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Best Penis Toys: Tips From Experts

14 September 2021

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Our customers are at the cutting edge of sex toy expertise: experimenting and playing with their PULSE SOLO or PULSE DUO then passing on their wisdom so you can get the most out of yours.

So if you’ve picked up one of the best penis toys on the market, here’s how you can level up your PULSE skills…

Best penis toys: tricks for first time use

PULSE SOLO is not like other masturbators. Let’s get that out of the way to start with. While ‘traditional’ masturbation (aka: with your hand) relies mostly on the type of stroke, grip and speed, PULSE is an entirely new experience.

More traditional masturbators try to mimic the feeling of a vagina, ass or mouth, so using them is pretty intuitive even if it’s your first time. PULSE, on the other hand, aims to give you an entirely new sensation. The oscillating PulsePlate™ on the inside of the toy sends amazing, deep vibrations through the head and shaft of your penis. But each penis is unique and responds to different intensities of vibration and pressure, in slightly different places. All the best penis toys have to take this into account, and we’re no different.

Long story short: you need to find out what works best for you. Here are some top tips from customers on how to work it out:

1. Experimentation

The PulsePlate™ is designed to sit just below the head on the underside of the penis – near the sensitive frenulum. Sensitivity in this area can vary a lot depending on your individual biology as well as whether you’re circumcised or uncircumcised. When you use PULSE for the first time, consider it an exploration session – slide PULSE up and down your penis until it feels right, squeeze the silicone wings together to test how much pressure you can handle, and use the buttons on the side of the toy to adjust the intensity of the vibrations.

2. Lube

PULSE can be used both with or without lube. Some people like putting it on and using it hands-free, in which case no lube at all, or just a tiny drop, should be perfect. If you prefer to stroke as well, we’d recommend topping up the lube and working out exactly the right amount to give you the movement you’re after, but without the friction.

Sex blogger He’s Naked explains that, although lube isn’t necessary, for him:

“I just find it is a lot more comfortable to use a bit of lubricant to reduce friction. It also makes repositioning in the toy much easier.”

3. Patience

If you’re not used to vibrations, it may come as a bit of a surprise at first so don’t panic if you don’t have an immediate orgasm. Take your time, follow our tips, and you’ll soon come to work out the technique that’s right for you. The Gritty Woman reviewed PULSE DUO with her partner, pointed out that the strong PULSE vibrations are so different from the buzzy vibrations you may have experienced with other toys, they can come as an amazing surprise:

“For males who have never experienced vibrations before (or those who have, but didn’t enjoy them), let me explain why you should consider giving the Pulse Duo a chance. See, my guy can’t orgasm using standard vibrations either. Aside from the Hot Octopuss products, the only other vibrators that reliably work for him are the mains powered magic wands (like the Doxy). The difference between these powerful wands and most other vibrators, is that the wands produce an incredibly deep, rumbling vibration that travels deep into the tissues (this is why they are good for sports massage). Hot Octopuss manage to create a similar, deep, rumbling vibration on their guybrators and these vibrations travel deep into the penis, stimulating every nerve and providing an intense, all-over stimulation. Vibrations might not be for every guy, but the Pulse Duo is designed to stimulate the penis. In other words, don’t rule it out based on a bad experience with an inferior vibrator.”

Best penis toys: advanced techniques

Once you’ve got to grips (pun intended) with your brand new dick toy, it’s time to level up. Here are some advanced tips and tricks from customers and reviewers:

– Warm up with PULSE. You don’t need to be hard to use the toy – you can slip your penis in even when you’re flaccid. Not only is this a great way to get started, it’s also perfect for people who have erectile dysfunction.

– Use your PULSE as the ultimate wearable sex toy. One of our customers emailed to tell us that he wears his PULSE SOLO around the house. Once it’s snugly on his penis, he turns the vibrations on and spices up his daily chores.

– Use your PULSE for perineal stimulation. Awesome sex toy blogger The Big Gay Review explained in his review of PULSE DUO: “when the other half straddled me, the combined feeling of the vibrations from the PulsePlate™, the additional pressure from him riding me, and then him slowly and carefully ‘grinding’ against it felt amazing.”

– Using PULSE DUO as a hand-held massager. This pleasurably vanilla tip is also from TBGR’s blog – he thinks PULSE DUO makes a useful hand-held massager if you’ve got aching muscles after a long day.

“With a good coating of lube, I used the Duo to glide over my achy thighs and calves after a long day on my feet at work – and you know what, it really helped! OK, so it wasn’t an intense deep tissue massage, but it felt really nice – I know the toy isn’t designed to be used that way, but it worked for me and if I can find an additional use, then it just makes it all the better value for money.”

Tips from the ultimate penis toy expert

Our CEO and the inventor of PULSE, Adam Lewis, has of course spent plenty of time experimenting with his PULSE, and here are his own top tips for getting the best out of your toy:

  1. “I would advise using PULSE with lubricant as a masturbator to start with. This is a little more natural than perhaps using the toy static.

  2. “PULSE works best at lower settings (the higher settings can simply make you numb)! Although it is tempting to go up the gears, I would try to refrain.

  3. “Take your time with PULSE and allow it to build slowly.

  4. “Give the toy a few goes to help get your mind and body used to the sensation. Get accustomed to the different ways you can provide pressure to yourself once you are in the toy. You might just discover the perfect spot.

  5. “I would recommend not using lube with the DUO as the toy just becomes too slippy in between partners.”

Do you have any tips for the best penis toys?

So there you have it – top tips and advice on getting the most pleasure from your PULSE. Do you have any extra tips you’d like to share? Please do share your own advice on Twitter!

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