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Best Sex Toys For Men - Articles

Sex toys for male members

If you have a penis then there are some articles about the best male sex toys that will take you to new levels of big 'O' intensity


JETT in hands of man with tattooed arm

Penis Vibe Tips: ED, Nipple Play and More

Recently we published a post rounding up some top tips for using our new JETT penis vibe. One of the things we love most about a new sex toy launch is hearing all the different ways people have put our unique sex toys to use, and thanks to amazing bloggers and reviewers, there are plenty of top penis vibrator tips to help you get to grips with your new purchase.

Pocket PULSE product and remote on black background

Introducing the Hot Octopuss Pocket PULSE

One of the trickiest things about creating new sex toys is keeping the secret before they launch. For a few months now we’ve been hopping up and down to tell you about our newest product – Pocket PULSE – and today we’re allowed to tell you all about it!

Man facing away from camera in black leather jacket and tattooed neck

How To Choose The Best Male Sex Toy

The right sex toy is a decent investment. If you pick something awesome then chances are it’ll be by your side, in a drawer or proudly displayed on your bedside table, for a good long time. So what questions do you need to ask to make sure you choose the best male sex toy for you?

PULSE sex toy product isolated on black

The Future Of Male Sex Toys

The future of masturbation is looking pretty bright. In fact, the present is already getting exciting: with advances in sex tech hitting the headlines, and cool new technology coming down in price, the time has never been better to explore the future of male sex toys, and porn.

Rockstar in grey wig wearing red and yellow glasses, yelling

Weird and Wonderful Male Sex Toys

We talk a lot about the future of sex toys, partly because we’re nerdy and curious about when our sexy robotic overlords will take over. But also because we live in exciting times for sex toys – new channels of distribution mean that great sex toy ideas aren’t limited to the big companies.

Sensual woman in black and white having orgasm

11 Things To Do While You Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

Not to brag, but PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL is capable of giving you a hands-free orgasm.

Man in dark jeans leaning against wall

What Counts As A ‘Male Vibrator’?

When you look at much of the marketing around sex toys that buzz, you could easily get the mistaken impression that vibrators are exclusively for women.

Gay topless bearded couple sitting in bed, holding each other closely, intimately, with one kissing the other

Best Men’s Sex Toy: Everyone’s Talking About…

It’s been quite a week for us at Hot Octopuss HQ – love is in the air around Valentine’s Day, so suddenly everyone’s buzzing about sex toys – and PULSE DUO in particular. Naturally we’re delighted to be recommended as one of the best men’s sex toys, and alongside the reviews there have been some great discussion pieces that help to challenge the stigma that’s often attached to men’s sex toys.

Cool bearded man in glasses wearing blue floral shirt and sitting in window

Male Masturbators Don’t All Look Like Fleshlights

When you think of male masturbators, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a long plastic container with a soft, textured sleeve inside – maybe modelled on the vagina or anus of your favourite porn star.

Stylish man with goatee sitting on old car, with tattooed arms

Penis Vibrators: A Great Sex Toy Review

We love it when people send us their sex toy reviews of the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL or PULSE DUO. Whether they’re explaining how the toy helped them orgasm when flaccid, telling us how they used it to have incredible non-penetrative sex with a partner, or even just giving us a nice new comparison for what it looks like (‘Darth Vader’s helmet, anyone?).

Pulse solo and Duo Range with original range of boxes

Three is the magic number: Next generation PULSE out now!

We’ll jump straight to the headlines – PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, the latest version of our award-winning sex toy, is out now! Featuring magnetic charging, a turbo function, and much more besides. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to try PULSE, now’s your chance to be one of the first to own the new, improved version.

Image of pulse duo lux guybrator

5 Reasons to Buy a Guybrator

The patented technology behind PULSE was originally designed to help induce orgasm in men with spinal injuries. It looks way cooler than a bit of medical kit, but it still does the same job.

Sexy muscular man with a beard reclining on sofa, wearing a gold chain and with a chest tattoo of wings

3 Different Types of Vibrator For Men (Really)

When you read an article about male vibrators, the most commonly cited thing is a prostate massager. We’re so used to hearing ‘vibrator’ and thinking of something long, thin and insertable that something different doesn’t always cross our minds. But, just as the Scots have square sausage, so there’s more than one kind of vibrator for men.

Senior bearded hipster with his hand out, waiting for an opinion

JETT vs PULSE – Which Do I Choose?

Torn between JETT and PULSE? How can two penis toys be so very different? Here to walk you through the exciting journey of becoming a penis toy owner is guest author, M. Christian.

Older couple laying down in bed and woman touching man's face

Who Do I Believe: My Husband or His Penis?

My husband says he still desires me sexually, but his penis says otherwise. It takes a lot of oral sex to get him aroused, and even then, his erection doesn’t last long enough for sex. It doesn’t seem worth the trouble to try to get him worked up enough for something to happen, so I usually pretend that I don’t notice his hints that he’s in the mood.

Gay man with eyes closed standing in green foliage

Male Sex Toy Tips And Tricks

Usually when you get a new male sex toy, there’s that initial period of excitement where you just can’t put it down. Like other new additions to your ‘fun’ collection – Xboxes, new kitchen gadgets, subscriptions to Netflix – every evening you’re drawn to it until you get over that initial ‘newness’ and start taking it massively for granted.

Man in suit with tattoos on fingers, hands and arms with rings

Challenging the stigma of sex toys for men

Let’s face it, there are far more shocking things to find in your partner’s bedside drawer: a copy of Nigel Farage’s autobiography, perhaps, or some woefully bad love poems. Yet despite this, there is still a stigma attached to sex toys for men.

Strong man with beard against wall, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with hands in pockets

Premature Ejaculation Training: Do Sex Toys Help?

If you’re here, chances are you’re worried about how quickly you ejaculate. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual complaints among men, and if it bothers you then you’re definitely not alone.



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