Ask the Team: What’s Your Fave HO Media Appearance Ever?

We’ve been waiting a long time for this at HO Towers – Hot Octopuss co-founder Julia Margo has come on board full time as our Chief Operating Officer.

Jules is our CEO Adam’s childhood friend and co-conspirator – she started Hot Octopuss with Adam way back in 2011. But she’s always taken a backseat in the company due to her other work… until now.

And Jules isn’t the only new team member to appear recently – we’ve grown dramatically since the early days. So we decided it was time to introduce the entire team to our customers, by asking:

What’s your favourite Hot Octopuss media appearance, and why?

Julia Margo and Adam Lewis sitting side by side smiling at the camera

Adam, Chief Executive

Adam launched Hot Octopuss with Jules in 2011 and for a long time was the company’s only employee, doing the work of about 15 people from his home office. A creator of DIY sex toys from a very early age, Adam’s main focus is developing new products and perfecting existing ones.

He says: “I loved the London Time Out sex issue. Great interview and huge spread. And as a London-based brand we’re always very proud to get coverage in a publication read by hundreds of thousands of Londoners.”

Julia Margo and Adam Lewis sitting side by side smiling at the cameraJules, Chief Operating Officer

Jules has a background in the third sector, including think tank Demos, consumer group Which? and medical charity Genesis Research Trust. She is also a published author on social change, wellbeing and consumer issues. She’s going to lead our PR and marketing to boost our drive towards inclusively promoting the health benefits of masturbation and orgasms.

She says: “This [NSFW] testimonial from a paraplegic ex-soldier describing his experiences using PULSE III is one of my favourite pieces of feedback on our products – stories like this are what make working at Hot Octopuss such a joy.”

April, Global Head of Sales

April is based in the US and travels the world telling retailers and distributors about the wonders of our toys. She is also co-host of the Shameless Sex podcast.

Her media highlight at Hot Octopuss was when we won the XBIZ Male Sex Toy of the Year Award for PULSE III back in January. She says: “It was a huge honor to accept such a prestigious industry award and draw more attention to a product which has revolutionized masturbation and continues to break industry standards.” See below for a video of her cheeky acceptance speech!

Grae, Head of Operations

Grae has been with Hot Octopuss since 2015. She makes sure everything at HO runs smoothly – from shipping to sales to customer support.

She says: “Watching the reviews of new products come in is always exciting and nailbiting, but I think this one in Wired from 2013 – the first of many that have noted PULSE’s sci-fi look – is my favourite.”

Aly, Head of Brand and Communications

Aly has worked as a freelance consultant for Hot Octopuss since its first product launch in 2013, initially covering the company’s social media accounts and then going on to a wider role. They also run an online magazine by and for chronically ill and disabled people.

They say: “I love Hot Octopuss’s commitment to improving industry inclusion of disabled people, older people and basically all the people who aren’t usually represented in the mainstream media as having sex lives (or even being allowed to talk about sex). So my fave is our #SexNotStigma campaign video from 2015. We still use that hashtag and try to take that approach in everything we do.”

Sarah, sex blogger

Sarah, aka Girl on the Net, runs her own sex blog, writes web copy and blogs for us, and covers our Twitter and Facebook accounts, keeping customers updated on the latest sex and masturbation news.

She says: “I’m freelance, but that term doesn’t really capture the relationship I have with HO. They treat me as a fully-fledged member of the team, supporting me both in and outside my work and placing enormous trust in me to let me get on with what I do best. My favourite HO coverage comes from adult performers and fans of our toys, who tweet videos of themselves… *ahem* … enjoying them. Like this (very NSFW) video from @KingNoire [we decided not to include a screenshot of this one!], in which he tests out PULSE III. It’s brilliant to see people just getting stuck in and enjoying the things we make!”

Image of Jen, she has long brown hair and a big smile

Jenny, social media advisor

Jenny has been running the Hot Octopuss Instagram account for the past couple of years. She says: “I try to include our followers, their thoughts and reviews on our page as much as possible. We love the interaction and take their feedback very seriously.”

Her favourite piece of Hot Octopuss coverage is this piece in Bustle, in which journalist Ricky Soberano describes an ‘ethereal experience’ at our Changing Room orgasm pop-up in NYC last summer.

Jenny says: “I loved the Changing Room campaign so much. So many people really got behind the event and supported the launch of the Queen Bee. It’s always hugely fufilling to see such a positive reaction to our toys.

“The piece by Bustle was really moving and showed that the event did have the impact we hoped it would – not just in terms of brand awareness but on women’s sex lives. Makes our job so rewarding!”

Jess, PR, Manifest New York

Jess heads up the PR team at Manifest New York, a comms agency that has become famous for building bold and beautiful creative campaigns. She says: “We work with brands from a plethora of industries, all united in their mission to make the world a more positive place. Which is exactly why the work we do with Hot Octopuss is so awesome and inspiring.

“Fave campaign? Our orgasm pop-up store in Lower East Side in which hundreds of women snaked around the block to get the chance to have an orgasm makeover and try out the new Queen Bee.” Like Jen above, Jess loved Ricky Soberano’s piece in Bustle most.

Neil, PR, Manifest London

Neil is Managing Director of Manifest London, a brand communications agency whose mission is to build brands that change the world. He says: “I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the brilliant Hot Octopuss team for the last four years, developing award-winning PR and marketing campaigns that get people talking about the taboos surrounding masturbation and sex.

“My favourite is GuyFi. It’s the first thing we did in NYC and the way it blew up was a PR dream. Career highlight was seeing it on Saturday Night LiveHonourable mention for the cease and desist order we received from the Mayor of New York too. Simple idea and execution that really got people talking.”

Barney, website

Barney is Managing Director of Missing Link, a web consultancy, and started working with us in 2015. He manages everything to do with our website, making sure our systems are up to date and secure for our international customer base. Like Neil, he says GuyFi, our pop-up NYC ‘stress relief booth’, was his favourite ever HO campaign.

He says: “It was such a simple idea but it absolutely exploded across all channels, creating a real buzz around the brand. I love that we had such an impact we ended up on, which reassured people that the rumour that NYC was installing public masturbation booths was ‘mostly false’.”

Nish, web designer

Nish is Lead Web Designer at Missing Link and helps keep our site looking shipshape! He says: “I provide tailored packages including graphic and webpage design, web development and hosting, social media marketing and a whole lot more, and take great pride in a job well done.”

His favourite HO coverage is this interview with Adam in Sex Tech Guide, because it looks in detail at the tech side of our products. “The technological innovation at Hot Octopuss is one of the reasons I enjoy working with them so much,” he says.

Cheryl, Digital Marketing Assistant

Cheryl has been working at HO since earlier this year, helping out with all things digital marketing. She makes sure reviewers get their toys on time and have all the info on how to use them! She’s also a freelance writer, blogger, pet/house-sitter and virtual assistant.

She says: “I love the HO social media, specifically the Instagram account. I think it is really inclusive and diverse in the images it uses. This carries through to the website and other marketing as well.”

Alex, events

Alex often helps out on the HO stand at events. Eroticon attendees will probably have seen Alex demo our products at some point in the past four years. He says: “I like any sci-fi reference so I’m going to pick one of the reviews that said PULSE makes your dick look like Batman.”

Emily, Dot and Ben, designers

These talented folks work at Therefore, a London-based design consultancy. They work closely with Jules and Adam to take HO products from idea to manufacture, considering everything from aesthetics to engineering.

They say: “We love working with Hot Octopuss because of their ethos and ambition to push boundaries within the sex toy industry. They challenge the category conventions, striving to solve real problems with ground breaking innovation. We’re proud of the tech design we worked on with ATOM PLUS, so seeing all the glowing reviews of that – like this one from Cara Sutra – has been great.”

Alan, mascot

Like most cats, Alan never reads his press cuttings, so he can’t answer this question. However, we wanted to include him, so here he is wearing the face he pulls when confronted with an unhelpful sexuality stigma.

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