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The Joys of Perineum Stimulation

7 September 2021

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Perineum Stimulation could be your ticket to a new type of orgasm. At Hot Octopuss we’re always trying to find new ways to get you off and engineer turbo-charged orgasms. With the launch of our [next-generation cock ring ATOM PLUS](/sex-toys/couples-sex-toys/atom-plus-cock-ring-and-perineum-stimulator-dual-pleasure-for-couples/ we’re not only providing mega-intense vibration for both partners, but we’re also giving some attention to an oft-overlooked area – the perineum.

Don’t know why perineum play (also known as perineal stimulation or perineum massage) is a must-have move for both partnered sex and masturbation? We’ve put together a quick guide to get you started.

What is the perineum?

Exact definitions vary, so we’re focusing on the relatively small area of skin between the genitals and the anus, also known as the taint. It’s full of nerve endings, so is very sensitive. And in penis-owners, it sits above the prostate gland, so it’s a great way to stimulate the prostate without penetration.

Some people find that this area is one of the most sensitive in their body – they can even orgasm from stimulation of the perineum alone. While we can’t guarantee everyone can achieve this, stimulating this area during masturbation or sex is likely to lead to particularly intense sensations and more powerful orgasms for all genders.

Some sexperts feel that, as erogenous zones go, the perineum has been unfairly neglected. In this hilarious article in MEL Magazine, Neil Leftley bemoans his sense that this area, “situated between two highly popular tourist destinations (the perennially popular genitals to the north, and for more adventurous thrill-seekers, the anus to the south) [is]… the flyover state of body parts, continually bypassed in favour of its exciting coastal elite neighbors”. Clearly this unspoilt area must be full of hidden attractions – so let’s get exploring.

Best ways to stimulate the perineum

Online articles seem to focus either on ‘female’ or ‘male’ perineum stimulation – rarely both. But in reality it works pretty much the same for everyone: this area is basically gender neutral. For penis-owners there is the added bonus of the proximity of the prostate gland, making it a good beginners’ way to stimulate the prostate (especially if you’re unsure about anal sex, which is the most direct way to stimulate the prostate.

The kind of stimulation you will enjoy will depend very much on how sensitive you are there, which varies from person to person. Some people find gentle stroking (or licking in long, slow strokes) is as much as they can take. Others like more intensity, and enjoy techniques such as gentle scratching, massaging in circular motions at shallow and then gradually deeper levels, or a ‘vibrating’ movement with the whole fist in the area.

Stimulating the perineum in this way while also stimulating the clitoris, G-spot or penis is said to be capable of dramatically increasing the intensity of your orgasm.

Perineum massage with sex toys?

Our PULSE DUO was reviewed by The Big Gay Review, who said that the top motor on the toy worked great for his partner for perineal stimulation. When we heard this, we wanted to see if we could find another, more powerful and targeted, way to stimulate the perineum while also stimulating the penis – and ATOM PLUS was born.

ATOM PLUS is the world’s first cock ring to house dual integrated motors, enabling intense perineum stimulation in addition to powerful vibrations on top of the penis shaft. It has a stretchy ring to create exceptionally strong erections and an intense climax. And it’s not just for solo use: for a partner, it features an ergonomically-shaped contact area for pressure and referred vibrations.

Be warned: this thing is INTENSE. So if you’re new to perineum stimulation, start with gentle explorations in this part of your body as described above (or ask a partner to help out – you can always offer the same in return).

You could also experiment with a small bullet vibe on the area to start with, and then, for perineum stimulation alone, try using a wand toy.

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