Compare Guybrators™

Whilst the principle behind all our Guybrators™ remain the same – basically a vibrator for your penis – all our Guybrators™ are very different. Some are designed to be used as part of a couple, whilst others are tailored towards solo play. Whilst some use PulsePlate Technology™ others might use Treble and Base Technology…it can all get very confusing.

To help you decide which of our Guybrators™ is best for you, take a look at our clever comparison chart which lays out all the features and benefits of each model.



Couples Play


Magnetic Charging

Stroker / Static



* subject to penis size and fit

** Penis toys with remotes have not been included

Disclaimer: The term Guybrator™ was born from a desire to destigmatize male sex toys, but these products can be used by anyone with a penis. If you want to remove gendered language from our site, please use our non-binary terminology button.