Accessible Use

The Pulse Solo Essential and Duo collection is having a profound effect on the lives of disabled people around the world. These products have been helping men and penis-owners who find traditional methods of masturbation difficult, as well as women and vulva-owners with conditions that make penetrative sex uncomfortable or even painful.

Non-traditional methods of masturbation

A key feature of PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL and DUO is that they can be used from flaccid and, because of their innovative use of PulsePlate Technology™, do not require the up-and-down motion traditionally associated with masturbation. Though this action can come naturally to many, it isn’t the case for everyone.

PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL can be a useful tool for anyone with a penis who cannot masturbate independently and requires assistance to do so. Those who require assistance may find that the person aiding them can simply set PULSE SOLO in place and let the oscillating PulsePlate™ work its magic.

Take the pressure off penetration

Penetrative sex isn’t pleasurable for everyone. Conditions such as vaginismus and endometriosis can make penetrative sex difficult or even impossible. But sex doesn’t have to involve penetration to be intimate and pleasurable.

PULSE DUO is a couples’ vibrator that replicates the positions commonly used during traditional sex without the need for penetration. Designed to be used during foreplay and as an alternative for penetrative sex PULSE DUO stimulates both partners simultaneously, enabling the couple to experience the closeness of traditional sex without the need for painful penetration.

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