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Why disclosing your sexual health status matters

Here’s how to have that conversation

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How To Be Sexually Confident With Scotty Unfamous And Madam Storm

Meet MSSS, the sexual happiness experts, learn some tips on sexual confidence, and find out about their exclusive online workshop.

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What’s In A Name? When It Comes To Sex, Sometimes Everything

Our regular guest blogger James Mycroft tells us why Juliet, undeniably a great lover, possibly wouldn’t have been such a brilliant shag.

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Last-Minute Sexy Gifts and Deals for a Very Merry Christmas

Here’s your chance to pick up one or more of the best sex toy deals for that special someone on your “naughty” list Ring in the New Year with orgasms galore!

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Who’s The World’s Fastest Wanker?

Today we’re welcoming the amazing vlogger DaveyWavey to the HotOctopuss blog. We gave him some PULSE SOLO ESSENTIALs and to really put them through their paces, he’s staged the PULSE Olympics! It’s a sprint to the finish line, as he challenges three friends to become the World’s Fastest Wanker…

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Sex And Mental Health Management

Can sex help you manage a mental health condition? Cherith Fuller explains how it works for her.

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Santa's Lap

Girl on the net is the queen of written and audio erotica and she is back again for our 2022 advent calendar! Who knew Christmas could be so sexy?

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Erotica Challenge – Jilly Boyd

Jilly Boyd is the latest to take up our ongoing erotica challenge, which aims to celebrate the fact that there are many different ways to enjoy sex, whatever one’s limitations or challenges.

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Reaching More Customers with Disabilities and Health Conditions

We’re putting a call out for people with disabilities and health conditions that affect their sex lives to get in touch and help us expand the ways Hot Octopuss serves them.

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How To Live With A Micropenis

What is a micropenis and how do you live with it? Gareth May interviewed Jon, who wasn’t diagnosed until age 28, and discusses the mental health impact of late diagnosis.

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How To Have Great Sex During Perimenopause

Hormonal shifts can affect your sex life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex during perimenopause and beyond. Nicci Talbot explains that it’s a great opportunity to experiment.

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Marriage And Transition: A Partner’s Perspective

Pride Month is here and it’s not just queer folx who are celebrating! Fresh from inside queer/trans/BIPOC land, I’ve bundled my best suggestions to fuel your fire for allyship and bring some sparkle into your June. Happy Pride!

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Summer Heatwave Sex Tips

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll already know that sex isn’t all about penetration.

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Is Scissoring A Thing?

Jenny Guerin is one of the lovely sex writers we've met at Eroticon, a conference for erotic creatives, writers, bloggers, photographers, and artists. So when she offered to write this piece answering one of queer life’s eternal questions, we jumped at the chance. Jenny is a sex writer and ethical porn advocate from London. You can read more on her website.

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BDSM Advice: What’s up with roleplay?

Dear Zentai - What’s up with role play?

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What Counts As A ‘Male Vibrator’?

When you look at much of the marketing around sex toys that buzz, you could easily get the mistaken impression that vibrators are exclusively for women.

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How To BDSM – Beginner’s Guide

Shakira Scott aka Scotty Unfamous shares her tips for exploring your wild side so you can live your best kinky heaux life

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When Sex Is An Extreme Sport

Here’s another great erotic and thoughtful guest post from James Mycroft – this time about a sporting injury that’s got nothing to do with running or rock climbing…

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What Is A Sex Educator?

Excellent sex educators are so important for reducing stigma around sexuality. We look in detail at this fascinating field.

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Sex Blog Memes That Will Bring You Joy

We can say with 100% confidence that if you enjoy reading our sex toy blog, you’ll love reading some of the other fantastic sex blogs dotted around the internet.

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Are Butt Plugs Normal?

I am a curious guy, and once I saw anal plugs being used in porn, not knowing if they were painful or pleasurable, I bought a couple to try out. When my wife discovered them, she was surprised that I would want to use something that was not “normal” or healthy for regular intimacy.

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Chronic Sex at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

We’ve wanted to attend Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit for a while. So this year we were chuffed to be invited to co-sponsor a day in its Bloggers’ Lounge along with friends from Doxy and Sheets of San Francisco.

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Delayed Ejaculation And Performance Anxiety

I am a 60-year-old man, married to my wife for 38 years. We enjoy being with each other and I have always been the horny one. I enjoy giving my wife oral sex ending in orgasm with the help of a vibrator.

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Horny And Menopausal? What The Research Says

Author Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS breaks down sex drive science for senior women. Warning: your doctor might be wrong.

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Sex On TV and Hands Free Masturbation

If you’ve been using your PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL for hands-free masturbation at the computer, taking advantage of the fact that you can use both of your hands to browse your chosen… ahem… material, then know that you’re not the only one.

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How To Stimulate The P-Spot For Awesome Prostate Orgasms

Prostate massage or anal pleasure during solo and shared play can be pleasurable for anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Find out absolutely everything you need to know to have awesome prostate orgasms.

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What is Cuffing Season?

Following on from drafting season, here is cuffing season

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BDSM Advice: What kind of kink can I do by myself?

Dear Zentai - I’m single. What kind of kink can I do by myself?

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Why the Sex Toy Industry Needs Queering Up

Queer it up – Here at Queers Next Door, we believe that just about everything needs queering up, especially when it comes to sex.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Coming Without An Erection?

It’s not every day you’re perusing a medical journal and you get the inspiration for a brand new sex toy. But some things just grab your attention – like the fact that there are medical tools which can induce ejaculation without the need for an erection.

woman on top of man

How Do Porn Laws Affect You?

Rule 34 of the internet states that if something exists, there will be porn of it.

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Antidepressants and the Lost Orgasm

Andrea Hubert on masturbation and antidepressants

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Joan Price Q & A

Ask out senior sexpert Joan Price a question about sex when you're older

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National Orgasm Day: 7 Unusual Tips to Help You Hit That ‘O’

National Orgasm Day is on 31st July in many countries worldwide, and we’re sure people across the UK will be eager to join in the celebrations.

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Kelly Perks-Bevington: Top Five Sex Tips for Disabled Women

These sex tips for disabled women aren’t exactly traditional, but it’s taken me the majority of my adult life to learn them, so I guess that’s quite important!

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Why We Use ‘Guybrator’ To Describe Our Dick Toys

As a team, probably one of the longest ongoing debates we’ve had is over the use of the word ‘Guybrator’. And we know that some of our customers and reviewers have thoughts on this as well.

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Can’t Keep An Erection Long Enough For Sex

At 70, I am experiencing a lessening of my ability to keep an erection throughout sex. I have tried ED meds and they don’t seem to help. Is there anything else?

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Cocks Not Glocks Highlights Weird Sex Toy Laws

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest sex toy news (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll have spotted quite a bizarre sight: students from the University of Texas in Austin have been carrying giant dildos around campus.

white underwear clad female, lay on her arched back, arms above her head

Vulva Owners’ Masturbation Myths, Tips & Black Friday Toy Deals

Vulva owners, let's debunk some popular masturbation myths and celebrate this Black Friday with some top tips & sex toy deals.

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KURVE Kegel Party G-Spot Awareness Practice Sexercise

This sexercise is developed to help strengthen your ability to access conscious awareness of your G-Spot-and develop increased muscle tone and control over your pelvic floor muscles.

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Tips For Dating A Non-Binary Person On Grindr

Thinking of dating a non-binary person? Spotted someone on Grindr or other dating app but not sure how to chat to them without getting it wrong? Ben Pechey offers some tips.

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What Is Testicular Torsion?

Adam England describes his experience with testicular torsion as a teenager, and the impact the condition had on his mental health.

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I Never Wanted to Marry Him

My husband and I married very late in life in our mid-70s, six months ago. It was my third marriage, his eighth! He equates sex with love, while I want a deeper relationship. He wants sex at least twice a day — morning and evening.

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How to Celebrate Black Friday 2023 – The Ultimate Play Party Checklist

Here are our reasons why a play party can fantastically celebrate the season, how to find or host one, things to keep in mind, and everything else you need to enjoy this giving-getting all sorts of erotic presents!

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How To Use A Hands-Free Couples’ Sex Toy

Every sex toy can be a couples sex toy if you use it right. From vibrators you use to get a bit of extra stimulation during a shag, to masturbators you watch your partner using – everything counts as a couples sex toy if your partner is up for sharing.

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Threesome Tips – How To Hook Up With A Couple For The First Time

Cherith Fuller loves being a unicorn – and after a lot of trial and error, here are her top threesome tips if you’re looking to hook up with a couple for the first time.

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Why London Is The Sexiest City In The World

Sydney is quite seductive, and Tokyo can be tantalising, but we think London is the sexiest city in the world.

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Are You Feeling Sexy During Lockdown?

Are you feeling sexy these days? Whether you’re sheltering in place with others or alone, your libido is probably feeling the effects of stress and isolation. Maybe you feel sexier than usual, or less sexy, or not at all sexy. These are all normal reactions, says Joan Price.

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Painful Sex At Menopause – What Can I Do?

Painful sex at menopause – Going through the perimenopause and menopause might mean your sex life takes a turn for the worse – but, says Dr Louise Newson, it really doesn’t have to.

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International Fetish Day: Everything You Need To Know

Happy International Fetish Day! Amy Norton runs you through the key facts about this day of kinky protest and celebration: What does it mean? Why’s it so important? And how do you explore your fetish?

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How To Know If You’re Non-binary

Most folks don’t just wake up one day and think, “I’m nonbinary!” But those who do... we’re jealous. It’s normal to be uncertain or have fluctuating feelings about gender that may never completely resolve. Here is some perspective and tips from somebody who’s been there before. This article is part 2 of our nonbinary series authored by Elliott Ennis.

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I Went to a Vibrator Salon That Wants You to Have an Orgasm on Your Lunch Break

If someone gave you the opportunity to go into a tiny, closet-size room in the middle of the workday to masturbate, would you do it? What if I told you that if you went into the little closet masturbation room, you could also have a free vibrator that normally costs $149? Would you do it then? Adam Lewis, the founder and CEO of London-based sex toy company Hot Octopuss, hopes that you would, which is why he built the world's first "orgasm pop-up shop" in the middle of downtown Manhattan.

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Sexy Christmas Gifts For The Porn Lover In Your Life

Too many Christmas gift guides focus on ‘gifts for him’ or ‘gifts for her’, which is frustrating for those of us who want to pick presents based on thoughtfulness rather than gender.

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Penis Vibrators: How To Use JETT

Penis Vibrators: some are better than others! Besides being the world’s first guybrator, JETT is known for providing relief from erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and sheer boredom. Author M. Christian penned the definitive guide to this advanced piece of sex tech, so read on if you want to figure out once and for all how to use JETT to achieve hands-free orgasms.

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Sex After Transition: Love Is A Many-Gendered Thing

Jen Dragon talks about sex and transitioning

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Lover

In a panic? Left it too late again? Fear not, here are some last-minute Christmas gifts with a ‘sexy and sensual’ theme that will definitely arrive on time.

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Peyronie's Disease Might Turn Off Partner

My penis has narrowed and shortened caused by Peyronie’s disease. I used to have 7-1/2 inches, now it’s 6-1/4. That’s an issue for me, as a guy, but unless a lady was familiar with my former length, she would not be aware of the change. She would just consider me short.

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The Future Of Male Sex Toys

The future of masturbation is looking pretty bright. In fact, the present is already getting exciting: with advances in sex tech hitting the headlines, and cool new technology coming down in price, the time has never been better to explore the future of male sex toys, and porn.

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8 Cunnilingus Techniques Everyone Needs

The idea of going down on a woman for the first time, is enough to fill most of us with dread. There is an unspoken implication that, if you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly. You must drive her wild and her legs should absolutely be shaking like crazy, once you are done. Pressure indeed!

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The Future of Onanism: 6 Sex Toys That Redefine Male Masturbation

We hear all about tech innovations in phones, cameras, cars, even glasses almost every day. But one category has eluded the spotlight for what seems like decades: sex toys for men.

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Senior Sex Hub - You're Never Too Old!

Senior Sex means keeping that spark for life. No matter your age, you are never too old to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

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Halloween BDSM: A How-To Guide

Halloween BDSM: let’s show this pandemic who’s boss!

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Tired Of One-Sided Sex

“How can I get myself interested in sex again when I just want to sleep?”

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Joan Price’s Ultimate Senior Sex Tips

Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality, runs a blog about senior sex and is one of our favourite sex educators. Here she is with her ultimate tips for staying sexy in later life.

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Sex Requirement for Marriage

I am a 60-year-old single male. I still very much desire sex, but I believe that sex is reserved for a close, loving marriage. I want to find a partner for a sex-filled, intimate, affectionate marriage. But many women are not interested in the physical aspect – sex! – and only pretend to be interested to trap the man.

jett and its packaging

Penis Vibrator Tips: How To Use JETT

When you launch a new sex toy, there’s always an exciting (and nerve-wracking!) period of time where you wait for the reviews and customer testimonials to start coming in. JETT – our brand new penis vibrator with Treble & Bass technology (more on that later) – launched earlier this year, and we were really excited to hear what people made of it. But even with high expectations, we’ve been blown away by the reception to this unique toy.

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Erectile Dysfunction Sex Aids: Then and Now

From evil spirits to impotence ‘courts’, history has some very strange tales to tell about erectile dysfunction. Luckily these days doctors have a good understanding of the causes of ED as well as how to treat it.

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Why Healthcare Professionals Should Recommend Sex Toys To Patients

Samantha Evans, founder of retailer Jo Divine, discusses the medical profession’s approach to sexual dysfunction and how this needs to change.

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Zentai Q & A

Your questions about the weird and wonderful - answered

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Sexy Christmas Gift Guide for Him, Her & Them 2021

Here are the best Christmas sex toys and deals to add a little unexpected holiday spirit for you and your loved ones.

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Sex Toy Advent Calendar

The Christmas countdown is on! Forget about candy and socks, let’s stuff that stocking with the unexpected. The Hot Octopuss elves have been cooking up some freaky little treats for their favourite holiday deviants (that’s you!)

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Dating Advice, Please

At 59, I’m divorced and starting to date again, and my long-dormant libido has returned. I really want to have sex with some of the men I’m meeting, but I’m nervous about two things.

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Man Suffocating from Lack of Intimacy

I’m 68, married for 40 years. This week I told my wife I was suffocating from several years of a lack of intimacy. I said that she could not expect me to forget about my sexuality — that’s a normal part of a person. Expecting no intimacy was like asking me to stop breathing.

Senior woman with short grey hair, wearing a black leather jacket, she's looking pensive

Fishy Smell, Emu Oil?

Coconut oil and Vitamin E stopped working for me, so I am freezing and using emu oil as a vaginal lubricant. Do you have any information about safety? Also, since last winter, I’ve had a slightly “fishy” odor.

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Virtual Reality Porn: How To Watch It

At Hot Octopuss we’re fans of new technology, especially if that new technology can be paired with awesome sex toys like the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL. And nothing is more perfect for this than virtual reality porn, which puts you up close and personal with adult performers, either making it feel as if you’re in the same room or – in many cases – putting you right in the middle of the action, as it were.

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The Initiate

Read aurore is the home of erotic stories based out of Brooklyn New York. They are here to tease, to educate and to inspire and we are SO lucky that they wrote this for our virtual advent calendar

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What Are The Best Sex Toys For Women? 17 Innovative Products To Try Now

For the month of September, Bustle’s Sex TBH package is talking about sex, honestly. We’re delving into how women approach the things they’re taught to be shy or embarrassed about in the bedroom — and, in doing so, we're liberating people to live their best (sex) lives. Let’s do it.

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11 Things To Do While You Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

Not to brag, but PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL is capable of giving you a hands-free orgasm.

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Ask Zentai: To Squirt Or Not To Squirt?

I’d really like to help my wife squirt. How can we make this happen? Once it happens will it happen all or most of the time?

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Masturbation For Females – Taking Ownership of Your Pleasure

In this article, Sophia Reading delivers a royal ass-whooping to the conditioning of sexual disempowerment for women and other AFAB folks. On top of that, here are some crystal clear tips on how to dive into masturbation to strengthen your connection with your body and pleasure.

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Erotica Stories: More Ways Than One

Jerusalem Mortimer‘s sexy story about a man who discovers *many* more ways than one of satisfying a lover in one night.

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Pocket PULSE Reviewers Say YEEESSS!

We sent out our first batch of Pocket PULSE Remote review toys just before Christmas… and we’ve been on the edge of our seats ever since, waiting for the reviews to come in.

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‘GuyFi’ booth brings relief to overworked NYC men

With a staggering 80 per cent of Americans saying they suffer from workplace stress, award-winning sex toy brand Hot Octopuss has launched the world’s first ‘GuyFi’ male stress relief booth in Manhattan.

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Tackling modern masturbation myths

It’s easy for us to laugh at historical mistakes: the old myth that excessive masturbation would damage your vision, for instance, is one that very few people would give credence to today.

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How To Host An Adult Halloween Play Party

Halloween sex parties are becoming increasingly popular. It is a fresh take on a typical sex party, often referred to as a play party, by having a Halloween theme which typically tends to lean on BDSM but it is completely up to you.

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Best Penis Toys: Tips From Experts

Our customers and reviewers are amazing. Not only do they have excellent taste, but they regularly get in touch with us to give us extra tips and tricks for using PULSE, our award-winning, flagship dick toy.

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Can Straight Guys Like Butt Stuff?

Can straight guys like butt stuff? Of course they can! Jack Stover shares one man’s journey to a whole new hole.

A dapper gentleman in a wheelchair and female hand reaching over his shoulder

A right to pleasure for everybody and every body

Scarlett Ward works as a writer, poet, and publisher, as well as working in the sexual wellness industry with Little Leaf Agency. She is a chronically-online Insta-obsessed Millennial who lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Seniors Speak about Sex - Part 1

Our Hot Octopuss Senior Sex Hub usually aims to answer your questions and help you fix your sex and relationship problems.

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Cloudy Smelly Urine

It has been six years since I had sex. I’ve started having an odor when I urinate. It’s been three weeks and the odor is still occurring. Also, my urine is a little cloudy.

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The Stonewall Generation: Interview With Jane Fleishman

In this compelling article, Joan Price interviews Jane Fleishman Ph.D., author of “The Stonewall Generation.” This work seeks to shine light on the intersectionality of the LGBTQ movement as well as give a voice to the important issues of sex, activism, and aging.

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Can You Recycle Your Sex Toys?

You can recycle so much of your household waste these days, but can you recycle your sex toys? The good news is that you may be able to recycle your sex toys, if you live somewhere that accepts electronic waste (sometimes known as 'E-waste') to recycle.

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Joan Price Bio

Author and speaker Joan Price calls herself an ‘advocate for ageless sexuality’. She has been called other things by the media: ‘senior sexpert’, ‘the beautiful face of senior sex’, and—her favorite —’wrinkly sex kitten’

Scarlett Ward looking over her shoulder at the camera. She is wearing a black tank top which shows off her tattooed arm and she is pursing her lips provocatively.

Multiple Sclerosis and climax - the silent O nobody wants to acknowledge.

Scarlett Ward works as a writer, poet, and publisher, as well as working in the sexual wellness industry with Little Leaf Agency. She is a chronically-online Insta-obsessed Millennial who lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Dysorgasmia – What Causes Painful Orgasms?

Sex blogger Petra Pan talks about her experiences with dysorgasmia – painful orgasms – and offers her tips for overcoming this little-known condition.

lesbians holding butts

5 Things From Netflix’s Sex Education We Wish They’d Taught Us At School

Netflix’s funny-but-touching teen comedy show Sex Education is causing quite a stir in the UK and beyond, and the team at HO is about to go into binge-watch mode.

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The Hard Facts About The “First” Male Vibrator

Don't let the suave British speaker in the video below distract you. He's describing a new sex toy specifically designed for men — one that's being billed as the so-called "first male vibrator." But, while the Hot Octopuss Pulse II definitely presents exciting developments in male-sex-toy technology, it's just another in a long line of sex toys for men.

outline of the naked female torso


Let’s start with a disclaimer: nobody HAS to do anal sex. Or want to try it.

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Oscillating Vibrators Are the Hot New Trend in Sex Tech

When you use a lot of sex toys, they can all start to blend together—in part because they all seem to vibrate in slight variations of the same way. Some toys may be more powerful than others, but they all pretty much make a basic rumbling motion. Or so I thought—until I learned about Hot Octopuss's new clitoral stimulator, which uses an oscillator to create movement.

female kneeling on the bed, back facing the camera wearing black lacy knicjers and suspenders

Why aficionados like anal (and why you might too)

Anal sex has always had something of a negative press - often by those who haven’t yet had the pleasure. While liking sex has now been accepted for all genders, liking (or even preferring) anal always seemed to cast a shadow upon your character. Which means there’s a host of people out there who may love it - but probably already think they won’t.

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Recommended by Davey Wavey, the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE gay couples sets for penises are a world first. Connect online and see who cums first.

article image

How to have Simultaneous Orgasms

It’s the Holy Grail of straight sex: simultaneous orgasms. How many romantic films and TV shows have you seen that don’t depict the (usually young, white, non-disabled, conventionally attractive) hetero couple coming triumphantly at exactly the same time, often during their very first night together?

article image

Frenulum Orgasms – The Penis’ Best Kept Secret

Frenulum Orgasms – the little-known secret tucked beneath the glans of the penis. This highly sensitive area is packed with nerves capable of unleashing out-of-this-world orgasms. What’s the catch? Penetration has nothing to do with it! Resident blogger Queen P spills the beans on this hidden gem.

article image

Unusual Sex Toy Tips From Vibrating Wand Fans

When we started making sex toys, we quickly learnt that our customers are just as innovative as we are when it comes to exploring pleasure. Every week they send us their unusual sex toy tips, telling us how they turbo-charge their experience with our products.

an old couple laughing

Can You Have Good Sex After Menopause?

“Is there sex after menopause?” a reader asked, dismayed by her sexual changes. Sex after menopause does have its challenges — that’s why I keep writing [books about senior sex]( But I’m here from decades past menopause to tell you that life at this age can be fabulous — including the sex.

article image

How To Find A Unicorn – Navigating Threesomes Ethically

Threesomes. Unicorns. They sound good in theory, but the risks are great. Girl On The Net gives advice on how to find your third and treat them right.

article image

KURVE G-spot Toy Reviews

KURVE G-spot vibrator is a smash hit! Here are just a few of the rave reviews flooding our inboxes with delight. Thirsty for the juicy details from those who’ve experienced KURVE’s squishy tip and Treble and Bass motors first hand?

article image

Kinky Roleplay Anarchy

“If you’d like to give roleplay a try but you want something that lets you decide on the level of power exchange you want, and lets you play with gender however you like, today is your lucky day.” Sophia Reading breaks down kinky roleplay anarchy for folks who want a different take on this BDSM favorite.

article image

The Joys of Perineum Stimulation

At Hot Octopuss we’re always trying to find new ways to get you off and engineer turbo-charged orgasms. With the launch of our next-generation cock ring ATOM PLUS we’re not only providing mega-intense vibration for both partners, but we’re also giving some attention to an oft-overlooked area – the perineum.

mashable logo

Where are all the sex toys for older adults?

It isn’t every day you see a sex toy on a billboard, and it’s even more rare you’ll see one in the hands of a person in their seventies. But thanks to Grace and Frankie, the Netflix sitcom starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, that’s exactly what people saw(opens in a new tab) when the show’s third season premiered last year. The series, which centers around two friends who face many challenges while trying to create a vibrator for seniors, has brought to light an interesting real-life question: Where are all the sex toys for older people?

A man holding the pulse dragon eye against his naked torso


Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

article image

In Search Of Guilt Free Kink

What happens when your sexual desires don’t match those you were raised to believe were the ‘right’ ones? Sex blogger May More discusses guilt and kink – and how to get over it.

article image

Tech Sex Counts As ‘Real’ Sex

Guest blogger James Mycroft this month tackles the issue of ‘real sex’ versus ‘tech sex’ (i.e. using products like our toys to enhance sex life). And he explains why one isn’t any better (or realer) than the other.

article image

Does A Cock Ring Work With A Strap On?

An intrepid queer couple tried out our ATOM and ATOM PLUS cock rings with their favourite strap-on. Did it work?

article image

If Using A Sex Toy Counted As Cheating…

Using a sex toy doesn’t count as cheating. Using a sex toy doesn’t count as cheating. Using a sex toy doesn’t… oh what’s the use? No matter how many people take the time to patiently explain that sex toys – being inanimate objects – aren’t the same as actual human beings you have sex with, there’ll always be a few people who worry that using a sex toy counts as cheating.

article image

Can’t Enjoy Sex Anymore? Reclaiming Your Sex Life

It’s not unusual for vulva-owners to go through times when they can’t enjoy sex in the way they used to. In fact, it’s so common in older women that a major study on the topic was recently published in medical journal Menopause.

article image


Anal positions to try for maximum pleasure

article image

Sex & Disability

Disabled Sex means knowing that pleasure has no limits. No matter your disability, you have a human right to a fulfilling sex life.

A female clad in red lacy underwear with a false right leg

Sex Aids For People With Mobility Issues

At what point does a ‘sex toy’ become a ‘sex aid’? A mystery for our ages, perhaps. In fact, we’d put sex toys and sex aids in exactly the same category – they’re all things which help us have better sex.

article image

G-spot Orgasms: The Difference It Makes

In this article, we’ll explain how and why G-spot orgasms offer a world of pleasure to vulva owners. Whether you’re single or partnered, read on to get a taste of the wonderous delights of G-spot orgasms.

article image

Sexy Tricks And Treats For Halloween

Perhaps one of the nicest things about the internet (yes, we know, there are some pretty horrible things about it too) is that celebrations and festivals get to spread further across the world. In the UK, we’ve traditionally been quite bad at Halloween: cheap costumes and a bit of fake blood on one night each year doesn’t exactly make for a scary evening.

article image

WAP: The Eighth Wonder Of The World

You may need to sit down for this one, with your minds (and legs) open. In recent years, women have been taking back their sexuality and with that comes the waterfall that is female ejaculation!

Atom beside its box

Erotica: Edging With A Cock Ring

Regular guest blogger James Mycroft has written some of our most popular blog posts this year. This month he tackles erotica, describing the experience of using our ATOM cock ring… plus another one of our toys (can you work out which one?)… in a very sexy edging scenario.

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Tight Vagina No Intercourse

I’m 72. I have not been able to have intercourse with my husband for the last five years. It seems like my vaginal canal is very small. I’m not sure I want to use dilators.

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Sex Communication 101

How do you feel about sex communication in your relationship? From open and encouraging, to teasing or shutting down, sex communication can take many forms. Here are our top tips on how to use communication to get the connection and sex life of your dreams.

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Hurt by Husband’s Porn Use

My husband is 74 and I am 52 – a 23-year difference in age. He watches porn and masturbates to it every day. It’s always interracial porn. He thinks I don’t know but I do. It hurts me. What can I do?

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Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

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Seniors Speak about Sex - Part 2

The happiest and most sexually satisfied seniors communicate concerns and figure out inventive senior sex solutions and adaptations.

Model in a red bra holding the Kurve, looking seductively  at the camera

Sex Toys Are Good For You

Explore the importance of vaginal health and pleasure in our modern world. Discover how sex toys like the Kurve vibrator can help maintain vaginal health, combat ageing effects, and enhance sexual experiences. Learn about the benefits, debunk myths, and get practical tips for using internal toys. Find out why Hot Octopuss is revolutionising the way we prioritise self-care and pleasure. Read now!

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Hands-Free Couples Masturbator: Best Sex Positions

So you’ve picked up an amazing PULSE DUO: suddenly all those weird and wonderful *Cosmo* sex positions are looking more interesting, with the added benefit of vibration for both of you.

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How To Find The Most Unique Sex Toys

It’s natural that humans want to chase variety, in sex as well as elsewhere in life. Same-old-same-old masturbation is pleasurable, of course: even a bad wank is still nice.

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How To Fetlife

FetLife is the greatest free resource on BDSM. Equal parts social network, learning platform, and dating service, Fet has created a culture of openness and celebration around the Lifestyle.

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Sex Tech: Making The Sex Toys Of The Future

The world of sex tech is moving incredibly quickly – from new motors that create unique sensations to teledildonic toys that work over a long distance.

Image of a female wearing lacy underwear, her bottom is to the camera and she's holding Pulse Queen in her hand


Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

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6 Best Christmas Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Festive Season

Let's focus on Christmas sex! Ho Ho Ho, there are actually a few cheeky Christmas sex positions that are dedicated to this magical time of the year!

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Learning How To Deepthroat

Deepthroating . . . should you be scared, excited, or calling in reinforcements? Our expert consultant assured us that with proper communication and preparation, most people can attain proficiency at this advanced fellatio technique – and even enjoy themselves! We approached sexfluencer Shakira Scott on the topic of deepthroating and this is what she had to say.

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Strengthen Erections - A Urologist’s Tips For Getting Your Penis In Shape

Want to strengthen your erection? Dr Judson Brandeis provides five top tips to help ensure your penis works as expected.

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Masturbation As Self-Care

Little known fact: sometimes folks masturbate not just because it feels good, but because it’s good for you too! In this article guest author Sherrylsworld breaks down the importance of masturbation for self-care and gives tips for how you can start a smoking hot mindfulness practice today!

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Erotica Stories: Sex & Disability For #MasturbationMonday

As we’ve written in a previous post about the best writers on sex and disability, we’re big fans of erotica publisher Sexy Little Pages and their latest anthology, Silence Is Golden.

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How To Introduce Couples Sex Toys

Not everyone’s familiar with the idea of couples sex toys, so if you want to introduce them to your partner you might have to do a bit of explanation before you dive in.

female with afro hair holding the Kurve and looking at camera

Getting Deep: Vaginal Orgasms

Unlocking Pleasure: Exploring Internal Stimulation and Vaginal Orgasms | Discover the inside story on internal pleasure and the elusive G-spot. Learn why internal stimulation counts and how to enhance your sexual experiences. Dive into tips, techniques, and recommended toys for exploring deeper levels of pleasure. Find your path to ultimate satisfaction. Read now!

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3 Unexpected Reasons Couples’ Sex Toys Are Essential

Using sex toys was once seen as a solo pleasure – and often a guilty one at that. But in recent years people have been waking up to the idea that sex toys might actually be an *addition* to couples’ sex lives, not a replacement for them.

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5 Of The Best Cock Ring Sex Tips

Got a cock ring? Want to find out how to make the most of it? We’ve got you covered, with this handy guide to the best cock ring sex tips.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Guybrator

The patented technology behind PULSE was originally designed to help induce orgasm in men with spinal injuries. It looks way cooler than a bit of medical kit, but it still does the same job.

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Afterplay: Best Things to Do After Sex?

You can barely move for foreplay tips on the internet: advice on how to get things started, tips for turning your partner on via sexting and dirty talk, all that stuff.

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Aural Sex: 10 Erotic Podcasts To Listen To In Lockdown

Erotic podcasts are booming, and they’re particularly useful if you’re struggling for privacy. Just chuck on those headphones and nobody around you is any the wiser. Here are our picks for the best erotic podcasts.

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Masturbation: Scenes We’d Like To See

It might sound weird to call for more masturbation on TV. After all, we’re already treated to some pretty excellent sexy TV shows, and if we’re after anything more explicit then there’s a whole world of ethical porn to explore.

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Penis Sensitivity 101

Too sensitive? Not sensitive enough? There’s a lot of misinformation out there that sets impossible standards for penis owners. Here are some down-to-earth suggestions by author M. Christian on how to manage your penis sensitivity and get on with having the best sex of your life.

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Friends With Benefits: Is It Right For You?

Friends With Benefits – is that even a real thing? Guest writer Wolfe gives us the nitty-gritty on the what, why, and how of this relationship style. Read on for advice on how to successfully navigate the world of Friends With Benefits.

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Solo Sex For Seniors

For seniors, masturbation is an important part of our self-care practice. Not only does it cause a mood boost, but it also keeps our genitals functioning and healthy. Here are the best toys and practices for seniors looking to bring a spark to their solo-sex practice.

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Hot Octopuss Wins Male Sex Toy of the Year at 2015 XBIZ Awards

Our PULSE has won Male Sex Toy of the Year at the 2015 XBIZ Awards. The Awards, hosted by adult film superstar James Deen, was held inside a cutting-edge special events venue in downtown Los Angeles last week.

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Erotica: Threesomes Are Not Like Porn

Here’s a touch of erotica pulled from the author’s personal life experience. It’s been rewritten from the perspective of a penis owner. As a reader, how do you think they did?

muscular man grabbing woman's butt

What anal toy is best for me

Imagine the disappointment; you recently discovered you enjoy anal sex, and now you’re starting to excitedly explore the world of anal sex toys. Then, through no fault of your own, you pick a toy so far beyond your sphincter’s current capability that it puts you off anal for life.

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No Erection, How to Get Frisky?

I am a two-time prostate cancer survivor since 2005. I am unable to get an erection even with a variety of products. Sex with my wife has for the most part been nonexistent. She has health issues as well.

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Which Sex World Record Could You Beat?

Last weekend the Hot Octopuss team chatted about sex world records. Are there any categories in which people who use PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL compete? Could they potentially beat the competition?

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Sex & Disability Products

We've collated some of the best Hot Octopuss products that can help people with disability enjoy a new type of pleasure.

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Clitoral Stimulation: More Varied Than You Think

Clitoral Stimulation – If you’ve used the same masturbation technique all your life, it’s easy to forget – or simply never realise – just how many different ways there are to stimulate yourself.

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Leandra Vane – Be Proud of your Phone Porn

Should you be proud of your phone porn? Leandra Vane argues the line between ‘porn’ and other media is much blurrier than you think.

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Solo & Couple Players – Here is Why You Must Buy a Sex Toy This Valentine's Day

February 14th - a day full of oh-so-very romantic gestures to demonstrate how much you love that special someone in your life. Here is Why You Must Buy a Sex Toy This Valentine's Day.

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How To Shop For A Sexy Christmas Gift

The time is fast approaching: we can hear the jingling of bells, we’ve been slightly confused by the John Lewis advert, and at Hot Octopuss HQ we’re already thinking of fun ideas for blogs that will show you some of the sexy Christmas gift options you can buy for your partner.

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If You Don’t Want Sex Anymore, Learn About Responsive Desire

Our resident senior sex expert Joan Price asks how you can test whether responsive desire works for you?

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Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: ‘PULSE Has Saved My Sanity’

Following last month’s PULSE review from Davis, who is paraplegic, we’re pleased to share another amazing product review we’ve received in the past month, this time via our website from a former Marine.

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More Brilliant Sex and Disability Bloggers

Following last month’s popular post introducing some stigma-busting sex and disability bloggers, here’s part two, in which Eve Adler, Pillow Princess, Helen’s Toybox and Hedonish talk to us about their work.

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Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

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It’s International Masturbation Day!

It’s International Masturbation Day and author Scotty Unfamous wants you to heaux it up. Ever tried humping a pillow or tickling a taint? This article will boredom-proof your solo sex practice as you celebrate an important tradition of the sex-positivity movement.

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My Wife Prefers Her Vibrator

Wife Prefers Her Vibrator – “how do I get her to like me instead of the vibrator?”

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Why Some Orgasms Are Out Of This World And Others Are Just So-So

Why is it that orgasms are like snowflakes – no two seem exactly the same? Kate Orson asks the experts.

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3 Different Types of Vibrator For Men (Really)

When you read an article about male vibrators, the most commonly cited thing is a prostate massager. We’re so used to hearing ‘vibrator’ and thinking of something long, thin and insertable that something different doesn’t always cross our minds. But, just as the Scots have square sausage, so there’s more than one kind of vibrator for men.

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3 Unusual Mutual Masturbation Tips

May is Masturbation Month! Our favourite month of the year. It means not only are we gifted with spring sunshine (well, we are at HO HQ in London, at any rate) we’re also gifted with an excuse to talk about our favourite topic – wanking – for over four weeks! To celebrate we wanted to share with you some of our top mutual masturbation tips.

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Can Sex Toys Help With Erectile Dysfunction? JETT Worked For Me

Can sex toys help with erectile dysfunction? The JETT penis vibrator certainly helped with mine, says blogger Michael Knight.

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Erotica Stories: Homologous

James Mycroft has written a few thoughtful, sexy guest posts for us over the past few months, on topics like submission and depression and sex as an extreme sport, but this is the first time he’s written full-on erotica.

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PULSE: The Verdict – It’s Sensational!

One of the most stressful times for any sex toy company is shortly after a product has come out, when you’re waiting for the first reviews. And we were no different when we launched PULSE – the new, improved version of our award-winning guybrator. Would people like the upgraded version?

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Secrets Of A Hands-Free Orgasm

Hands-Free Orgasm. It sounds like the ultimate masturbation holy grail. Being able to kick back, browse porn or read erotica. Surely if it were easy, we’d all be doing it?

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Getting Started With BDSM: Older Person’s Guide

Author M. Christian delves into how BDSM can become an enjoyable part of anyone’s sexual activities, no matter their age or experience.

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Sometimes Submitting In Bed Helps My Depression

Submitting in bed – There are many ways to manage depression. Here our newest guest blogger, James Mycroft, talks about one way that works for him.

BDSM Collar wearing female with a white flower in her mouth

BDSM Community – How To Get Involved

If you want to get involved with the BDSM community, welcome! And here’s how to get started.

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Masturbation Habits: Let’s Break The Taboo

Imagine if the overwhelming majority of people in the world enjoyed knitting. Let’s say 95% of men and 81% of women said they’d knitted during their lifetime, and most of them did it regularly. On average people knitted somewhere between 8 and 15 times each month. You’d expect us all to be talking about it quite a lot, right?

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Demisexual Meaning – Am I Demisexual?

It’s more common than you think – the need to form a close emotional bond before having sex. Guest writer Lucas Jackman unpacks the meaning and identifying traits of demisexuality. Think you or someone you know might be demisexual? Read on.

Man in leather trousers clutching the waistband

THIS Cock Ring Took My Sex Life To The Next Level

Cock rings have the power to make you last longer AND come harder. Guest writer M. Christian gives the scoop on ATOM PLUS and what puts it leagues above the rest.

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Our Survey Of Over-55s Smashes Stereotypes About Sex And Ageing

According to our sex and ageing survey, seniors experiment more with sex as they get older, are almost as happy with their sex lives as younger people, and often own more sex toys.

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Coffee & Kink – Sex Blogging Saved My Soul

Being a member of a gender or sexual minority can be a lonely place. Most of us are raised with the belief, implicit or explicit, that matters of sexuality are things we do not talk about.

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Tackling Sexual Shame – Reimagining Sexual Pleasure

Dr. Jane Fleishman weighs in on sexual shame. This article combines research with expert advice on how anyone can improve their relationship with their body and their sex life.

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Masters of Sex: Why I took a year off sex blogging to go back to school

Former lawyer Mel from Voluptasse explains how she challenged academic snobbery by presenting an in-depth study of sex toys as part of her Masters degree – and discusses why sex bloggers might want to back up sex with scholarship.

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How To Masturbate In Lockdown

Personal space has taken on a whole new importance in the time of coronavirus. If you’re finding it helpful but tricky to masturbate in lockdown, here are some strategies.

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Top Sex Toys For Seniors – Suzanne Portnoy

One of the benefits of being a prolific sex blogger and erotic memoirist a decade ago was trying out the sex toys I was regularly sent by toy companies. Now that I don’t do so much writing, the gifts have stopped, but I still have quite an arsenal of equipment to add spice to my bedroom activities.

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Orgasm Health Benefits: Nine Unexpected Reasons To Get Your ‘Vitamin O’

We all know orgasms are fun. But did you know they’re scientifically proven to be wholesome too?

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Games To Play With Couples Sex Toys

It’s easy to fall into the trap of discussing sex toys in the kind of flowery language you’d use in a romance novel. Particularly when you’re talking about couples’ sex toys – they’re ‘sensual’ things, that you use to ‘seduce’ your partner.

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What Is Non-binary?

Regardless of how you identify, your gender was assigned to you at birth – and you had no say in it. That’s why everybody benefits from a critical analysis of gender. Here is the first article in our 3-part NB series, but before we hop into pronouns – and into bed – let’s start with the basics. Series by guest author, Elliott Ennis.

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5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Porn

Fun. Ethical. Good for you! Could it be... porn? Resident blogger Queen P dishes up all the reasons you – and your partners – oughta feel great about enjoying erotic entertainment.

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BDSM & Kink

The Hot Octopuss BDSM Hub promotes BDSM as a healthy form of sexual expression. View our range of premium leather bondage gear and accessories.

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Best Adult Halloween Celebration Ideas

Want to know why you need to celebrate Halloween this year and need tips on how to enjoy this Halloween as an adult? You are in the right place!

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Have Amazing Sex Without Penetration

What counts as sex? From the first kids who asked this question in the playground, to the sheepish couple trying to negotiate their way out of a train toilet without getting arrested, we’ve long been worried about a question that doesn’t really need an answer.

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Sexless Marriage

We have been married 27 years, together for 30. We had a healthy sex life until a year and a half ago, when my husband stopped. No kissing, no touching. I tried to discuss this with him, and he said he needed to see a doctor. He never did. He seems to have zero interest in us as a couple. We are good friends.

Two Atoms dropping against a black background

What’s the Best Vibrating Cock Ring?

The humble cock ring is one of the cheapest, most popular and most effective sex toys for penis-owners and couples. Whether you want a cock ring in its most basic form to maintain erection or achieve a stronger one, or a full bells-and-whistles version to provide additional stimulation for both partners, the range available is enormous.

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Situational ED: It’s Not Your Dick, It’s The Drugs

I have slept with a lot of men who have worried about their erections, and it’s time we talked about situational ED and drugs.

Atom being placed in a wash bag by a tattooed arm


Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

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Meet The Stigma-Busting Disabled Sex Bloggers

At Hot Octopuss we’ve been working closely with sex bloggers for over five years, and it’s been exciting in that time to watch more and more disabled sex bloggers, including those with chronic health conditions, join the community.

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7 Random Facts About Brewer’s Droop

Temporary erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol – or ‘brewer’s droop’ – is something most men understand only too well. Overdoing the booze on a night out can mean a frustrating, horny evening once you’re home.

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International Women’s Day: Each For Equal In The Adult Industry

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Each For Equal’ – underlining that our individual actions work towards (or against) equality. As a woman in the sex industry, I’m highlighting four key things people can do to contribute to this goal.

male hand gripping the pulse solo essential on grey bedsheets


Here's how to make the most out of your Hot Octopuss toy

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BDSM Power Exchange

True or false: you can dress like a dad, be totally monogamous, have only vanilla sex, and still be kinky AF...

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Queer, Trans & Non-Binary

Trans person walking in the rain with a rainbow umbrella.

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What is ‘Drafting Season’?

Helping you keep up with dating trends, we look at drafting season

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Solving The Mystery Of The G-spot

The Mystery of the G-spot: Wondering how to locate the G-spot in your partner or yourself? With the right information and tools, we think you’ll be pleased with what you find. The G-spot: maybe it’s not so elusive after all.

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Childless Women & Sex: Unveiling Sexual Intimacy Realities

Delve into the multifaceted world of childlessness and its profound influence on sexual intimacy. Explore the emotional complexities, societal perceptions, and personal journeys that shape the sex lives of childless individuals. Gain a deeper understanding of desire, self-perception, and the unique challenges faced by those who embrace a childless path.

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Happy Holidays from Hot Octopuss

At Hot Octopuss we believe in living life on your own terms – and that includes the holidays! Winter holidays can bring up all kinds of feelings, so we are extending a heartfelt wish that you’re able to celebrate in a way that genuinely brings you happiness. Here’s a look at the different ways our team members spend their holidays. From our homes to yours, we wish you a most festive season.

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Loss of Clitoral Orgasm

I’m 65 and have had difficulty with clitoral orgasms all my adult life, but in the last six to seven months, it’s become almost impossible. The pandemic is not an issue – if anything, we are more sexually active than usual.