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For all things ass

Whatever you are and whatever you're into, we all got a butt - so here we write about all things ass x


gay couple in bed touching and relaxed

How To Stimulate The P-Spot For Awesome Prostate Orgasms

Prostate massage or anal pleasure during solo and shared play can be pleasurable for anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Find out absolutely everything you need to know to have awesome prostate orgasms.

Close up of woman's butt in black thong, wearing black gloves

Anal Sex For Beginners

For the newly initiated, anal sex can be just as scary as it is seductive. With the proper knowledge and preparation, anal sex can be approached with confidence and result in unbelievable pleasure for all parties involved. In this article, Queen P delivers a step-by-step guide to help newbies grow from nervous shy-babies into full-fledged booty queens.

bum in blue jeans on side of sofa

Top Anal Masturbation Tips

May is Masturbation Month! Which, for wankers like us, means we have an excuse to share with you some top anal masturbation tips. If you want to spend time exploring your body and experimenting with new ways to wank, this blog post is for you!

Woman behind topless man holding his chest with orange painted nails

Using Hands-Free Sex Toys For Pegging

According to Google Trends, there’s been a threefold increase in searches for ‘pegging’ in the last few years – and interest in pegging shows no sign of slowing down. Perhaps partly because people are becoming more open about exploring their kinks, and partly thanks to an increase in pop culture references to pegging – like that one hot scene in Deadpool.

Wet black silicon butt plug

Butt Plugs For Beginners

Butt plugs can be a non-intimidating – and *very* fulfilling – component of anal play. In this article, author Queen P delivers her tried-and-true recommendations for selecting the right plug and lube, as well as tips for getting to know your new best friend.

Intimate couple straddling, woman pulling down man's jeans

Prostate Stimulation For Newbies

Prostate stimulation can provide loads of pleasure for men and other AMAB folx. This hot button offers a satisfying solution for those with erectile dysfunction and for penis owners determined to crack the nut of multiple orgasms. Check out this article by Queen P for beginner-friendly tips and tricks that will set you up for butt stuff bliss.

Seductive woman in white underwear bent over against a wall

Rimming, Rim Jobs, Eating Ass: You Got This!

Your Heaux Fairy Godmother Scotty Unfamous returns with a rimming field guide unlike any other. If ever you had a question about the *proper* way to lick a booty hole, you’ll find the answer here.

Topless athletic man standing against the wall with washboard abs

Can Straight Guys Like Butt Stuff?

Can straight guys like butt stuff? Of course they can! Jack Stover shares one man’s journey to a whole new hole.



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