The Future Of Male Sex Toys

17 September 2021

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The future of masturbation is looking pretty bright. In fact, the present is already getting exciting: with advances in sex tech hitting the headlines, and cool new technology coming down in price, the time has never been better to explore the future of male sex toys, and porn.

Here’s a run-down of some things you need to keep an eye out for.

Virtual reality porn

You might think that sitting in a chair with a giant plastic viewer strapped to your face would be as sexy as a tax return. But you would be dead wrong, and here’s why: VR porn not only gives you the chance to watch the action in super-realistic close-up, it also means you can put yourself in the picture more thoroughly than ever before. The word ‘immersive’ doesn’t really do justice to the strange and exciting feeling as you look down at where your body used to be and see someone else’s there instead – with an attractive person merrily masturbating, sucking or having sex with you.

What’s more, the potential of virtual reality porn is that it will allow you to inhabit bodies that are very different to your own. Want to see sex from the point of view of a hot woman? You can do that. Want to be a voyeur at an orgy? There’s VR porn for that too.

From the perspective of a company that makes futuristic male sex toys, we’re particularly excited about how virtual reality porn will inspire more people to experiment with hands-free masturbation. After all, part of the fun of virtual reality is that you sit back and let the actors get to work on ‘your’ penis. Using a toy like PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, you can combine virtual reality porn with hands-free masturbation for a seriously futuristic (and relaxing) time.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t it really expensive? Sure, if you want to buy the pricey kit like the Oculus Rift, you’ll have to shell out over a thousand pounds. But virtual reality is accessible to most people with a smartphone and a viewer. You can pick up a viewer with a head strap on Amazon for under £20, and download free apps to your phone that will allow you to play the videos.

Sex robots

They’re popping up all over the place at the moment: in films such as Her or Ex Machina, in news articles on the BBC, and perhaps soon in your own bedroom – sex robots. Let’s set aside the moral panic around this (because realistically, the chances of a sentient sex robot gaining consciousness in the next ten years are slim to none), the possibilities are exciting.

Cheap sex dolls – inflatable or silicone, still among the most popular male sex toys – are nothing compared to their futuristic counterparts. The company which makes Real Dolls is looking into artificial intelligence. Not genuine AI, which could pass a Turing test, but effective mimicry that could mean a sex doll that will not only shag you, but engage in post-coital chat.

Male sex toys developed from medical technology

Let’s bring things back to the present a bit, shall we? Because although you may not have your own sex butler just yet, you can buy male sex toys that do things which simply weren’t possible ten years ago. Our prediction is that many of the sex toys of the future will involve applications of technology that’s been used elsewhere – whether it’s internet-connected devices or male sex toys inspired by medical or robotic technology.

PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL already does this. We took an oscillating vibrator, designed by medical experts to induce orgasm in men who could not maintain an erection, and tailored it to create a male sex toy that can be used on your own, in a couple, or even while you’re watching VR porn. The vibrations created by the oscillating PulsePlate™ are fundamentally different to those you get from other vibrators – they give a deep, intense sensation that rumbles through your penis rather than a buzzy sensation you only feel on the surface.

This is just the beginning, though – what other male sex toys will we see in the future? There is rapid movement in every industry towards products which are ‘intelligent’ – which learn your preferences or can sync with other devices to better suit your desires. Sex tech is no different.

We’ve got a long way to go until our sex lives are turned upside down by robotics or virtual reality, but as these things come down in price and innovative experts start experimenting, the future of sex starts to look pretty damn interesting indeed.


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