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Free sex advice in NYC – ready for some #PillowTalk?

This week, as part of our mission to support #SexNotStigma, we’ll be rolling out on the streets of Manhattan – quite literally – in our awesome mobile four-poster bed!

With research revealing that 43 per cent of American women and 31 per cent of American men suffering from some kind of sexual dysfunction, we want to tackle the challenge head-on, by offering free sex advice to those who want it, and opening up the conversation around sex. We’ve teamed up with renowned sexpert Jenny Block, author of “Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage”, and she’ll be offering free sex advice to New Yorkers to help you tackle those tricky sex questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

On Wednesday this week – October 5th – our mobile bed will be doing the rounds of Manhattan. If you want to hop on board and have a one-to-one chat with Jenny, book your place by emailing or tweet us @HotOctopuss using the tag #PillowTalk.

Here’s another sneak preview picture from our workshop, as we beaver away to create the mobile four-poster bed. It’ll be one of the most unusual, sexy Manhattan tours in town!


Frequently asked sex questions

If you’ve got a burning question about your sex life, don’t be shy! One of the best ways to tackle sexual issues is to open up the conversation – with your partners, or with a sexpert like Jenny. Some of the most frequently asked sex questions include:

  • Issues surrounding low libido (or high libido!)
  • Tips for making your sex life more adventurous – maybe through using toys like the PULSE II DUO
  • Premature/delayed ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain or discomfort during sex

Rest assured that if you’re shy about asking a question, you’re almost certainly not the first person to have asked it! One of the best ways to tackle sex stigma, and make sure that you’re having the most fulfilling sex life you can, is to start a conversation about it. Our co-founder Adam Lewis explains:

“Sex can be a difficult subject to talk about for some people but it needn’t be. The more open we are about questions and issues, the more we break down barriers and the better sex lives and relationships we’ll ultimately enjoy. Talking about sex should be as easy as talking about what to order via Seamless, and that’s what we’re setting out to achieve with the Pillow Talk concept.”

Take part in Pillow Talk!

When: October 5th 2016.

Where: Pillow Talk starts outside the Flatiron building on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue at 9am, and will finish at the same location, 5pm. Follow the bed’s journey via @HotOctopuss on Twitter.

Book: Simply email by the 4 th October to guarantee your slot or tweet #pillowtalk on the day, referencing your location and our mobile sexpert could pay you a personal visit (pending availability). Keep your eyes peeled for the bed arriving.


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