All About PULSE SOLO INTERACIVE: Hot Octopuss’s Mind-blowing App-controlled New Sex Toy

By Adam Rouge | 10 January 2022

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When you've already made some of the world's most powerful penis vibrators, what do you do next? There are several possibilities but arguably the most interesting is heading towards app controlled sex toys. That's what Hot Octopuss has decided to do with the new PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE, a bluetooth hands-free penis vibrator. This penis vibrator makes long distance remote control and adult content sync easier than ever.

What is an App-Controlled Sex Toy?

App controlled sex toys are those that use smart technology such as bluetooth or wifi to connect to the internet and provide enhanced capabilities. Two features this allows for is syncing a toy’s vibration motor to adult content or giving a long distance partner the ability to remote control the toy from a far away. The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE does both of these things and it also still has the manual control options that have been available with Pulse toys for years.

Ever since Covid hit, people have been curious about new mobile controlled sex toys that can allow them to share intimate moments with other people who aren’t even in the same country as them. Long distance sex toys were a lifeline to couples who lived far apart during the pandemic but now that the idea has been dropped, it has continued to flourish. Now there are even people who connect with consenting strangers to control each other's toys and also cam-performers who offer control of their toys to viewers in return for good ol' cash.

In short, app controlled sex toys are the new generation of sex toys; those which utilise the power of the internet to open up all of the possibilities that connected technology offers. Maybe one day we'll be using voice commands to beg an AI computer to reactivate the vibrator strapped to our leg. Dystopia? Utopia? You decide... but the future is coming and it's coming a lot.


The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE is currently the most intense bluetooth hands-free penis vibrator available. When partnered with the FeelConnect 3 app (available on Android and iOS), the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE can very quickly and easily sync to adult content or connect to a remote partner. This is all about bringing the massive vibration power that the Pulse is known for to the World of smart sex toys.

With one hour of battery life, app capabilities, a motor that runs at a crazily intense level of 4,450rpm, a turbo mode, 8 vibration speeds, 6 vibration modes and waterproofing... there isn't a lot you can't do with the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE.

The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE also gives gay couples a way to play together with paired toys. For example, it's relatively difficult to find decent double-ended masturbators for gay couples to enjoy together, so having dual remote control vibrators and the ability to sync to adult content simultaneously could be a real game-changer. You could even play a game of who comes first... you should definitely do that.


The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE uses the low-energy consuming bluetooth protocol to connect itself to a bluetooth enabled phone or tablet via the FeelConnect 3 app. After the bluetooth connection is established, the phone/tablet’s internet connection makes it possible to connect the toy to both interactive porn and remote partners.

If that all sounds like jargon, fear not because in use this toy is very simple. The simple explanation is, switch it on, download the app, click some buttons and enjoy the interactive features.

What is interactive porn?

By now you'll probably be wanting to hear more about the porn. That's cool, let's talk about the porn.

Interactive porn is adult content that has been coupled with something known as a FunScript. Basically, after some porn videos have been made, companies create movement / haptic scripts that imitate what is happening on screen in the adult content. The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE is a bluetooth hands-free vibrator, so it uses the intensity of the vibration motor to mirror the thrusting seen on screen. It is the FunScripts of the interactive videos that tell the vibration motor what to do.

Some interactive porn websites also support VR headsets like the Oculus Rift for you to really feel like you're in the video... just be sure to lock your bedroom door first!

Where can you watch interactive porn?

Two platforms that offer videos for the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE are PornHub (free) and FeelXVideos (premium). Websites that support the FeelConnect 3 app and Kiiroo products can usually support the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE, but it's always best to ask before buying subscriptions. PornHub actually has a decent selection of interactive videos considering there is no cost involved. Before going for a premium adult content provider like FeelXVideos, check reviews first to avoid disappointment.

The one thing some people complain about with interactive porn at the moment is that it's a bit vanilla. Each day there is more interactive porn available though... you know how it is, the technological advance comes first and then the porn arrives just afterwards. If you already like good, standard vanilla porn then you're already in for a treat. If you're a kinky, chain slinging, leather whip sporting kind of individual, you may not find as much to your taste.

Connecting the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE to a porn website takes seconds. When you have a compatible website or video in front of you, it will give you a QR code. Then you simply open the FeelConnect 3 app and use the camera on your device to scan the QR code. There is a short video on this page, where you can see how fast this process really is (the video of it connecting is about halfway through).

How does vibration sync work and why is it better than automatic stroking?

Let's face it, having a sex toy mimic the actions of on-screen adult content is thrilling. How can a vibrator mimic thrusting though and why would it be better than a stroking machine?

The way that vibration works when syncing to adult content is via clever manipulation of the intensity control of the toy (in this case the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE). When you see someone thrust inwards on the screen, you might feel a sudden and sharp increase in intensity from the vibration motor. When someone pulls backwards, you may feel a more subtle sharp vibration. Whether you're watching penetrative sex, a blowjob or a hand job, the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE is capable of delivering matching vibration waves to your penis. Each adult entertainment provider will produce their own scripts, so the only limit is the imagination.

So why is automatic vibration better than automatic stroking?

Auto-strokers are good but having a synced penis vibrator is better. To begin to understand why let's consider how a porn video plays out. Usually, for the first five minutes, there's some questionable acting followed by a slow build-up. Sometimes when the porn directors feel very inspired, these introductions can last 10 or more minutes. If you're waiting for the masturbator on an auto-stroker to begin moving, your penis may no longer be ready by the time it starts. What's more, the lube you so generously rubbed on your member will very likely now be dry.

Penis length is also an issue when it comes to auto-strokers. You can be too long, short or even too thick. Imagine being in the middle of a porn video and then the stroker goes so high that it leaves your John Thomas behind... it'd be frustrating. Equally frustrating is the fact that someone with a longer penis may never feel the beginning of their penis sleeve when they're hooked up to their auto-stroker. Some auto-strokers have better features than others but they are all affected by penis length.

The Pulse toys by Hot Octopuss have become favoured because of the amount of thought behind their design. You don't need an erection to be stimulated by the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE and it doesn't matter how long or short your penis is. The open ring design of the penis holder means that the toy supports a wide range of penis girths, so it's unlikely that size will be an issue with this toy. The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE is also more portable and WAY easier to clean than a masturbation sleeve. Have you ever waited 24 hours for a masturbation sleeve to dry? Those of us that have really appreciate the facility of cleaning and drying this mobile controlled sex toy.

So why is the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE better than interactive auto-strokers? Because it's easier to use, you don't need to be erect, it's compatible with more penises, it's far easier to clean and you can take it anywhere very easily because of its small size.

Gay couples can order a duo pack of penis vibes

The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE has "solo" in the name but there's no reason why you can't use this product as a duo. Hot Octopuss has two different options for gay couples who want to order two PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE units to play with together. If you live together you could order the toys to arrive at the same address but if you live in separate addresses, you can have one delivered to each. Using the FeelConnect 3 app, you'll be able to control each other's toys from far away or even watch a steamy film together while enjoying the same vibrations. You can even do long distance orgasm control and denial if you're feeling extra devious.

My personal experience with this remote sex toy

In my own independent review of the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE, I called it "the best toy I've tested for the penis in 2021" and I really mean that. When I was sent the Solo Interactive, I was actually a little worried about the decision to make the Pulse a hands-free bluetooth smart sex toy. The reason I worried stemmed from the fact that often when I receive app controlled toys, they frustrate the living hell out of me because of their overcomplexity. I'm happy to report that the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE didn't do that and that it's very easy to use in comparison with other mobile controlled sex toys.

The Solo Interactive is an absolute joy to use with mind-blowing effects again and again. It's so damn easy. I just pull it out of my bedroom drawer, sync it up to a website of sin and temptation, then I'm away in masturbation land... two minutes is all I need to set the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE up. It's the most fun I've had with a sex toy for a while... and I've tested at least 46 toys this year.


The PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE is just as powerful as the Pulse Solo Lux. The question you should ask yourself is, do you need the app control of the interactive model? The price difference between the two models is modest but if you will only ever need to control the toy from a short distance, the remote control that comes with the Solo Lux might actually be enough for you. Can you really turn down the porn sync capabilities though?


  • It syncs to porn dude...

  • Most powerful interactive penis vibrator currently available on the market.

  • A great alternative to interactive masturbators.

  • More portable than interactive auto-strokers.

  • Easier to clean than auto-stokers.

  • Compatible with both Androids and iPhones.

  • A good alternative to auto-strokers for people who can’t get erections or those who suffer with conditions like phimosis (tight foreskin).

  • A great app controlled sex toy for gay couples who want to play from a long distance.

  • The slider on the phone app is a really fun new way to control the Pulse.


  • It might make you dedicate even more time to masturbation because it's that good.

  • Battery lasts one hour and takes three hours to recharge... so don't forget to put it on charge after use.

  • There's no model with a clit vibrator on the other side (eg, like the Pulse Duo Lux).

  • It has no physical remote like the Pulse Solo Lux and Duo Lux (it has an app to do remote control instead).

Overall, I really like this toy and fully recommend it!!

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