G-Spot Toys: Should I Buy One For My Partner?

14 September 2021

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What are G-spot toys?

G-spot toys take the form of both dildos and vibrators that are designed to stimulate the sensitive area on the frontal wall of the vagina. Some do this through contour, some through vibrations, and the best toys do this through both. Wondering if you should buy G-spot toys for your partner? First, we’ll tackle the why-nots.

Let’s bust some myths.

Myth #1: If my partner uses sex toys it means I’m not doing a good enough job.

Wrong! If we could quantify the amount of wrong-ness to a myth, this one would score the highest, BY FAR. The entire assumption is based on thinking that vulva owners should have orgasms from PIV sex alone and that if they don’t, something is wrong with either or both of you. This kind of reasoning is harmful to both you and your partner.

Let’s say “farewell forever” to this small, disempowered, and reductive perspective on sexual pleasure.

Truth: If your partner is communicating that they would like to use sex toys, that is a good thing! If you are curious about using sex toys on your partner, that is also a good thing! Both of these scenarios evidence an openness to communication, a degree of trust, and a desire to experience greater pleasure together. As a couple, you deserve a gold star.

Myth #2: If the toy is bigger than my cock she won’t want me anymore.

Truth: Nope. If you find the perfect Phillips-head screwdriver, will you throw all your Flat-heads in the trash? Certainly not! It’s a simple case of using the right tool for the right job.

Myth #3: She’ll become addicted to it.

Truth: While internet rumours abound, most medical professionals agree that one cannot become truly addicted to a vibrator. According to Nicoletta Heidegger, a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles, “there is no empirical data to support the claim that you can become physiologically or biologically addicted to a sex toy.” If you want to dig deeper, check out this article.

You can also opt for using your common sense: sex toys can vibrate. Humans do not. Human intimacy, physical contact, passion and emotional presence cannot be replaced by an object.

Myth #4: She’ll lose sensitivity.

Truth: science says no. While some vulva owners report temporary numbness after using a vibrator, there is no evidence of long-term nerve damage.

Myth #5: What if it’s a gateway to freakdom? Next thing you know she’ll want me crawling a latex catsuit and licking her boots.

Truth: Probably not, but either way, so what? I would liken this fear to the attitude of the unfortunate film “Reefer Madness.” It’s irrational at best.

If your partner wants you to wear latex and lick her boots, that desire’s going to be there whether or not you use sex toys. Chances are, she’ll remain as vanilla ever, but with more body confidence and satisfaction. If a vibrator does become Pandora’s box of sexual deviance, show support by celebrating your partner’s exciting new chapter of discovery.

How can you tell if your partner will like G-spot toys?

Indicator #1: She wants to have multiple orgasms.

Has your partner expressed a desire to have multiple orgasms? Maybe she climaxes reliably with clitoral stimulation but is too sensitive to dive in for round two from the same area. G-spot vibrators can be the perfect solution.

Indicator #2: She wants to squirt.

Have you noticed during hand sex that your partner becomes particularly juicy and swollen, even making extra-large puddles on the bed? Or maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes her sexual fluids have a distinct change in viscosity, becoming thin, transparent, and slippery-er.

These are signs that your partner is well on her way to squirting. If she has expressed an interest in exploring this further, you’ll 100% want to look into G-spot toys.

Indicator #3: She LOVES oral sex.

Chances are if your partner is a huge fan of cunnilingus, you’re probably also using your hands. High-five! (<– That’s a joke. You should wash your hands first.)

If you’re using your hands while giving her oral sex, then you are likely familiar with her G-spot (whether you know it or not.) Does the inside of her vagina seem to press down toward your fingers, or become squishier and squeezie-er? Ah ha. These are telltale signs that her G-spot is a big fan of that wicked little thing you do.

If you’re giving her as much oral sex as she really wants, your hands are probably getting tired. You wouldn’t want her to stop because she feels bad for your widdle hand muscles would you? G-spot toys are here to save the day and make you look like the sex god you really are.

Indicator #4: She doesn’t like clitoral vibrators.

Believe it or not, a fair amount of women are too sensitive for clitoral vibrators. Either this style of stimulation makes them come too quickly, or it just downright hurts.

And yet, they have an inkling that vibration would be a nice addition to playtime. If only it wasn’t on their clit.

Cue trumpets and fanfare... presenting, KURVE by Hot Octopuss! This toy has TWO motors, one of which provides deep, rumbly (not buzzy) vibes. Besides offering a different sensation, the contours of this toy make it possible to apply the vibrations internally, targeting the frontal wall of the vagina. This will give her a full, earthquake-esque feeling that rattles her entire pelvic bowl.

Let her know that if she has a sensitive clit, she hasn’t been left out of the world of sex toys. And heroic-ass you are going to be her helpful tour guide.

Indicator #5: I have ED and am looking for new ways to satisfy her.

Erectile Dysfunction is perhaps the most common sex challenge for men. With products like PULSE and JETT (every dick needs a jet pack), we’ve developed some truly revolutionary options for men with ED to still get their rocks off.

But what about their partners?

For many vulva owners, G-spot stimulation is the key to ensuring that they are sexually satisfied. With a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, you may be surprised at how easy it is to give her the best orgasms of her life. Having the right toys will give you a major advantage.

How to pick out the best G-spot toy for your partner

There are five main things that you’ll need to consider when picking out the very best G-spot toy for your partner. Getting a handle on these elements will help you cut through all the crap out there and confidently select the secret weapon that’s going to make her pants vanish into thin air.

  1. Contour: All G-spot toys must be contoured. This enables them to target the anterior wall of the vagina, inside of which lies the G-spot. The ideal shape has a broad tip, which increases the surface area for maximum G-spot stimulation.
  2. Material: High-quality silicone is an absolute must. Strange plastics and “jelly” style toys, can contain phthalates, which are toxic and therefore deeply unsexy. The best toys will have a dual-density structure, with a squishy tip that is supported by a firmer core.
  3. Power source: Who wants to fumble with batteries in the dark or run to the convenience store mid-fuck because their toy died? Not you. Whenever you can, select toys that are rechargeable.
  4. Button size and location: Who cares how many settings the toy has if the buttons are impossible to feel in the dark, or press when your fingers are covered in lube? Look for big buttons that you can navigate by feel.
  5. Motors: It’s better to have a vibration feature and not need it, then does not have a vibration feature when she really wants it. When in doubt, buy a vibrator. You can always turn it off and use it as a dildo if she wants a break.

On that note, not all bullets are made equal! Unless the product you’re looking at boasts of its engineering, chances are the manufacturers put the cheapest bullet possible inside their toy resulting in a buzzy, and often weak vibration. KURVE by Hot Octopuss, on the other hand, is the only G-spot vibrator that features Treble and Bass Technology. That means it has TWO independently adjustable motors! The treble motor provides high-frequency vibrations while the bass motor delivers deeply penetrative rumbling sensations.


If your partner is expressing an interest in exploring G-spot stimulation, this is a cause for celebration! Remember that a toy can never replace you. It can only make you look like an all-powerful, highly fuckable, sex wizard (win!)

Do some online window shopping together, and pay attention to what piques her interest. Then, if you do decide to gift her vibrator for Valentine’s Day, the surprise will be most welcome.

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