‘You guys get paralysed men!’ – an ex-soldier tries PULSE

17 September 2021

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One of the best things about working at Hot Octopuss is hearing from disabled customers who’ve found PULSE enhances their sex lives. We got this email from Jon, a former US soldier and paraplegic gay guy, and we were so chuffed to read it we got his permission to share it here. Be warned, it’s not quite NSFW!

“So Hot Octopuss, I have to tell you about an experience I had two days ago.

I’ve been chatting online with another paraplegic gay guy like myself. I’ve been paraplegic for seven years due to a military accident, but my injury is incomplete, so I have some sensation below the waist. My buddy was in a car accident 14 months ago and his is a complete injury.

This week I had to travel from one state to another to visit family and he lives close, so we decided to meet up. We’ve been texting back and forth about how there are not many gay paraplegic guys that get the whole body change after paralysis and how sex changes for us and what we go through after injury.

“He met me at the door in his Tilite wheelchair (yes, we wheelchair guys ‘size up’ one another’s wheelchairs all the time)”

So we planned a late afternoon in-person meet-up at his apartment. He met me at the door in his Tilite Wheelchair; his was purple and my Tilite is just brushed titanium but with a more aggressive front bend (yes, we wheelchair guys ‘size up’ one another’s wheelchairs all the time). We hit it off straight away and found we had tons in common. We’ve both explored the medical marijuana (MJ) industry in his state; I’ve found MJ decreases my leg and bladder spasms, while my buddy is still experimenting. So after we shared what I like to call a ‘California Haze’ we started talking sex and injury, and sex before- and post-paralysis. We also discussed having to use catheters, which brands are the best ones around and how I had to use a Foley catheter and leg bag when I traveled across the pond to London last October, and what an experience that was. London Rocks!

After talking a lot we both became increasingly curious about one another’s bodies and how we have dealt with being gay paraplegic men. I think the inhibitions went away as we realised we both knew how each other’s bodies might work sexually and wanted to explore that as consenting paraplegic gentlemen.

He began to massage my legs. No guy has ever thought to touch my legs post injury, and I found that erotic even though I don’t feel much. We both were in jeans, hoodies and socks (yes, I still take my shoes off entering someone’s home, even though I’m in a chair). He and I got more comfortable and lost the hoodies and he took off my socks and touched my bare feet. It felt intense in a way I’d never experienced before and it was turning me on. He continued to massage my feet and I became more aroused and he noticed my erection (we had both taken a daily ED drug; many paralyzed men use ED drugs to help maintain erections).

So he then introduced me to your PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL. I’d never heard of this vibe before but my buddy told me that it worked in a similar way to the Ferticare medical vibe for paralysed men. I’d tried the Ferticare once in a hospital setting soon after my injury, but I just didn’t find it pleasurable without sensation and I didn’t ejaculate that day; it just wasn’t for me at that time.

“It was a full-body high”

My buddy shows me how the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL works and we both decide to use his queen size bed, which is remote controlled to raise and lower the head and foot. We both transferred in and took off our jeans and left our boxer briefs on. We just allowed ourselves some time to explore each other’s bodies before we introduced the toy. I was more erect then he was, so we used it on him first. His spinal cord injury presents itself with zero sensation or function and he has problems with ED. He became increasingly erect using PULSE and wanted to try it on me. I was semi-erect with manual stimulation and then he places PULSE on my penis. The stimulation increased my erection and I began to pre-cum after about two minutes of alternating between each of us using the one PULSE. We were not using lubrication and after about 15 minutes of play I began to feel this intense head rush and felt flushed and aroused like I used to get before my injury. About 10 seconds later I began to ejaculate and experienced an orgasmic feeling. It was a full-body high.

I hadn’t ejaculated in a few months and previous ejaculations had never had the intensity of that evening using PULSE. So Hot Octopuss I’m going to have to get your PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL immediately so I can get together with my buddy again! Thanks for the great experience! You guys get paralyzed men!”

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