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Sex Aids For People With Mobility Issues

20 September 2021

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Sex Aids For People With Mobility Issues – At what point does a ‘sex toy’ become a ‘sex aid’? A mystery for our ages, perhaps. In fact, we’d put sex toys and sex aids in exactly the same category – they’re all things which help us have better sex.

If you have mobility issues, there are plenty of products on the market that are either specifically designed for you or which, by happy coincidence, can be used to help you enhance your sex life.

Sex aids: positioning

There’s one sex toy company that focuses almost exclusively on positioning products: Liberator. They make beautiful sex aids designed to help you get into almost any sex position. From small ‘ramps’ to larger ‘wedges’, these firm, shaped cushions are designed for support and comfort.

While Liberator positions are used by a broad range of people, they’re particularly useful if you do have mobility issues that mean it’s tricky for you to get into particular sex positions.

Check out the Liberator sex position guide to see what’s possible.

The down side of these products, of course, is price. Some Liberator wedges will set you back over £150, and sadly that’s not possible for all of us. If you want to get your karma sutra on but you have mobility issues and a tight budget, then you may want to take advice from the awesome Emily Rose Yates – a disability campaigner and sex advice expert, who consulted on this article about sex toys and disability. Emily advises you to think outside the box when it comes to positioning – using mobility aids you already have for deliciously sexy purposes…

“Any equipment you currently own can often be kinkified. Support bars, wheelchairs, bed handles – your mobility aids, as well as being handy for helping you get into a particularly comfy/hot/kinky position, can also be used for more risqué purposes.”

Sex aids for masturbation – Women

Wand toys, such as the Doxy Massager, can be great for people with mobility issues. Small toys like vibrating bullets are often difficult to manipulate, and if you struggle with dexterity then you could easily end up getting frustrated with the ‘pocket’ vibrators. Wand massagers, though, have the benefit of a large head and large buttons – so you don’t need the pinpoint accuracy.

The downside? Size and weight are, of course, an issue. However there’s nothing to say that large toys need to be handheld – toys like the Doxy can be placed on a bed or chair rather than held while you’re using them.

There are also hands-free toys which come with remote controls, if you struggle to reach the right places. PULSE DUO is a great toy for couples use, especially if you have mobility issues that mean it’s difficult to reach buttons while you’re using toys. The external vibrator on the PULSE DUO can be controlled via remote – so either you or your partner can take charge of the strength of vibrations while you’re having fun.

Sex aids for masturbation – Men

If your mobility issues make it difficult for you to masturbate, check out our masturbation tips for men with mobility issues. Options include using toys like PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, which can be placed on the penis and turned on, meaning once it’s set to running there’s no hands required!

If you’re struggling with this, don’t panic! Our intrepid PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL correspondent, Andrew Gurza, has written a fantastic first-person account of using the toy, with help from one of his carers:

“I remember feeling annoyed that the guybrator hadn’t worked for me, not because the toy itself was inaccessible, but because of all the extra requirements I had to be able to even use it. That said, I wasn’t discouraged by this experience, but rather determined to get off on my own terms using the guybrator at some point… the rush and exhilaration of self-pleasure would again be mine.”

If you’re in a similar situation and you’ve some tricks and tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Hit us up in the comments below…

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