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Sex & Disability - Articles

Supporting sexual confidence & that big O!

Talking all things sex and disability whoever you are and whatever you like - this is all about every body finding pleasure.


Black and white hand on wheelchair wheel

Andrew Gurza Tries PULSE

Disability campaigner Andrew Gurza writes breathtakingly honest and insightful pieces for Huffington Post and other platforms about his experience of being a queer disabled man navigating sex and relationships. When we became aware of his work we immediately wanted to send him PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, which was designed to be useful for some people with mobility issues. He said he’d love to try it. This was his experience.

Crowd walking in busy area in black & white

Chronic Sex at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

We’ve wanted to attend Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit for a while. So this year we were chuffed to be invited to co-sponsor a day in its Bloggers’ Lounge along with friends from Doxy and Sheets of San Francisco.

Gay couple outside, one laying down, one sitting, looking comfortable and content

‘You guys get paralysed men!’ – an ex-soldier tries PULSE

One of the best things about working at Hot Octopuss is hearing from disabled customers who’ve found PULSE enhances their sex lives. We got this email from Jon, a former US soldier and paraplegic gay guy, and we were so chuffed to read it we got his permission to share it here. Be warned, it’s not quite NSFW!

Woman laying on bed in black lingerie

Leandra Vane on Orgasm Hunting With Nerve Damage

Leandra Vane, otherwise known as The Unlaced Librarian, wrote an excellent blog for us about disability and sex stigma a couple of years ago. Now she’s about to relaunch her website, we’re delighted to have her guest posting for us again. Leandra has nerve damage in over half her body, but she still loves having orgasms.

Tattooed woman reaching for DiGiT on bedside table

Kelly Gordon: Best Accessible Sex Toys

Kelly Gordon’s personal mission is to bust the myth that disabled people are sexually limited. After trying as many products as she can get her hands on, she reveals her favourite accessible sex toys.

Image of disabled couple hugging next to a wheelchair

Sex & Disability

Disabled Sex means knowing that pleasure has no limits. No matter your disability, you have a human right to a fulfilling sex life.

Sexy woman in black leather coat with prosthetic leg

Sex Aids For People With Mobility Issues

At what point does a ‘sex toy’ become a ‘sex aid’? A mystery for our ages, perhaps. In fact, we’d put sex toys and sex aids in exactly the same category – they’re all things which help us have better sex.

Man in hat and scarf looking pensive

Sex and Spinal Cord Injury: The Story of PULSE

We were catching up with Alix Fox’s brilliant ‘Close Encounters’ podcast recently when one story really stood out. Simon, one of Alix’s interviewees, talked about his experiences with spinal cord injury and how his injuries had affected his sex life.

Journal, pen, phone and mug sat on table, waiting for words

Meet The Stigma-Busting Disabled Sex Bloggers

At Hot Octopuss we’ve been working closely with sex bloggers for over five years, and it’s been exciting in that time to watch more and more disabled sex bloggers, including those with chronic health conditions, join the community.

Pleasure Rebels Podcast thumbnail with picture of Kelly Gordon on a black background

Pleasure Rebels

Pleasure Rebels is a weekly podcast by Hot Octopuss hosted by Kelly Gordon that talks about sex, sexuality, disability, gender and how to have better sex.

Woman in backless dress with black prosthetic arm

Kelly Perks-Bevington: Top Five Sex Tips for Disabled Women

These sex tips for disabled women aren’t exactly traditional, but it’s taken me the majority of my adult life to learn them, so I guess that’s quite important!

Redhead topless woman sitting in bed with tattooed arms and body

Disability & Sex Stigma

Leandra Vane is a sexuality writer and speaker – her groundbreaking blog The Unlaced Librarian covers body identity, relationship styles, sex and disability, kink and book reviews.

Woman licking mint green ice cream in a cone

The Only Foreplay Secret You Need To Know

Want to become a master of foreplay? Feel like you need to brush up on – or level up – your foreplay skills? Well, while you’ll find a host of websites promising you Ten Foreplay Tips To Drive Her Wild In Bed or Six Foreplay Secrets Only Sexperts Know, we’re just here to give you the only foreplay secret that matters.

Man in dark sunglasses and black hat

Masturbation Tips For Men With Mobility Issues

Mobility issues can make it difficult – or sometimes impossible – to masturbate independently. Yet as a society we’re rubbish at talking about it – sex and masturbation tips in magazines often focus on the incredibly flexible or the downright superhuman.

Woman having intense orgasm in black and white

PULSE & Disability – How It Works

PULSE DUO and PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL have a unique design that specifically combats sexual dysfunction in patients with physical or neurological disabilities without the need for health practitioner intervention.

Designing the DiGiT prototype

Accessible Sex Toys: How Can The Sex Toy Industry Be More Inclusive?

It’s Sexual Health Week 2019, and the focus is on relationships, sex and disability. At Hot Octopuss we believe sexual expression and pleasure is a basic human right, whatever your ability.

Redhead woman sitting on sofa in white dress with white gag

What do you do when your brain says yes to sex but your body says no?

When blogger Zec Richardson became disabled, his first concern wasn’t that he could no longer walk. It was: ‘What about sex?”. He shares his best tips for keeping the flame burning.

Disabled female blogger in wheelchair using laptop

More Brilliant Sex and Disability Bloggers

Following last month’s popular post introducing some stigma-busting sex and disability bloggers, here’s part two, in which Eve Adler, Pillow Princess, Helen’s Toybox and Hedonish talk to us about their work.



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