G-spot Orgasms: The Difference It Makes

14 September 2021

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Welcome to part 2 of our series on the G-spot. If you missed the first one we started looking at solving the mysteries of the G-Spot. In this article, we’ll explain how and why G-spot orgasms offer a world of pleasure to vulva owners. Whether you’re single or partnered, read on to get a taste of the wonderous delights of G-spot orgasms.

What is a G-spot orgasm?

Longer, deeper, throbbing . . . behold the G-spot orgasm! The sensation is distinctly different from clitoral orgasms. A clitoral climax often feels intense, acute, and localized, like a bolt of lightning to the groin. On the other hand, G-spot orgasms typically last longer and feel like waves rolling throughout the entire body.

The heavy lifting is accomplished by massaging the spongy erectile tissue (yep, you read that correctly) of the anterior wall of the vagina. Often folks simultaneously employ nipple, clitoral, or other erotic stimulation to push the G-spot orgasm over its edge.

Why is the G-spot orgasm important?

G-spot orgasms are a pillar of sexual pleasure and empowerment. By exploring this area of the body, vulva owners can access greater satisfaction with sex. For some, G-spot pleasure is also the solution to painful intercourse.

And the cherry on top is that orgasm does not need to be reached for pleasure to be derived from the G-spot. Stimulation from hands, toys, and dicks can provide an immense amount of satisfaction in this area.

So, what’s the G-spot difference?

G-spot difference #1: a new sensation

G-spot stimulation offers a different sensation. When it comes to sex, options are power. If you ever have days when your go-to zones just aren’t activating, an alternative can resurrect a ho-hum sexual encounter from its grave.

Post-menopausal women in particular may enjoy this style of stimulation. While hormonal changes of menopause can reduce sensitivity in the clitoris, the thinning of the vaginal walls can actually make the G-spot easier to stimulate.

G-spot difference #2: a cure for painful penetration

G-spot orgasms can make PIV sex less painful. All too often, vaginal penetration is initiated before the vulva owner is sufficiently aroused. The vaginal tissue is dry and tense, potentially resulting in painful intercourse.

However, if the couple takes their time, ensuring that the vulva owner is turned on through stimulation and hopefully one or two precursory orgasms, the vagina engorges and softens, welcoming the penis like a long lost friend.

G-spot difference #3: orgasmic PIV sex

G-spot orgasms can lead to orgasmic penetrative sex. Remember that part about erectile tissue and swollen vaginas? This is a VERY good thing. When a couple knows how to cause and detect the signs of an aroused G-spot, they can optimize the timing of penis insertion.

If the G-spot is engorged with pleasure, it can more aptly be stimulated during PIV sex. Cowgirl and lazy doggy style are two of the more popular positions for this.

G-spot difference #4: multiple orgasms

G-spot stimulation increases access to multiple orgasms. Ever try having multiple clitoral orgasms in short order? Good luck! Typically the clitoris becomes hypersensitive immediately following climax, resulting in the “Don’t touch me!” phenomenon.

However, many people find that their G-spot is still good to go and choose to follow a clitoral orgasm with an enthusiastic round of G-spot pleasuring.

G-spot difference #5: ejaculation

G-spot orgasms can lead to ejaculation, which besides being a psychological turn-on, can be a very satisfying release. Folks fond of squirting, whether the reality or the fantasy of it, will likely be fans of the G-spot. Stimulation of this area is known to cause more fluid to be produced by the Skene’s glands.

A sudden increase in vaginal lubrication, accompanied by a noticeable change in viscosity (I like the word “slippery-er”) is a sign that that the G-spot is being stimulated. If the arousal progresses to a state that thin, clear fluid is emerging from the urethra in bursts, voila! We have squirting.

In Conclusion

G-spot orgasms can be delightful and empowering for both vulva owners and their partners. Folks who find their clitorises to be too sensitive, as well as those who find penetration to be painful, may discover a pleasant solution by exploring their G-spot. Whether or not orgasm is achieved, G-spot stimulation can be an ecstatic experience unlike any other. At the end of the day, befriending the G-spot can enable the vulva owner to get a firm grip on the reigns of their sexual pleasure.

Where Do I start?

If you haven’t already, check out article 1 in this series.

Invest in high-quality silicone toys designed specifically to stimulate the G-spot. These toys will typically have a broader head, to provide a large contact area. They most definitely need to be curved. The best G-spot toys will also be dual-density, meaning squishy on the tip but firm in the core.

My #1 G-spot toy recommendation is KURVE by Hot Octopuss. In addition to meeting the above specifications, KURVE is the only G-spot vibe that has Treble and Bass technology™. That’s right, it has TWO independently controlled motors. One provides high-frequency treble, the other delivers deep, rumbly bass. Customize the levels to find your frequency.

Diving in

Play with yourself! That means exploring with toys as well as your fingers. The more you familiarize yourself during solo-sex, the better able you’ll be to direct your partner.

If possible, explore with a partner next. Remember, this spot may be more activated and accessible once you’ve already had one orgasm, so try it on the coattails of an “ol’ faithful.” You may need additional stimulation to bring your G-spot orgasm to its full crescendo. Try playing with nipple clamps or a butt plug while your partner massages your G-spot.

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