KURVE G-spot Toy Reviews

14 September 2021

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KURVE G-spot vibrator is a smash hit! Here are just a few of the rave reviews flooding our inboxes with delight. Thirsty for the juicy details from those who’ve experienced KURVE’s squishy tip and Treble and Bass motors first hand? Read on.

“If you’re new to G-spotting, this is a fantastic, technologically advanced place to start. ” – Cara Sutra

To find out exactly what Treble and Bass motors feel like – and where – check out this review by Cara Sutra.

“This isn’t just a vaginal vibrator, or even just a ‘curved for precision’ G-spot vibrator... For G-spotting fans, the Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Vibrator is likely to be a sex toy dream come true.” – Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra also conducted a juicy experiment to see if KURVE could deliver clitoral orgasm. You just might be surprised at the results.

“The vibrations are bloody epic!” – LittleSwitchBitch

Besides matching her nail polish to her toys, LittleSwitchBitch reviews lingerie and shares her real-life BDSM diaries.

LittleSwitchBitch is a fan! This sex toy connoisseur describes the sensation in vivid detail, as well as the results from a bathtub experiment.

“Holy shit! That squishy bit feels super bulbous in use and the ridge hooks just how I need it! ... Powerful, thuddy sensations ripple through me and KURVE has been the supplier of many explosive orgasms!!” – LittleSwitchBitch

What about those buttons tho? Joanne from Sex Machine Reviews puts KURVE to the test and then delivers a thorough run-down on the accessibility of its buttons. Are they easy to press? Can you find them without looking? Most importantly, can they be navigated without interrupting one’s . . . handiwork?

“The shape is perfect for easily hitting my G-Spot while still being able to access the buttons... It works excellently for G-spot play but also feels great against the clit, and my vaginal walls. ” – Joanne, Sex Machine Reviews

How does it hold up against other G-spot vibes?

“This is without a doubt the strongest internal vibrator I’ve ever tried.” – Grace, Princess Previews

Grace from Princess Previews discovers her inner motor queen while taking KURVE for a test drive (or maybe two or three...)

“KURVE is not only brilliant in regards to its superb appearance and functionality but the combination of the two motors as well, which are already super powerful in their own right, is just a complete game-changer. In fact, now I’m not sure I’m ever going to be content with just one motor again?!“

Curious about combined orgasms? Girl on the Net pairs KURVE with a clit vibe in this wildly funny review.

“It now has a solid place in my slut kit, which comes with me in one of my cycle panniers alongside a hand pump and spare inner tubes... It’s one step up from my bedside drawer, and very few toys get that kind of promotion.” - Girl on the Net

“Kurve is a damn good toy.” – Coffee & Kink

Amy from Coffee & Kink breaks down KURVE’s measurements while delivering an expert comparison against buzzier vibes on the market.

“The multi-layered stimulation is super intense and I’m super here for it. I actually found that it felt best when I laid it along one side of my vulva and allowed the vibrations to thrum through my labia to my clit.” – Amy Norton, Coffee & Kink

In her review, Joan Price analyzes KURVE from a senior sex perspective, taking into account ergonomics, buttons, and the needs of aging bodies.

“The whole design is beautifully ergonomic and suited to our genitals, from the vagina-pleasing curve to the gel-soft tip . . . The controls are super easy to see. You can even differentiate the raised symbols by touch, with eyes closed.” – Joan Price

Two motors AND a squishy tip?

“Full control between two motors – including with all of the patterns – really allows you to customize the vibrations in a way that virtually no other vibrator allows for.” – Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay of Kinkly Reviews goes deep into the squishiness of KURVE’s tip and the customizability of its settings.

“The plushy tip ensures you’re never “poking” anything uncomfortable, and when pressure is applied, the plushy tip splays out flat for full-coverage of the g-spot in a way that other vibrators have never really done... All of the vibrations can easily be felt on the tip of the vibrator – and with the second motor near the base, right at the entrance of the vagina where there are so many nerves.” – Mistress Kay, Kinkly Reviews

Cy of Super Smache cash has a thing or two to say about KURVE:

“ONE WORD: YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Leave it to Hot Octopuss to make one of the rumbliest G-spot vibrators in existence.”

Are you a nerd for internal clitoral anatomy? Super Smash Cache shines unique insight on KURVE and its effect on internal clitoral stimulation.

“KURVE is more about bass-y breadth, shaking and kneading your internal clitoris as a complex, rather than focusing the sensation. Its squish is certainly unique and well-done. . . vroom and squish in the right places. I’ll keep raving from the rooftops about your radical rumble.” – Super Smash Cache

From the team at Hot Octopuss, thank you to the bloggers, educators, and activists who reviewed KURVE.

To our readers: if you’d like to inject your life with some sex positivity and support these wonderful humans, visit their websites, through the links above.

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