About Zentai

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Zentai is an agender, submissive switch who specializes in extreme play. They’ve devoted years to the BDSM community, fervently studying and volunteering at dungeons and events. While their personal kink is medical play, over time they’ve developed their skill set to include impact, bondage, power exchange, and pup play. Zentai is responsible for adding ‘autopsytables’, ‘dentist scenes’ and ‘LilRed’sClinic’ to the fetish catalogue on FetLife. They’re passionate about consent, group scenes, and radical self-acceptance.


Saucy BDSM Photos

Hot Octopuss is offering $200 for any picture you submit that we use on this website. Saucy is fine, but please cover up anything that will get us in trouble.


Two Zentais in colourful outfits playing

Try Something New

BDSM is all about trying new things and Zentai applauds this. To give you some guidance Zentai has written down some ideas to get you started. 

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