Sex Products You Never Knew You Needed

What would you class as a sex essential? It’s going to depend a lot on your sex life, of course: condoms are essential if you’re having casual sex, but the opposite if you’re trying to conceive. Other sex essentials, like lube, are pretty universal, but allergies may make them harder for some to use than others.

Today, though, we want to introduce you to a few sex products you may never have thought you needed. Weird, wonderful, unusual sex products that are hoping to become sex essentials for someone in the future.

Bush oil

It’s oil for your bush, naturally. Haven’t you ever wanted a softer, more lustrous bush? Of course you have. Based on the same principles as beard oil, bush oil aims to make your pubic hair shiny, sleek, and wonderful to touch. Whatever you think of the concept of bush oil, we see this as an indication that the days of people being expected to wax and shave within an inch of their lives are long gone. It seems that in 2016, you get to choose what you do with your pubes, whether that’s shaving, letting them grow, or oiling them into something that’ll make your downstairs feel as good as we imagine Brian Blessed’s face does.

Sex toy cleaning wipes

While good quality toys, like the PULSE II SOLO, are waterporoof and easy to clean, sometimes you just need something by your bed to give things a quick once-over. After all, the bathroom can seem a long way away if you’re exhausted by a long session. Help is at hand, though! Sex toy cleaning wipes are designed to be compatible with materials like silicone, and give a sparkling clean to your toys. Particularly useful if you use lots of toys during a session and you want to be able to wipe them temporarily, then do a thorough clean later when you’ve finished having fun.

And speaking of thorough cleans…

UV cleaners

This week a company has been drumming up support for a brand new sex toy cleaning device: the UVee sanitiser. It’s a small, portable (ish) box which you plug into the mains, and which seals your sex toys inside. When you’ve put them inside, you press a button to turn on the ultra violet lamp, which kills off any bacteria still clinging to the surface of your toy.

UV cleaners have been on the market for a while now – wand-style UV cleaners are often used in the kitchen and bathroom. But this is the first time someone has marketed a UV cleaner specifically for toys, so we’ll see how many people choose to take it up.

Sex apps

Apps such as the ‘sex challenge‘ seem to be sweeping into the market with the sole aim of spicing up the sex lives of their thousands of users. Perhaps the modern version of ‘Cosmo sex tips’, apps like ‘Sex Challenge’ are designed to give you and your partner a range of fun, sexy tasks to complete. It can be anything from trying out a new kink, watching a sexy film together, or having sex in a new location (beware eagle-eyed neighbours and the police!).

And it’s not just games – there are also apps designed to help you track your sexual activity. Apps which connect to fitness tracking hardware and record your heart rate and calories burned. Recently, we’ve even seen companies releasing hardware that tracks sexual activity more accurately with the addition of a cock ring with a sensor inside. It can count your strokes, record your pace, and generally tell you everything you wanted to know about your performance. It’s basically a fitbit for your bits.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, apps like 3nder are designed to help you find a third person (or fourth, or fifth) to come and join you in the bedroom. You create a couples profile, set the specification of who you’re looking for, then scroll through willing volunteers to see who you’d like to invite.

Essentials? Maybe not – but the proliferation of more sex products, apps and ideas means there’s definitely more choice when you’re planning your next hot night in.


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