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Non-Binary & Trans - Articles

The beauty of gender diversity

Whatever your gender or sexuality, our toys are for every body and so are these articles


Bald woman in denim exploring the city

How To Know If You’re Non-binary

Most folks don’t just wake up one day and think, “I’m nonbinary!” But those who do... we’re jealous. It’s normal to be uncertain or have fluctuating feelings about gender that may never completely resolve. Here is some perspective and tips from somebody who’s been there before. This article is part 2 of our nonbinary series authored by Elliott Ennis.

Mixed couple cuddling by a window, eyes closed

Non-binary Sex – An Intimacy Crash Course For NB Folks & Their Partners

For the final installation of our NB 101 series, guest author Elliott Ennis is going to give us a crash course in sexual intimacy. This article touches on the topics of support, communication, feelings, what to do when things go sideways, and what to do so things go right.

Black trans woman surrounded by red flowers against a white wall

What Is Non-binary?

Regardless of how you identify, your gender was assigned to you at birth – and you had no say in it. That’s why everybody benefits from a critical analysis of gender. Here is the first article in our 3-part NB series, but before we hop into pronouns – and into bed – let’s start with the basics. Series by guest author, Elliott Ennis.

Mirrored canvas of moustachioed mouth, hint of tongue

‘There Is No Word For It’ – On Language, Sex And Gender Diversity

Serge Nicholson, Sex and Relationship Therapist, on how trans and non-binary people can talk about their bodies when the traditional terms don’t fit, and ways to add gender diversity to traditional sex toy marketing.

Trans person in New York with rainbow umbrella

Queer, Trans & Non-Binary

Trans person walking in the rain with a rainbow umbrella.

Gay male couple hugging, one with a moustache and tattooed arm

Tips For Dating A Non-Binary Person On Grindr

Thinking of dating a non-binary person? Spotted someone on Grindr or other dating app but not sure how to chat to them without getting it wrong? Ben Pechey offers some tips.



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