How To Buy A Sex Toy For Your Partner: Part 2

14 September 2021

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Back by popular demand, and right in time for the world’s favorite love-centered holiday: How to Buy a Sex Toy for Your Partner, Part Deux! We received some awesome feedback for Part One, so let’s get back in the spirit of bringing your partner pleasure via sex toys.

A coupled reader says the article helped them let go of preconceived notions around their partner’s pleasure:

“When you’re buying a toy as a gift for a partner, you have to let go of your preconceptions around their pleasure and how they engage with it. It has to be about them and what they want, regardless of what you think they want.”

The same reader explained more about starting a dialogue around toys with their partner, “Coming together (pun fully intended) and creating a discourse about our sexual pleasure and desires relaxed us both around our new relationship, the sex we were having, and the toys we wanted to use.”

How Sex Toys Can Improve Your Relationship

Some women are unable to orgasm from penetration alone, others have never experienced an orgasm at all. While orgasms shouldn’t be the goal of your playtime, they certainly are amazing and should be experienced by those who want them! Sex toys can aid in accessible pleasure and help take some of the pressure off of the penis-owner to get the job done by themselves.

Vibrators and sex toys alike can also help all humxns find out where their erogenous zones are what feels good to them. There can be some shame or guilt when the topic of sex toys comes up, so tread lightly and make it a fun experience for both of you! Shop online together, ask playful questions when in the bedroom, and don’t expect anything of your partner. Bringing up sex toys in your relationship may be an uncomfortable subject at first but it will eventually bring you and your partner closer together and ultimately lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

Vibrators for All

Come one, come all! There is a vibrator out there for everyone! Do you know what kind of stimulation your partner prefers? Finding the right sex toy for your partner might require you to dig a little deeper. Window shop together and ask questions to find out what their preferred method of stimulation is. Whether you love a penis-owner, a vulva-owner, or someone in between, we’ve got some vibey suggestions for you:

Dig Into G-Spot Stimulation!

Our brand new G-spot vibe KURVE has some major benefits. For starters, it has our patented dual-motor Treble and Bass technology. The independently controlled motors offer the ultimate versatility in user customization. KURVE boasts ergonomic curves and dual-density silicone. Its soft gel tip provides a broad surface area and ensures the right kind of pressure just where you want it!

Show Your Clit Some Appreciation

Combine strategically placed curves that enable you to switch between pinpoint and all-encompassing vibrations, and what do you get? AMO, the bullet vibe you do not want to be without! Alternatively for couples, DiGiT is a versatile finger vibrator that’s especially suited for sex and foreplay.

Focus On The Frenulum

If you’re looking to step out of the sex toy norm and open your partner up to new sensations, JETT is the way to go. Also using our Treble & Bass technology, the JETT sits eloquently at the tip of the penis, providing the frenulum some much-needed attention.

Give Your Perineum Some Love

Perfect for solo or partner play, the ATOM Plus has dual integrated motors. This means it can deliver deep perineum stimulation as well as intense vibrations to the top of the shaft. If the perineum is uncharted territory for your partner and they want to keep it that way, try ATOM instead! ATOM has the option to position its sole motor exclusively on the shaft. Conveniently this provides clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, leading to an enhanced climax for both.

Experiment With Hands-Free Toys

Maybe your partner is ready to sit back and have the toy do all the work for them. If so, the Pulse Solo Lux fits the bill! With an easy-to-use wrist-strap remote, push power to the limits with the LUX’s dedicated Turbo button. For couples that want to enjoy rumbly vibes together, PULSE DUO LUX has two motors AND two remotes for a new combined pleasure experience!

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