Male Sex Toy Tips And Tricks

1 March 2024

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Usually when you get a new male sex toy, there’s that initial period of excitement where you just can’t put it down. Like other new additions to your ‘fun’ collection – Xboxes, new kitchen gadgets, subscriptions to Netflix – every evening you’re drawn to it until you get over that initial ‘newness’ and start taking it massively for granted.

If you’ve picked up a PULSE SOLO LUX recently – as a treat for yourself or a Christmas present from someone, chances are you’re getting to the end of that phase and you’re ready to ramp things up a bit. Here are our top tricks and tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of the best male sex toy on the market.

Edging with a male sex toy

Edging refers to the practice of holding yourself on the ‘edge’ of orgasm for as long as possible. It is frequently recommended as a way of challenging yourself if you want to learn to last longer in bed, but in fact it’s not just some gruelling training program for your penis.

Edging can give you more intense orgasms – after you’ve almost reached the peak a few times, when orgasm finally comes it can be incredibly powerful. What’s more, planning to ‘edge’ rather than simply race to the finish line can give you a better appreciation of the sensations that come in-between. After all, sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

There are a couple of different ways to edge using PULSE SOLO LUX. You can either use the toy to bring you close to orgasm then slide it off your penis just before you orgasm, or you can use the buttons on the side which control the vibrations to turn the oscillating sensations down or off just before you get there.

Using a male sex toy hands-free

Some people adore a hands-free orgasm, while for others the idea of not using their hands to control a rhythm at all sounds like a special kind of torture. The latter is particularly fun in a BDSM context, if your partner has the control and can manage the vibrations on PULSE while you’re restrained, being able to fully let go and allow them to build you to a crescendo is intensely pleasurable.

If you’re using PULSE on your own, why not challenge yourself to see how long it takes you to reach a hands-free orgasm? PULSE is one of the few male sex toys in the world which can bring you to climax without you having to lift a finger.

The male sex toy you can use with no erection

There are very few male sex toys that can be used even if you don’t have an erection. We’re proud to say that PULSE can – not only is that a huge bonus for people who have erectile dysfunction, it also means that others can experience the unique feeling of vibrations through your penis bringing you from flaccid to hard.

Twin your male sex toy with something else

Who says less is more? More is definitely more. And sometimes it’s fun to pull out all the best things in your sex toybox and give yourself a proper Saturday night treat. Male sex toys such as PULSE don’t have to be used in isolation. If you enjoy a bit of prostate stimulation, try twinning your PULSE SOLO LUX with your favourite butt plug or anal toy. Alternatively, toys like nipple clamps are great for a bit of extra stimulation if you want a full-body experience.

Learn from the professionals!

While no one would pretend that porn gives an accurate depiction of real life sex – most porn performers are professionals, and it’d be insulting to claim we all have the same skills they do – porn can often be an amazing source of inspiration for your sex life.

Strangely, though, while it’s common to see ‘sexperts’ give advice to couples about using porn as inspiration for new positions and techniques, it’s rare to see people taking masturbation tips from porn. There are plenty of them if you know the right places to look. On our site, you’ll come to a selection of our favourite videos of people using their PULSE SOLO LUX to create gorgeous videos. Edging, hands-free, you name it: sometimes the best male sex toy tricks came from the people who do it for a living.

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