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Surprising Facts About The Penis

It’s time we give the finger to the limiting – and outdated – beliefs about the penis. Here are the must-know facts for every penis owner who wants to level up their confidence and sex life. Article by guest writer, M. Christian.

It’s unfortunate that there remain so many misconceptions about the penis.  Especially considering it’s an anatomical characteristic many people have and has existed for as long as there have been human beings.

To help dispel a few of the more egregious ones, let’s go over a few essential facts about anatomy, erections, and other things everyone should know.  In doing so, hopefully eliminating some of the anxiety that’s far too prevalent in regards to what this particular organ can or can’t do.

1. Basic Structure and Circumcision

The penis is composed of the head, the shaft, the root, and the testicles. Keeping in mind biological differences between one person and another, of course.  To add more detail to this, at the head is the urethra, where urine is expelled, and surrounding the testicles is the scrotum.

Also, part of the head is the foreskin.  This can be removed in a surgical procedure called circumcision. While common in certain parts of the world, it’s rare in others.  This has sometimes resulted in confusion when circumcised people see those that haven’t been—and vice versa.

Circumcision continues to be the subject of considerable debate. Mainly it revolves around whether or not it’s actually necessary.  On one side, there’s evidence that it may slightly reduce the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections and urinary issues.  On the other, some claim removing it negatively affects penis sensitivity.

2. Size doesn’t matter.

A sadly ongoing myth is that the size of an erection should be the measure of a person’s sexual attractiveness and prowess.

This has tragically harmed those who happen to have a penis that they or others erroneously feel doesn’t measure up.

But let’s be absolutely clear here that a large penis doesn’t automatically make someone better at sex.

If anything, those with longer penises may suffer considerable stress.  Including that achieving and maintaining erections can be more problematic for them when compared with those with other dimensions.

There’s also the question of what do people mean by sex?  After all, if a person enjoys performing fellatio, then a penis that’s too big can interfere with how pleasurable that sexual activity can be.

More than that, sex is and has never been about what a person is.  But what kind of a person they are.

So someone who is conscientious, caring, passionate, and communicatively—no matter how their genetic dice rolled—will always be more enjoyable to play with.


3. The Truth About Erections

Another where there’s too much misinformation regarding penises is the how, when, and why or why nots of erections.

The fact is when people are younger, their bodies are flowing with hormones.  So much so that erections can feel like the issue isn’t getting one but staving them off.  This can also be the cause of considerable embarrassment.

However, as people mature and their hormone levels drop, they’ll usually gain greater control.  Even so, erections can occur all on their own. Including the need to urinate, various medications, exercise, or on occasion in response to emotional stress. This is equally true for what, despite the person’s desires with the penis, can prevent an erection from occurring.

This is extremely important, so we’re going to be as direct about it as we can.  Even though erections can result from physical stimulation or erotic fantasizing, getting and keeping one is often beyond a person’s control.

It does not, repeat – does not – mean that the person with the penis is or isn’t turned on.

So for your own good and any lovers you may have, try to move beyond the myth that a person is only as good as their ability to become erect.

4. Thinking Beyond Hardness

pulse duo couples toy and packagingThere’s also the reality that holding onto the myth that sex is solely about erections will rob you of a rich and fulfilling sex life.

Our bodies, and not merely our genitals, can be an erotic wonderland.  This means that there are far too many ways to enjoy using them than we could ever begin to list here.

Though we can point out a few of these pleasures.  Such as oral sex, the sensual joys of fingers and fingering, mutual masturbation, and the goes on and on and on.

And don’t forget the wonders of 21st-century technology.  These state-of-the-art sex toys can do wonders in helping achieve and enjoy an erection. A great example of this is  Hot Octopuss’ line of PULSE products  that can work all wonders in this department, whether or not the penis is hard.

And then there’s JETT, a frenulum-ring with two independently controlled motors that deliver very different – and very powerful – sensations. JETT can be a beneficial aid in achieving an erection, used or be enjoyable as a stand-alone erotic experience.

5. Communication and Penile Assumptions

Unfortunately, there are far more penis myths that need debunking.

Still, there’s one we want to address before you.  It’s that while a person may have one, that doesn’t automatically mean they like using it for sexual penetration.  Or anything else, for that matter.

Just as our bodies and genitals are uniquely our own, never assume the penis equipped wants this or that sexual activity.

The truth is that a significant number of people would prefer to give oral sex, masturbate, or all kinds of other things.

The solution, of course, is when playing with someone, don’t see them as whatever they happen to have below their belt.  But instead as a person, with their own unique sexual needs and desires.

So before you do anything, open your mind, open your mouth and ask what they want to do.  Then respect their answer, give and get consent, and from there, have as much mutual fun as you want.

After all, we’re more than our genitals.  And no matter what they are or how they react, everyone wants to be understood, appreciated, and desired as a person.

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