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PULSE Wins 2014 XBIZ Award For Best Couples’ Toy

Hot Octopuss has been honoured with a 2014 XBIZ Award for Couples’ Sex Toy of the Year for PULSE, the world’s first luxury ‘guybrator’. The US adult novelty market was first introduced to the state-of-the-art sex toy at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas last autumn.

Co-creator of PULSE and Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis said: “PULSE really is an amazing piece of engineering. We’re delighted that XBIZ recognized the technological advances that have gone into the creation of our flagship product, and how it can be utilised for both men and couples. We’re extremely proud of PULSE, and we’re equally honoured with this award. Thank you, XBIZ, from everyone here at Hot Octopuss!”

Founded on medical research and patented across the world, PULSE is one of the most powerful and effective stimulators ever created. Harnessing state-of-the-art oscillating technology, PULSE creates an entirely new category in male and couples’ vibrators compared with traditional vibrations.

At the heart of PULSE lies the cutting edge PulsePlate™, delivering a far more intense experience than vibrators through deep and powerful oscillations. Innovatively designed to also be a fantastic couples’ toy, the underside delivers dual-stimulation, while its hands-free design leaves partners free to focus on each other.

Not only is the technology impressive, the British-founded PULSE is as beautiful as it is effective. Working with an award-winning London design agency, PULSE is sleek, discreet and stylish in comparison to most male toys on the market. Customers, retailers and distributors alike are first charmed by the luxurious design of the device, then amazed by the powerful vibrations the hand-held unit is able to deliver at a touch of a button.

Lewis said: “We’re proud to be a British company offering a genuinely new and innovative design-led product, which delivers an incredible experience. The PulsePlate™ gives the man the most intense orgasms, and when used with a partner, PULSE turns foreplay into the main event.”

Worn by him but enjoyed by both, PULSE is the first sex toy on the market that is designed to be both a revolutionary male stimulator and a pioneering couples’ toy to be used during foreplay.


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