JETT vs PULSE – Which Do I Choose?

15 September 2021

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With so many options available, it oftens feels impossible to choose anything these days. Even when narrowing the field down to sextoys. And further by trying to pick the right one for the penis-equipped.

Don’t despair, though. Because I’m here to lend my (ahem) experience with penis vibrators. All to hopefully make your own shopping decisions a little bit easier.

And I can narrow the scope down still more by comparing two excellent penis vibrators. As both PULSE and JETT are gosh-darned close to the pinnacle of sextoy innovation. Not to mention they are all kinds of sexy fun to use!

Say hello to frenulum vibrators

Penis-pleasing toys basically boil down to two types. The first are masturbation sleeves. These are tubes one inserts oneself into (you may have seen them shaped as flashlights or having prosthetic mouths/vulvas/buttcheeks around the opening.) Now these can be great, but personally I find them a bit one-note–plus they require an erection to use, which almost no penis-owner can guarantee 100% of the time.

I say this because the other type, frenulum vibrators, offer a wider range of stimulation. Including the option for orgasms with the press of a button. Something an insertable toy doesn’t provide.

Oh, in case you’re wondering. The frenulum is the term for the band of tissue under the head of the penis. And frequently, an extremely sensitive piece of sexual real estate too.


PULSE and JETT toys are as different as different can be. At least at first glance. Yet, they are both excellent examples of frenulum vibrators done right.

And a large part of this is the delightful laundry list f benefits they offer. For instance, neither toy requires the user to be erect. This allows the user to focus on their pleasure, instead of trying to perform.

The fun doesn’t stop there. PULSE and JETT equally free users from needing to stroke themselves. Unless, of course, they want to. This freedom is again why I think frenulum vibrators are better than other kinds.

And for those capable of doing so, their superb designs can be ideal for a hands-free orgasm. Get comfy with either JETT or PULSE. Switch on their high-quality motors. Then cycle through their various settings, and voila, here comes your glorious coming!

What Makes JETT Unique

In all my years’ test driving sex toys, I’ve never seen anything quite like JETT. This is not a bad thing. It means the folx at Hot Octopuss have thought far beyond the usual designs. The result is a marvelous toy.

Unlike other toys, JETT’s sensations are customizable. Is using both the Treble and Bass bullets too much? Then try JETT with a single one. Similarly, if one doesn’t cut it, then ramp the vibrations with two.

And what those vibrations are is fantastic. Gloriously powerful, their motors deliver intense and arousing treble and rumbly bass notes to your fun bits.

What Makes PULSE Unique

And now I get to lavish praise on PULSE. The other fine frenulum plaything from Hot Octopuss. And, wow, is it very fine, indeed!

More than even JETT, PULSE frees users from having to be erect. As someone who’s “a certain age,” this is excellent news. Because you can have copious amounts of fun with it. No matter what your penis will or won’t easily do.

PULSE is flexible in a different way than JETT

For PULSE, this is in how you rotate it. Slide it up and down the shaft. Combine it with manual stimulation. Or have a partner join in on the fun.

All while enjoying its lusciously powerful interior. And its wide range of built-in patterns and intensities. I’d also like to mention others in its line, like the PULSE SOLO LUX, which comes with a wireless remote. Or the PULSE DUO LUX, which is packaged with two remotes so someone else can play along.

The tech is what makes PULSE feel oh-so different from other toys

PULSE is the only line of penis toys that features PulsePlate™ technology, which oscillates rather than vibrates. Typically, vibrators do that and only that. But not with PULSE, as it (you guessed it) pulses instead of buzzing.

For me, this gives the toy a powerful and more lifelike feel. Though, I wouldn’t say it was like sex with a person–PULSE delivers a much broader range of erotic sensations than that!

Which one is best?

Comparing PULSE and JETT is like trying to say which is better: apples or oranges? And like those flavorful fruits, each of these Hot Octopuss toys is tasty. But mostly sexy.

The best thing, then, is to say it all depends. As in, on what you’re looking for in a sextoy.

If you love high-precision stimulation and the tightness of cock rings...

...then JETT’s right for you.

Prefer thumping rather than vibing?

Look no further than PULSE.

Both JETT and the Lux versions of PULSE include a remote (or two!) so your partner can literally have your orgasm at their fingertips.

So here are two well-engineered, high-quality constructed sexual playthings. And it’s up to you, and what you enjoy, to decide.

But no matter if you pick the JETT or the PULSE, you’re going to have a wonderful time!

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