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Best Sex Toys From Indiegogo After Dark


Crowdfunding throws out some pretty fascinating ideas: it is responsible for such incredible things as affordable 3D printers, comfortable airplane pillows and even light-up testicles you hang beneath your bike saddle so people can see you in the dark.

But how about in the weird and wonderful world of crowdfunded sex toys? Recently Indiegogo launched an ‘Indiegogo after dark‘ – it turns out so many people want to crowdfund sex toys that they need a special home for all the orgasmic ideas. We had a look there and on other crowdfunding sites to find a few of our favourite unusual crowdfunded sex toys.

WeVeer – VR glasses designed for porn

Virtual reality is – we predict – going to be big. Particularly in porn. VR headsets mean you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience – feeling like you’re right in the room with the people on camera. And while it’s a little way off yet, person-to-person virtual reality could mean that in the future your long-distance chats with a lover could be made more intimate too. Feeling like you’re in the room with them as you talk dirty online.

That’s why WeVeer – virtual reality glasses with built-in headphones – seem like a pretty great idea. They’re designed to give you the ‘most private experience’, which essentially means they’re aiming to be an affordable, immersive solution for when you want to watch VR porn.

Ambrosia bionic strap-on

Perhaps one of the most famous crowdfunded sex toys, the Ambrosia bionic strap-on caused a lot of excitement when the campaign was launched in 2014. One of the holy grails of sex toy design is to come up with a strap-on that responds to the wearer – so they can ‘feel’ certain things happening to the strap-on penis even though it’s not biologically linked.

Ambrosia aimed to solve this problem with a series of sensors that would ‘feel’ when the strap-on was being touched and relay that information to vibrators embedded in the shaft and harness.

Teledildonic sex toys

Now, don’t be alarmed by the size of these toys – they certainly do look pretty big (not to mention heavy), but they’re also pretty advanced. This pair of sex toys by vitafun are designed to work together. One of them thrusts, and has a clitoral motor too, while the other one strokes. And if you buy one of each, you can pair them over the internet.

That means one partner could be lying back and enjoying the thrusting motion, while the other gets in sync with their stroker. Voila – sex over a distance!

Penis club colouring book

OK, so not technically a sex toy, but this penis-themed colouring book was too fun to resist. Besides, what better way to have a nice chilled-out Sunday morning than to follow up your lie-in shag with a little relaxing colouring?

Want an awesome sex toy? Why wait?

Of course the problem with crowdfunding is that it can sometimes take a very long time to receive the toy you’ve kickstarted. Earlier this year Motherboard reported problems with some crowdfunded sex toy projects, explaining that even the ones which hit their funding targets sometimes struggled with production and shipping. Being part of the future sometimes requires a little patience.

But if you’re short on patience, toys like PULSE II SOLO – a unique male sex toy that uses oscillations to give you a mind-blowing orgasm – or PULSE II DUO – mind-blowing orgasms for couples – then the good news is that ours are available right now to buy.

Last week we chatted to Adam Lewis, our co-founder and inventor of PULSE, about making the sex toys of the future. So if you want to find out more about the toy, and perhaps get inspired with some sex toy ideas of your own, read the full interview on our blog.


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