personal Health Budget to write off sex toys as an essential sex aid!


Boundaries & Sex Work with Alec Hardy

Have you had trouble expressing your boundaries when it comes to sex & relationships? You are not alone! Alec Hardy guests with the Rebels this week to discuss his own personal journey with boundaries & sex work and how that led him to become more open in his personal relationships as well.


How to Give Your Best B*****b with Queen P

What are some top tips for giving your best b*****b? How do you master the art of deep throating? Sex blogger and in-house sex tip guru Paigge Gilbert (aka Queen P) joins the Rebels today to discuss all this & more!


Your Best Sex is Ahead of You! With Susan Bratton

Did you know that your best sex is yet to cum? How might sexuality be ageless? Susan Bratton joins the Pleasure Rebels to answer all this and more! Susan speaks on expanded & extended orgasms, orgasm techniques, new realms of pleasure and the key fundamentals for making love to a sexy older woman!


Disability and Sex Work with Beaver Meadow

What are some misconceptions around being a sex worker that works with disabled people? What is partner surrogacy and why is for people with disabilities to experience intimacy and loving touch? Conscious Sex Worker Beaver Meadow guests on Pleasure Rebels this week to discuss all this and more!


Love Your P (for Penis Owners) with Cam Fraser

Australia’s Leading Men’s Sex Coach Cam Fraser joins Pleasure Rebels to bust some myths for penis owning individuals - the grower vs shower, what the average penis looks like, what the curve of the a penis might be caused by, if daily orgasms lead to a lower sperm count.


Wheels and Toys with Makgosi Letimlie

Makgosi Letimlie, founder of Wheels N Toys, seeks to bring pleasure to the masses! Makgosi shares how orgasms and the use of sex toys has helped with incontinence, improved her confidence and aided in pelvic floor strength! She also shares her dreams for Wheels N Toys - for every toy purchased from the site, a toy will be gifted to a disabled woman in Africa, free of charge!


Pleasure Rebels Live at Naidex!

The Pleasure Rebels are live at Naidex UK 2021! Kelly Gordon is joined by Asta Philpot & Storme Toolis, live on the Naidex stage, spreading the message that disabled people like to have sex and deserve pleasure! Kelly aims to raise awareness while answering questions from Pleasure Rebel fans about sex, dating & disability.


Sex Tech & The VDOM with Glenise Kinard-Moore

What do you know about prosthetic devices in relation to sex? Glenise Kinard-Moore, inventor of the lifestyle product the VDOM, explains how she moved from cyber security to developing the world’s first ever prostheic genital device - the VDOM. From concrete dildos to prosthetic penises, Kelly & Glenise discuss the evolution of the sex tech, how representation has progressed in the industry and what they would like to see changed.


Bringing the Sex to Naidex with Kelly Gordon

Hot Octopuss will be the first sex toy company at the Naidex convention! Kelly drives home Hot Octopuss’ mission of inclusivity and how incorporating sex into the disability lifestyle is essential in this day and age. Kelly answers listeners’ questions around how to navigate disabilities in sex & new relationships and tells us about her best & worst sex!


There Is No Such Thing As A Slut with Emilie Lavinia

Where did the word slut come from? Why aren't cis-men subjected to the word slut? And how has education around sex & boundaries changed throughout the recent years? Emilie Lavinia, of EKHO Wellbeing, joins the Pleasure Rebels to reclaim the word "slut" and discuss how it was used to classify women's sexuality, and dismantle this lexicon that has no place in our society now!


All Things Anal with Amp from Watts the Safeword

Pup Amp from Watts the Safeword joins Pleasure Rebels to talk All Things Anal for the celebratory month of Anal August! Amp shares his first experiences with anal penetration as well as his journey creating sex education from a queer perspective. Amp & Kelly bust major anal myths and give tons of tips for cleaning, and easing into your first anal experience!


Prostate Stimulation 101 with Forrest Andrews

Forrest Andrews, Product Development Manager for Aneros, guests on Pleasure Rebels this week to celebrate Anal August! Everything from the history of prostate massage to proper cleaning procedures to techniques & benefits of prostate stimulation, Forrest shares tons of information on the wonder that is the prostate!


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