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PULSE & Disability – How It Works

30 June 2024

Image of a female in a wheel chair, she looks to be wearing a lacy bodysuit and a man's hand is reaching out over her legs holding Pulse Sole Essential

Our Pulse range (Duo and Solo models) are the perfect products for anyone looking to expand or open up new pleasure pathways. Whether you are in a couple, or flying solo check out the information below about our PulsePlate Technology and it works for EVERY. BODY.

Unlike conventional vibrators that use an off-centered eccentric weight attached to a motor to create vibrations, PULSE uses a piston-type mechanism that causes its PulsePlate to move up and down. The technique is known as Penile Vibratory Stimulation, and this is the first time the patented technology has been used in a sex toy.

The industry-acclaimed PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL and DUO can be used to help assist unreliable erections and/or other difficulties affecting a person’s sex life, as the technology allows users to ejaculate and/or orgasm without the need for an erection. It can also be used to increase pleasure if a person has difficulties with dexterity and for those who find it difficult to hold and operate sex toys!

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Is it possible to orgasm without an erection?

Yes, someone can have an orgasm without an erection. Orgasm and erection are related but separate physiological responses. An erection involves the engorgement of the penis with blood, making it firm and erect, whereas an orgasm is characterized by intense pleasure and often involves rhythmic muscle contractions in the pelvic area.

Fun Fact: Did you know that an orgasm and ejaculation are also two separate processes?

An orgasm is a highly pleasurable pelvic muscle contraction. These muscles are sat right at the front of the pelvic floor. While ejaculation is controlled by levels of the spinal cord and consists of two main phases: emission and expulsion. Ejaculation is controlled partly by touch, thoughts or visual stimuli.

While it’s thought that orgasm and ejaculation go hand in hand, these two processes don’t always happen together, which is perfectly normal.

The power of our products

One Hot Octopuss customer gave us this feedback: “As a quadriplegic, this device has literally changed my life and given me back something I thought I had lost forever. You really do not know what that means to me.

Janice Hiller, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and psychosexual and relationship therapist at Tavistock Centre for Couples in London, said: “This product is an important adjunct for people with unreliable erections to help them resolve their sexual issues and address ongoing issues in couple relationships by helping maintain an erection.

How can PulsePlate help Disabled people?

PulsePlate Technology is based around oscillation, rather than vibration and so it is great for those who experience oversensitivity to vibration. It is a completely different sensation, so for those who aren’t sensitive to vibration at all it is something new, satisfying and stimulating.

For people who have unreliable erections our PULSE models are incredible as they work from flaccid or erect and for some (everyone is different) they can cause ejaculation from a flaccid penis!

Our Pulse Solo Interactive can be controlled by an app which is perfect for those with limited dexterity, and all Pulse models can be used completely hands-free once the unit is turned on and placed on the flaccid or already erect penis!

Hot Octopuss co-founder and designer of PULSE, Adam Lewis, said: “We’re extremely proud of PULSE DUO and SOLO ESSENTIAL as we’ve produced a truly innovative, design-led product that addresses a previously ignored sector of the marketplace. PULSE’s unique engineering and oscillating technology now offers a potentially life-changing solution for some.”

For those seeking new ways to explore pleasure Hot Octopuss has created a pioneering and thoughtful solution, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure and connection.

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