How To Host An Adult Halloween Play Party

26 October 2021

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Spooky Sex Party

Over the last few years Halloween sex parties are becoming increasingly popular. It is a fresh take on a typical sex party (often referred to as “play party”) by having a Halloween theme which typically tends to lean on BDSM but it is completely up to you.

Why would you throw one?

Throwing a Halloween sex party is a great way for like-minded people to meet, explore naughty kinks and fetishes and of course have sex!

The perfect invite for a spooky soirée

When writing an invite, be clear concise [and to the point]. Tell them what’s happening, where it is, why they need to come and what’s going to happen…Email is probably the best way. You can style your email up with saucy GIFs by googling ‘sexy Halloween gif’ .

Invite example:

  • Say it’s a sex party
  • Keep it spooky
  • Explain sex is optional
  • Bring your own blood/drinks
  • Put links to amazon costumes (or somewhere to buy)
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How to decorate and having a dress code

Spooky decoration

When it comes to decoration it’s typically cheaper to purchase them from big retail stores rather than online when buying in bulk. Depending on your budget you can even use projectors or have a TV screen with erotic porn playing. You want to try and create an immersive environment that is low lit and gets people in the mood.

Orgasmic sex toys

No play party is complete without sex toys, it’s always a good idea to have these distributed around the house for people to use. BDSM toys are always a good place to start. Perhaps also some vibrating butt plugs? The PleX with flex is a great option as it includes a remote control – meaning you could control a partner from across the room. There is no harm in also having a few powerful bullet vibrators at hand so the ladies can enjoy earth shattering orgasms.

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Sexy costumes

When it comes to costumes it’s important to wear something you are going to be comfortable in the whole night. It’s worth considering how much skin you’ll want to be showing and if you plan on keeping it on the whole night.

Some popular costume ideas include:

  • Seductive kitten
  • Playful pup
  • BDSM dominatrix
  • Naughty nurse
  • Flirty fireman
  • Dominant police cop
  • Dirty devil
  • Sexy bunny

It’s always a nice touch to send your guest Amazon links or ideas for costumes so they can get inspired and explore.

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How to host

Setting rules for guests:

  • Respect other attendees - no means no
  • Consent is everything - ask before touch
  • Respecting people's anonymity - no photographs allowed
  • Enforcing a strict dress code in line with your theme – the kinkier the better

Nailing the drinks and food

Having drinks stations all around the house is important as it encourages guests to mingle with each other rather than be concentrated in one area. It’s also worth creating spooky cocktails but be careful, you don’t want people getting too drunk.

When it comes to food you want to keep this light and stick to finger foods that aren’t strong smelling. Some good examples are:

  • Halloween cookies
  • Olives, carrot sticks and hummus
  • Popcorn
  • Candy
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Encourage play with sexy goodie bags

Providing goodie bags on arrival with sexy essentials is always a fantastic way to set the tone. Some examples include:

Be sure to check out Hot Octopuss for your Halloween Play Party essentials.

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