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BDSM Advice: What kind of kink can I do by myself?

Dear Zentai,
I’m single. What kind of kink can I do by myself?
-Horny Gamer, London England


Hey Horny Gamer,

Oh man, there are so many kinky things you can do by yourself!

If you’re pain curious or a full blown masochist, clothes pins are your friend. Explore different parts of your body with them, noting the variance in sensitivity levels. Put several in a row, and feel the intensity heighten. When you’re ready, nipples and genitals will provide some memorable experiences.

Want more? Try a clothespin ‘zipper’: cut a piece of string. Proceed to attach several clothespins in a row, catching the string as you do so. Imagine if your skin was clothing hanging on a clothesline; the string would be the clothes line itself. And the clothes pins would be . . . the clothes pins. For the finale, hold one end of the string and forcefully yank the whole line of clothes pins off.  #yolo

Here are some options that don’t have to hurt:

-use a gag or a blindfold while masturbating.

-wear a pup hood and dog collar

-try urethral sounds, cock cages and ball stretchers

That should be enough to get you started. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! 😉


Your friendly neighborhood pain slut,

-Zentai (they/them)

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