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Eroticon 2019 – 10 Takeaways

Eroticon 2019 – We’ve just about recovered from another fascinating, community-building, kinktastic weekend at Eroticon, and here are 10 things we took away from the event.

1. Sodomy isn’t what we thought it was

In a rollercoaster ride of a session, Dr Eleanor Janega, a doctor of medieval history, took us through some of the things medieval people believed about sex, and the ways in which the church sought to control sexuality. We learned that all sex that wasn’t procreative – including snogging – was dismissed as ‘sodomy’ and there was very little room within the rules for pleasure. That doesn’t mean there was no pleasure, though! Medieval people were, as Dr Janega would put it, horny AF. If you want to learn more, check out this interview she did with Justin Hancock and visit her blog Going Medieval.

2. Porn stars do the same awkward sex stuff as everyone else

Jetsetting Jasmine and King Noire, who make gorgeous ethical porn, led a session on the fantasy vs the reality of porn. While many porn performers have worked years to perfect their particular physical and sexual talents, porn shoots still involve plenty of normal, everyday things you won’t get to see in the finished film. Like, huge, huge amounts of lube. People struggling to get their clothes off. Underwear marks. Swapping STI test results.

Jasmine and King also talked about some of the things that are missing from the average porn set, like post-coital cuddling (because the male performer has to immediately jump aside for the ‘money shot’). It was an eye-opening session. Girl On The Net did a whole post about it here if you want to know more.

3. This is how we should always demo our toys – just so efficient

Although by the end of this year – with all the launches we’ve got planned – we’re going to need a bigger boat.

4. A reminder that not everyone has even heard of ‘sex positivity’

One of our key challenges as a sex toy company is ensuring that we reach a wide audience, so journalist Franki Cookney‘s talk on bringing sex-positivity to ‘traditional’ audiences was a valuable session. She gave a frank overview of how the mainstream media often approaches sex, highlighting how things which seem ‘obvious’ to those in the sex-positive community can be confusing to mainstream audiences. Her talk was a welcome reminder that we need to ensure that our messages are engaging and accessible to audiences who may not have even heard of ‘sex-positivity’, let alone spent years immersed in a highly-informed community.

5. Treble and Bass tech is a hit!

We’re proud of our CEO Adam for coming up with the phrase ‘Treble and Bass Technology’ to explain how our new penis toy, JETT, works, because it made demoing very easy. People immediately know what you’re talking about when you show them the two vibrating bullets and let them feel how one rumbles and the other vibrates at a higher pitch. Reviews so far have been excellent, so if you’re a reviewer and want to find your perfect frequency, email

Alex from Hot Octopuss on the HO stand at Eroticon showing Adam from Godemiche how to use JETT

Alex shows Adam from Godemiche how to turn JETT up to 11

Adam from Godemiche at Eroticon holding JETT and smiling at the camera

Clearly works!

6. Lots of people need a rest space at an event like this

The Silent Sanctuary rest space for people with health conditions and disabilities originally came out of Aly from HO’s need for somewhere to take breaks during the conference. Aly felt that if they had that accessibility need, it was likely others would too. The number of people who used the space during the weekend bore that out – perhaps this is something that should be considered a standard accessibility feature at all conferences. It was great sharing the space with those who used it.

7. More and more companies want to sponsor Eroticon

It was amazing as always to catch up with our fellow sponsors – ElectraStim, Ruby Glow, Sheets of San Francisco, Temptation Holidays, LoveGivr, and Doxy (Will, we missed you!). And even more amazing to see how the Corridor of Swag seems to get busier and more packed with incredible products every year. Eroticon is always very welcoming to its sponsors and its always a great opportunity to meet talented bloggers and journalists in a relaxed and friendly environment.

8. Eroticon 2019 attendees are as talented as ever

What better thing to take away from an erotic writers’ conference than a book of erotic writing? And not just any erotic writing – stories and essays contributed by the fantastic speakers and attendees who came to Eroticon in 2019. The theme for this year’s anthology is Discovery and it features some gorgeous writing – from Hannah Lockhardt’s erotica about a love letter written on skin to Nina Vallard’s fiercely passionate essay about discovering her love of sex writing. If you want to treat yourself, grab a copy of Discovery and get stuck in!

9. Some creative hangups are universal

Whether you’re writing a tweet, a blog post, a press release or a novel, it seems that it’s pretty standard for creatives of all kinds to let everything else in life come before the creative process – and to have a big dose of imposter syndrome. Thanks to the Anxious Writers Club session with Cara Thereon, Kayla Lords and Girl On The Net for the solidarity!

10. Molly and Michael must have worked SO hard

Eroticon 2019  was run entirely by Molly Moore and Michael Knight, and we genuinely do not know how they managed to put on such an amazing event with such a small team, even with the people who were helping them out in the background. We are in awe. Thank you as always for all your work for this community!

There’s a list of roundups and Eroticon 2019 inspired posts from other attendees on the Eroticon website.


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