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Senior Sex - Articles

Improving with age

Senior sexuality should be celebrated and we’re doing exactly that. You are never too old to enjoy a fulfilling sex life - so come and get some


Older woman looking at camera against a background of wooden slats

What Does ‘Good In Bed’ Mean Post Menopause?

When a woman tells me a partner is ‘really good in bed’, I always wonder what that actually means for her, especially as this often changes after menopause.

Senior black couple laughing and cuddling on the sofa

How To Talk About Sex Toys With A Partner

We call them “sex toys,” but vibrators and other pleasure stimulators are far more than “toys,” especially for seniors. They’re orgasm tools.

Cool orange haired senior woman wearing flannel and mirrored sunglasses

Senior Sex 2020 Roundup

Ready for 2021 yet? At Hot Octopuss one of the highlights of 2020 was the launch of our Senior Sex Hub. Before we go racing into the new year, resident sexpert Joan Price gives a roundup of the most popular writings from the senior sex blog and advice column.

Older couple gazing at one another

National Orgasm Day: How Orgasms Change As You Get Older

Orgasms change as you get older. But, says Joan Price in this piece for National Orgasm Day, they can be richly satisfying with the right stimulation and an open mind.

Senior woman gazing outside, surrounded by plants and holding a cup of tea

Painful Sex At Menopause – What Can I Do?

Painful sex at menopause – Going through the perimenopause and menopause might mean your sex life takes a turn for the worse – but, says Dr Louise Newson, it really doesn’t have to.

Senior woman holding pride flag in the countryside

The Stonewall Generation: Interview With Jane Fleishman

In this compelling article, Joan Price interviews Jane Fleishman Ph.D., author of “The Stonewall Generation.” This work seeks to shine light on the intersectionality of the LGBTQ movement as well as give a voice to the important issues of sex, activism, and aging.

Man and woman in bed holding PULSE DUO LUX with tattooed arms

Sex Toys For Perimenopause

Changes to libido and sexual response are normal during perimenopause. Pleasure products can help. Nicci Talbot shares her top sex toys for perimenopause.

Older couple under covers and laughing, woman wearing floral top and man wearing blue top and glasses

Are You Feeling Sexy During Lockdown?

Are you feeling sexy these days? Whether you’re sheltering in place with others or alone, your libido is probably feeling the effects of stress and isolation. Maybe you feel sexier than usual, or less sexy, or not at all sexy. These are all normal reactions, says Joan Price.

Senior man sitting on sofa and watching his tablet

Hurt by Husband’s Porn Use

My husband is 74 and I am 52 – a 23-year difference in age. He watches porn and masturbates to it every day. It’s always interracial porn. He thinks I don’t know but I do. It hurts me. What can I do?

Senior hipster man with glasses and a long beard on a yellow background

Strengthen Erections - A Urologist’s Tips For Getting Your Penis In Shape

Want to strengthen your erection? Dr Judson Brandeis provides five top tips to help ensure your penis works as expected.

Older man with bald head and grey beard with glasses thinking

My Wife Prefers Her Vibrator

Wife Prefers Her Vibrator – “how do I get her to like me instead of the vibrator?”

Senior woman holding hand to her face looking ashamed

Husband Gets Off by Himself, Doesn’t Want Me

I am 66 and my husband is 67. We married four years ago after being together just six months, but I felt I knew him, and he was a kind, genuine person. Sex was good for the first year, but since then, he hasn’t wanted to have sex with me. He is always watching pornos. He always did watch porn – he told me so.

Forlorn woman looking down, holding white roses with arm tattoo

Tackling Sexual Shame – Reimagining Sexual Pleasure

Dr. Jane Fleishman weighs in on sexual shame. This article combines research with expert advice on how anyone can improve their relationship with their body and their sex life.

Senior black couple Worried - Senior Sex

Sexless Marriage

We have been married 27 years, together for 30. We had a healthy sex life until a year and a half ago, when my husband stopped. No kissing, no touching. I tried to discuss this with him, and he said he needed to see a doctor. He never did. He seems to have zero interest in us as a couple. We are good friends.

Depressed senior Asian man sitting on edge of the bed

Toys for Flaccid Penis?

I’m 68, impotent from prostate cancer for 12 years, and a widower for two. My only regular release is via masturbation. I’ve been frustrated by the lack of sex toys for men with my condition. Which of Hot Octopuss toys work while completely flaccid?

Senior woman in glasses laughing and surrounded by yellow flowers

Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: Sex Toys Over 50

Following last month’s awesome ATOM PLUS review from Violet Fenn, which got a great response when we republished it on our blog, we’ve decided to start sharing more of the amazing reviews we get for our products here. Today we’re sharing a review of PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL from Amazon that talks about using sex toys over 50.

Senior lesbians drinking cocktails and looking to kiss

Senior Sex Stories During Lockdown

When Joan Price asked her newsletter subscribers how they were dealing with sex during lockdown, many said their sex lives were as good as before, or better. Here are their senior sex stories.

Older man and woman in bed, woman asleep and man looking pensive

Tired Of One-Sided Sex

“How can I get myself interested in sex again when I just want to sleep?”

Older man and woman laughing under bed sheet

Senior Sex

Senior Sex means keeping that spark for life. No matter your age, you are never too old to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Sultry topless older blonde lady looking seductive

Horny And Menopausal? What The Research Says

Author Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS breaks down sex drive science for senior women. Warning: your doctor might be wrong.

Senior couple holding sparkler and smiling

Improve Your Sex Life In 2021: Senior Sex New Year’s Resolutions

Improve Your Sex Life In 2021: Here are Joan Price’s top tips as well as input from readers like you!

Older couple in beach setting enjoying life

Top Sex Toys For Seniors – Suzanne Portnoy

One of the benefits of being a prolific sex blogger and erotic memoirist a decade ago was trying out the sex toys I was regularly sent by toy companies. Now that I don’t do so much writing, the gifts have stopped, but I still have quite an arsenal of equipment to add spice to my bedroom activities.

Senior man and woman couple enjoying life, wearing matching red tops

Joan Price’s Ultimate Senior Sex Tips

Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality, runs a blog about senior sex and is one of our favourite sex educators. Here she is with her ultimate tips for staying sexy in later life.

Senior woman looking directly ahead at the camera

Solo Sex For Seniors

For seniors, masturbation is an important part of our self-care practice. Not only does it cause a mood boost, but it also keeps our genitals functioning and healthy. Here are the best toys and practices for seniors looking to bring a spark to their solo-sex practice.

Older man and woman laughing under bed sheet

Joan Price Q & A

Ask out senior sexpert Joan Price a question about sex when you're older

Senior couple wearing glasses in close up kiss, hand on face

If You Don’t Want Sex Anymore, Learn About Responsive Desire

Our resident senior sex expert Joan Price asks how you can test whether responsive desire works for you?

Joan Price and jessica drake sitting in white chairs and presenting to camera

Joan Price On Her ‘Completely Real And Unscripted’ Film, ‘Guide To Wicked Sex: Senior Sex’

We’ve been working with senior sex educator Joan Price for several years and have learned so much about becoming a more inclusive sex toy company from her. This year she’s been extremely busy, not only with her usual work talking out loud about senior sex, but with a new book, Sex After Grief, and ‘Guide To Wicked Sex: Senior Sex’, a film she made with sex educator and porn performer jessica drake. With both launching this month, we caught up with her to find out more.

Senior couple holding each other closely with eyes closed

Our Survey Of Over-55s Smashes Stereotypes About Sex And Ageing

According to our sex and ageing survey, seniors experiment more with sex as they get older, are almost as happy with their sex lives as younger people, and often own more sex toys.



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