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The brand, the legend, the tentacles

Some of the latest articles about the one, the only, the glorious Hot Octopuss - yes we do like to talk about ourselves in the third person


Channel5 Porn Stars

Porn Stars: Our Secret World with Hot Octopuss Sex Toy Designers

Leading sex toy design company Hot Octopuss will be featuring in the 3rd episode of 'Porn Stars: Our Secret World' airing on Monday 15th November on Channel 5

Black and white shot of man sitting in wheelchair by door

Reaching More Customers with Disabilities and Health Conditions

We’re putting a call out for people with disabilities and health conditions that affect their sex lives to get in touch and help us expand the ways Hot Octopuss serves them.

Guy laying down in bed with tattooed arm, woman on top of him

Why We Use ‘Guybrator’ To Describe Our Dick Toys

As a team, probably one of the longest ongoing debates we’ve had is over the use of the word ‘Guybrator’. And we know that some of our customers and reviewers have thoughts on this as well.

Gold statuette award surrounded by coloured smoke

Hot Octopuss Wins Male Sex Toy of the Year at 2015 XBIZ Awards

Our PULSE has won Male Sex Toy of the Year at the 2015 XBIZ Awards. The Awards, hosted by adult film superstar James Deen, was held inside a cutting-edge special events venue in downtown Los Angeles last week.

DiGiT prototype hand moulds

DiGiT Sex Toy Design: Creating The Perfect Finger Vibe

We launched DiGiT, our first wearable finger vibe that puts orgasms at your fingertips. The latest in cutting-edge sex toy design, DiGiT curves seamlessly around your fingers like a custom piece of jewellery to become an extension of your body.

ATOM sex toy at design and build stage

Sex Tech: Making The Sex Toys Of The Future

The world of sex tech is moving incredibly quickly – from new motors that create unique sensations to teledildonic toys that work over a long distance.



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